‘Uncle Samsik’ Episode 5 Ending Explained: Was Samsik Involved In Choo Intae’s Assassination? 


Disney+ original Uncle Samsik is a political drama from South Korea like no other. The show is rather complicated, and after watching five episodes, I suppose it makes sense that they were all released at once because they provide a comprehensive background to the show as a whole. Song Kang-Ho’s Uncle Samsik has big dreams, and he merely wants to make them a reality. While Samsik doesn’t care what mode he must take to achieve his final goal, his fellow dreamer Kim San also hopes he can be a righteous and good man. Their end goal is the same; however, Kim San’s is a more idealistic viewpoint, whereas Uncle Samsik is willing to get his hands dirty to make South Korea a prosperous country, or so it seems for now. We still don’t know why he’s so determined to create this industrial nation on an American model because it appears he hasn’t had the best life there. Maybe it comes from his desperation to provide for as many people as possible. In the first five episodes of the show, we see how Uncle Samsik builds a team of followers—those who will do his bidding at the drop of a hat. He’s a charming man who knows exactly how to get people to trust him and bet their entire lives on him.

Spoiler Alert

What is this Sineui Alliance?

What’s fascinating about Uncle Samsik is that the man works for both Kang Seongmin and Ahn Yo-Seop, who are obviously enemies. We know that Kang was the reason Ahn’s eldest son died in a bomb blast back in Busan sometime in the 1940s. Samsik knows the truth about Kang’s involvement as well, hence the whole situation with Pal-Bong; however, Ahn Yo-Seop now entrusts Samsik with the responsibility of finding out who was responsible for his son’s death and if it was Kang Seongmin himself. In the meantime, Samsik is desperate to save Cha Taemin and send him off to Osaka, as he previously promised. There’s also animosity between Cha and Kang because, though they started the Sineui Alliance together to fight injustice, it ended up becoming a group of people who did all of Kang’s dirty work so he could become an assemblyman. Kang calls Cha a traitor because Cha decides he’s had enough of doing all of Kang’s work. He didn’t do what he was asked to, and so Samsik saved his life and sent him off to the salt factory. However, this time around, we don’t know if he’ll manage to escape because there are too many people after him. At least he’s got Samsik on his side. 

Apart from Kang and Ahn, there’s also another assemblyman on the lookout for Cha because he wants to get rid of Kang using the evidence Cha has. However, he tells his men that they can kill Cha if they see fit, so I’m not exactly sure why he’s after the guy. In the meantime, Samsik gets his little birdies to tell him about the man, so he tries to change the location of his meet-up with Cha. At the same time, Kang’s own party believes he’s guilty. Additionally, the Federation hasn’t sent in the campaign funding, so if Kang doesn’t beg Ahn for the money, the “Local Autonomy Act” will fall through. Obviously, there’s no way Kang’s going to beg Ahn. 

What Happens to Choo Intae? 

San visits Yeojin in the hospital to support her, but she sends him away immediately because this is his biggest act of hypocrisy. Additionally, it’s his friend who introduced Pal-Bong to the Innovation Party because he knew the guy from when they were doing the army supply job together. He feels guilty for sending the man to his death. After some consideration, San visits the press to understand where the information about Kang and Cha’s association came from. There, he learns that Kang’s own father died in an explosion, and bombings are what the Sineui Alliance is known for. Now, San knows that Taemin was aiming for Pal-Bong and not Choo Intae to begin with. 

In the meantime, Han Soo, the leader of the new Dongdaemun gang, meets with Uncle Samsik because he wants revenge for his friend Hae-Jun’s death. Hae-Jun was accidentally shot by Taemin’s associate (yikes). Samsik tells Han Soo that he’ll have to fight the Sineui Alliance, a dangerous group of people who have been killing key political figures for a long time. Samsik tasks Han Soo with something, but we don’t know what it is at the moment. 

How does San join the Federation? 

At the end of Uncle Samsik episode 5, after hearing news of Choo’s assassination, San decides to team up with the Federation to take revenge on Kang. In 1960, San tells the military guy that the assassination was a mere accident. He even lies about Pal-Bong looking up to Choo when we know the guy didn’t even like him, but Samsik convinced him to join the Innovation Party. In the meantime, Samsik’s blindfold is finally removed, and in front of him sits his ex-friend and comrade Jung Doo-Sik. We know that Samsik and Doo-Sik get along really well, and Samsik is the reason Doo-Sik climbed up the ranks in the military. However, at present, Samsik calls him a traitor, but Doo-Sik tells him that he’s there to help him out. 

San claims that Samsik’s nature is to change the world as he sees fit. If one plan fails, he’ll come up with another, and so on. Apparently, he doesn’t believe in fate. The episode ends with Samsik telling his friend that he didn’t shape the world, but it was the world that shaped him, which somehow makes a lot more sense than we can imagine. I suppose the reason behind Samsik’s desperation for three meals is the answer we’re looking for. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out what Doo-Sik’s done, how the Albright Foundation comes into the picture, and if Samsik’s dream, in fact, became reality, i.e., did he actually shape the world? 

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