‘Uncle Samsik’ Episodes 10-11 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Planned The Coup? 


The historical-political K-drama Uncle Samsik tells a fictional tale about a man who wanted to change South Korea during a tumultuous time for the country. By befriending the wealthy, Samsik wants to create an indestructible industrial nation, similar to the plans of well-educated citizen Kim San. The show depicts a budding friendship between the two men and how they plan on living out their dream together. However, as it goes, things don’t go as planned, and Samsik and San are then investigated for events that took place soon after they joined forces. Throughout the series, we are introduced to new characters, all intertwined with Samsik and San in one way or another. Every time I watch the series, I’m left wondering what is going on; however, by the end of the two episodes released each week, I’ve somehow wrapped my head around what’s happened. With that said, here’s my attempt at recapping everything important that went down in episodes 10 and 11 of Uncle Samsik.

Spoiler Alert

Why is San Weary of Samsik? 

Episode 10 of Uncle Samsik is titled “Doubt” because it revolves around the distrust between Samsik and San. Episode 10 begins with the trial of Assemblyman Park, who is accused of taking bribes. As we know, it wasn’t the actual Kim Kwangmin who bribed Park, but Han Soo, who pretended to be the guy and offered to make a bridge for the assemblyman. Everything is going according to Samsik’s plan, and even the real Kwangmin speaks against Assemblyman Park. Han Soo also admits that it was Yoon Pal-Bong who ordered him to bribe Park. In the meantime, Yeo-Jin, who has met the real Kwangmin, is certain that there’s foul play involved. Han Soo also admits that he’s part of the Dongdaemun criminal organization. Yeo-Jin decides to confront San about what is happening with Kwangmin. San tells Yeojin that Park manipulated evidence during the Japanese occupation, so he deserves to be incriminated. Yeo-Jin wonders why it was okay for a thug to join the Innovation Party, though. San evades the question because he can’t really reveal anything to Yeo-Jin. At the same time, Kang learns that the Sineui Alliance papers were never burned by Park. 

San finds Samsik and asks him if Kwangmin deliberately introduced Palbong, the thug, to Yeo-Jin. Meeting Yeo-Jin plants a seed of doubt in San’s mind about Samsik. At the same time, Samsik notices the new suit San is wearing, which Rachael Jung gave him. Samsik can see that there’s something wrong in this picture, but now they’re both trying to avoid each other’s line of questioning. The real Kwangmin does as Samsik asked of him because he wants his business to continue thriving. Finally, a military guy shows up, saying that Palbong got his instructions from the North, shocking everyone. He tells them that Palbong was deciphering information from the North for Park Wonil, the Captain of Capital Defense. The plan is to make it look like the late Choo In-Tae was a part of this whole mission so that Kang can win the elections. 

In the meantime, San pulls  Choi Hanrim out of the coup operation so he doesn’t get arrested. The whole mission was to get Hanrim to Samsik, but Samsik and Jang Doo-Sik have no idea what San’s up to. At the same time, Yeo-Jin also gets arrested because, thanks to Samsik’s plan for Kang, it’s determined that her father’s publications were used to decipher secret broadcasts from the North, labeling him a spy. San tells Hanrim he has to stay hidden until the elections because Choi Minkyu planned on using him in the elections. 

Samsik gets the original papers forged and, later in the day, gives Kang the fake papers to prove his loyalty to the man, allowing him to feel relieved that he can get rid of the evidence of his association with the Alliance. Kang also tells Samsik that he needs him to steal ballot boxes, as instructed by Choi Minkyu. At the same time, San learns about Yeo-Jin and asks Samsik to get her out. He also learns of the plan to steal the ballot box, but Samsik defends Kang, saying it is all Minkyu’s plan. 

What Happened in Seongmin’s Childhood? 

Episode 11 begins with a flashback to Seongmin’s childhood. Seongmin’s uncle was a freedom fighter, and when he learned that Seongmin could read Russian and German, he handed him a book on anarchism. Seongmin’s uncle gets arrested for being part of the independence movement, possibly because of Seongmin’s father. Saddened by the situation, Seongmin’s mother takes her own life, leaving the boy traumatized, but in all honesty, it could possibly have been murder, too. Back in the present day, Samsik gets Yeojin released with just a couple of words, and she’s confused by the situation. Yeo-Jin is quick to understand that the person who helped her get freed is backing San and is the guy who turned her father into a public enemy, so she decides to investigate the situation. 

San comes to find Samsik and tells him not to steal the boxes; however, Samsik tells him that whoever wins, between the Liberals and Democrats, it will work out in San’s favor regardless. It is finally revealed that the coup was actually An Kichul’s idea, and he got Rachael to bait San. Yeo-Jin attempts to speak to Kwangmin, but he tells her he’s scared of a certain someone and can’t be seen talking to her. Samsik gets the Dongdaemun guys to pick up the ballot boxes but warns them that if they’re caught this time, there’s nothing he can do to save them, so if anything goes wrong, they must simply leave everything behind and run. 

In 1960, San and Hanim told the military two different stories about what happened in those days. They basically put the blame for the coup on each other. Hanmin then says that the coup was all Samsik’s plan. On the other hand, it seems Doo-Sik warned Samsik of this situation, saying Hanmin and San worked together to use Choi Hanrim, claiming that San betrayed Samsik. Interestingly, Samsik doesn’t believe the fact that Kichul stole his plans and used San, Hanim, and General Choi for the coup. Despite Kichul’s father telling him not to go ahead with the coup and even asking him to promise not to, it seems like Kichul went ahead with it anyway. Kichul doesn’t believe that parliamentary reform is possible, but Yeosub passes away before Kichul can promise him that he won’t go ahead with the coup. 

At the end of Uncle Samsik episode 11, Doosik tells Samsik that the only way Kichul could have a connection with the military, politicians, and Albright was Kim San. He tells Samsik that San planned it all right from the start. However, even now, Samsik isn’t willing to throw San under the bus. He tells Doo-Sik that San would never use people the way he himself did and that San didn’t know anything else except to look at his dream. In the end, San admits to everything that he’s being accused of, i.e., planning out the coup because he couldn’t see Choi Hanrim being called a spy. Samsik walks past the investigation at this point, his eyes covered. Samsik says he thought he’d never see him again, and San replies that he’s being investigated, too. Samsik asks San why he had to be so stubborn and trust Wooseok, but he was too busy dreaming about the reconstruction bureau to trust Samsik. At the same time, we hear Hanmin yelling in the background. Samsik ignores the shouts and tells San to admit that his words are right. It almost feels like code between the two of them (also, what’s with the homoerotic vibes?). Samsik ends the conversation by saying he’s glad to hear San’s voice. I suppose San and Samsik are both going to get out of this situation just fine, but we’ll have to wait a bit to see how that’ll happen. 

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