‘Two’ Ending, Explained – Who Stitched Sara & David Together? Who was Rita?


The Netflix film, Two (or Dos in Spanish), is a one-location thriller film directed by Mar Targarona. It portrays two strangers who wake up in a mysterious hotel room and find out that they have been stitched together. As the drama builds up, it unravels the relationship between these two individuals and the identity of their adversary. But why will someone bring such painful misery upon someone? The reasons are duly explained in the end, so let’s explore Two’s end without further ado.

Violence & Gore Warning

‘Two’ Plot Summary

Sara (Marina Gatell) and David (Pablo Derqui) wake up next to each other in a hotel room. As they try to move away from each other, they find out that someone has sadistically stitched them together from the abdomen.

Sara and David quickly try to remember last night’s incident but fail to recall. David believes that they have been drugged with Scoop, a chemical submission drug that overrides one’s will and erases the memory of the particular event.

While lying helpless on the bed, they decide to get to know each other better and plan to escape the room for their survival.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Who stitched Sara and David together?

At first, David told him that he was an orphan and worked at the port. However, he revealed the truth later and informed Sara that he was a male prostitute. On the other hand, Sara worked in a clothes store and was married to an old man, Mario, a prominent figure in the exact sciences.

According to Sara, Mario was a jealous and possessive husband who often blamed Sara for having an affair. Sara tried to deny the allegations, but Mario became distant. In her theory, Sara believed that Mario might have abducted her and David and stitched them together to teach Sara a lesson.

Sara started suspecting Mario of the whole ordeal when she listened to Mozart’s Requiem, Mario’s favourite piece, on the disconnected telephone. As the revelations hit Sara, she scrutinized the room from a new perspective and observed two identical paintings and two identical bibles. In fact, everything in the room was somehow or other pointing towards number 2, like the 2 strangers in the story. Sara explained to David that number 2 was Mario’s religion. The number 2 is known for its duality and is the basis of the bilateral symmetry that fascinated Mario.

As Sara defined Mario’s physical attributes, David quickly recalled meeting a similar-looking man in a bar who offered him money to sleep with his wife. At this juncture, both David and Sara were convinced that Mario had brought his wrath upon them. But they were wrong; it wasn’t Mario.

Sara noticed that as soon as she kissed David, someone who had been watching over them from behind the walls, closed the lights. Sara and David kissed each other to provoke the man, and suddenly, a man looking like Mario barged into the room. David kicked the man, whose head struck the table edge, and he fainted. David and Sara left the room and discovered that it was their biological father, Doctor Oscar Mashide, who kidnapped his Siamese twins (conjoined twins) and stitched them together again to make the family whole.

Why did Doctor Oscar Mashide stitch David and Sara? Who was Rita?

Inside the room, Sara found an old photograph of a woman named Rita. Sara even noticed that when she woke up, she was wearing Rita’s earrings. Through the paper cuttings in the corridor, David and Sara realized that they were Rita’s children. On May 4th, a young Rita gave birth to Siamese twins (conjoined twins) of different genders, which later became the only known case in the whole world. Rita died during the delivery of David and Sara, and their father, Doctor Oscar Mashide, was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Probably after his diagnosis, Oscar had been admitted to a mental facility, which had made David and Sara orphans. David outlined that he had a scar on his body, which clearly suggested that the twins were operated on in their childhood and separated from each other.

David told Sara the same thing: that he was an orphan and grew up in a foster home. In Sara’s case, she was adopted by a man who had no children of his own. Sara informed David that she grew up without siblings.

After Doctor Oscar had been released from the mental facility, or maybe he ran away, he drugged David and Sara and brought them to an isolated cabin in the snow-covered mountains. He wanted to rejoin his children, and that was why he got enraged when David and Sara kissed each other. Sara often reminded Oscar of Rita, and that was why he gave her Rita’s earrings.

Before operating on Sara and David, Oscar probably wanted to experiment on innocent beings so that he wouldn’t, in any way, harm his children. Maybe that was why David and Sara found many stitched animals locked in a cage in Oscar’s lab.

Parents of David and Sara, Doctor Oscar Mashide and his wife, Rita
Credits: Netflix

‘Two’ Ending, Explained – Did Sara & David Survive?

As David and Sara approached the garage, Sara found her gun lying on a box beside Mario’s body. Sara confessed that before she was abducted, she planned to kill Mario because the possessive husband had been controlling her life and making it a living hell. Maybe to protect her daughter, Oscar killed Mario.

Oscar confessed to David and Sara that he met Mario while he was looking for Sara. The man explained to him the importance of number two, and soon the father realized that he had to bring his “two” children together under the same roof. He gave the example of “Chang and Eng Bunker,” also known as “The Bunker Brothers,” who are considered legends in history.

Nevertheless, Oscar was sadistic and psychotic, and he wanted to bring back his children because he was separated from them in their childhood. Sara and David pointed a gun at the madmen, and in the hustle, Sara fired two shots. One hit David in the knee while the other hit Oscar. The twins cut their stitches with a letter opener and detached themselves.

Sara opened the bunker door, believing she would bring medical help for David, but as soon as she opened the door, she found out that it was situated in the middle of nowhere. While Sara ran outside in the thick snow, Oscar told a bleeding David that the bunker brothers lived and died together. He hinted at the inevitable end of David and Sara’s lives, but as a father, he couldn’t witness his children’s deaths. Oscar grabbed the gun and shot himself in the head.

David lost a lot of blood, which became the reason for his death. Outside in the snow, Sarah fainted, and she probably died too. Their bodies symbolized the perfect Yin and Yang symbol. It suggested that even though the two lived separate lives and belonged to different genders, they were consciously interrelated. The two came into this world together and left it together.

The closing credits of the film visualized several Siamese twin legends, like the Bunker brothers and Hilton Sisters, who lived among us.

"Chang and Eng Bunker," also known as "The Bunker Brothers,"

Two (or Dos in Spanish) is a 2021 Mystery Thriller film directed by Mar Targarona.

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