‘UFO’ Ending, Explained: Did Ese Die In The End?


With the name “UFO,” you might expect a sci-fi experience, but this Turkish film is all about romance and drama. The story revolves around Ese, an orphan biker who meets Deniz, an aspiring singer, and daughter of a business family. When Deniz spotted the word “UFO” on Ese’s bike, it triggered her interest. As they spent time together, they gradually fell in love. Meanwhile, Ese competes in the bike race to help save the motor store. His whole team relies on his success. With an obvious plot and dramatic twists and turns, “UFO” tries to save the show with visual effects and split-screen edits.

Plot  Summary: How Did Ese And Deniz Fall In Love?

Ese can drive bikes while posing as Superman and at speeds above 100mph. The goal is to compete in a bike competition to be able to sustain the shop as the family was in debt after building the bike. As the Kartal Motors group was celebrating the launch of their new bike for the race, Deniz waited inside a car that was stuck in the celebratory chaos. At this moment, Deniz noticed Ese and his bike, “UFO.” Their eyes met one another for the first time.

They later met at a party in the evening. Ese approached her. He noticed her UFO tattoo, and that became a conversation starter (of course!). Even though Ese and Deniz were bonding, their friends and brothers were not like-minded. Deniz left the party with her friends. As Deniz left in a car, Ese and his cousin joined them on their bikes. They video recorded Ese’s performance as he showed them tricks and rode his bike at an incredible speed. When the girls feared a police arrest for drunk driving, Ese and his cousin made sure that the police followed them and saved Deniz and her friends in the process. The next day, Deniz uploaded Ese’s bike video to Kartal Motors. He was delighted.

The mutual help and understanding gave rise to a friendship that gradually turned into a romance. While Ese belonged to the working class, Deniz was the daughter of a businessman. Their families were not supportive of their relationship, particularly Deniz’s father. Though that never affected their bond, they shared their weaknesses and ambitions. Ese encouraged Deniz to apply for the music program as he believed in her talent. They became each other’s support systems.

Why Did Ese Lose The First Competition?

Before the regional championship, Ese had to win a competition to be able to pay for the motor shop. The stage was set for a musical performance before the competition. As the men rapped to encourage the participants, Ese convinced Deniz to sing her song. She surprised the audience with her melodious voice.

When the competition was about to start, Cenk and Gokhan had a rough verbal exchange that prompted Cenk to take part in the bike race. Amateur at racing, Cenk struggled to find his way. Cenk was extremely jealous of Ese as he too was attracted to Deniz, and the thought of a poor biker winning his girl made him angry. To seek revenge, Cenk pushed Ese’s bike. The bike crashed, but luckily, he did not suffer any major injuries. After losing the first competition, the regional championship was Ese’s last chance to save the shop and to be a champion. To rebuild their bike, he had to beg, borrow, and steal.

Meanwhile, Deniz failed her final exams at school as she had deliberately submitted a blank sheet. Since her mother was planning to move to Istanbul with her, she decided to create a reason to stay back. She knew that moving to Istanbul would not save her parents’ marriage. Deniz believed that her mother had to stay back and fight for herself. Her parents eventually decided to get a divorce. Her mother took back control of the sunflower oil business from her husband.

‘UFO’ Ending Explained: What Was The Meaning Of The Last Scene?

In the end, it was all about winning the final competition for Ese, as his family’s survival depended on it. As he rode to win, he felt an excruciating pain in his chest. While crossing the first tunnel, his vision felt blurry, but he continued to ride. He thought of Deniz. Their love kept him going. Even with the pain, Ese managed to perform his best and won the competition. His family cheered and celebrated his win, but Deniz knew something was wrong. She called the ambulance and grabbed hold of Ese as he started to lose consciousness. Ese knew he did not have much time on hand, so he expressed his gratitude to Deniz. Deniz dreamt of a UFO. She watched Ese’s body rise up in the air and go close to it. Initially, she too grabbed the body and tried to go along, but eventually, she decided to let go. She was not the Deniz who still dreamt of running away from her problems, but rather someone who had learned to face them.

After a year, we see Deniz apply for the music program once again. She had worked on her skills and did not give up, keeping Ese and his words in mind. She rode the same bike on which Ese had dropped her at the institute a year back. Her guitar case had “UFO” written, indicating their undying love.

The film makes it a point to discuss the title at any given moment. Deniz got her UFO tattoo after dreaming about it, she wanted the aliens to come and save her. Instead, she encountered Ese, who was riding his bike, a UFO (Unidentified Forgotten Object). By introducing a whole new world to Deniz with his bike, he saved her, in a way. The film explains the logic over and over again to a point where you secretly wish for the film to be taken away to an alien world to save us from the torture!

“UFO” is a 2022 Turkish Romance Drama film directed by Onur Bilgetay.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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