‘Uncle Samsik’ Episodes 6-7 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Kang Seongmin Going To Be President?


The historical K-drama Uncle Samsik on Disney+ is a rather complicated song and dance of politics with a massive cast. After releasing the first five episodes of the series in one day, the show has finally dropped its latest two episodes that further Kim San and Uncle Samsik’s story. In the first five episodes, we understand that San and his new friend Uncle Samsik planned to coup the government using the elite businessmen of Korea. In episodes 6 and 7, we see Kim San and Kang Seongmin going head-to-head to become the face of South Korean democracy. We also learn a little bit more about the Albright Foundation, finally getting introduced to Tiffany Young’s Rachel Jung. On the other hand, it seems like Yeojin is ready to avenge her father and has her own plans for the country, though it’s not quite clear how she’ll go about it.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens to Choi Taemin? 

In Uncle Samsik episode 6, we get to see exactly how Ahn Minchil died when Uncle Samsik decides to tell Kim San the truth about Kang Seongmin. San’s meeting with Samsik because he’s been growing more and more aggravated about everything that’s gone down and can’t help but think Samsik is connected to Choi Intae’s murder (which he is, but it was an accident). Samsik tells San that back in the day, he got Palbong to do some dirty work for Kang Seongmin. He then agreed to kill Ahn Yeo-Seop’s son for Kang Seongmin. Seongmin was threatened by Minchul because he wanted to use the Sineui Alliance for his own benefit. Fearing Minchul would reveal the alliance, Seongmin asked Tae-Min to kill the man. However, Tae-Min refused to kill Minchul, so he asked Palbong for help to kill Minchul. It’s rather obvious that this was simply an excuse for Seongmin because he’s been jealous of the Ahn family since the start, as we learned in the first five episodes. Because the alliance didn’t obey Kang, he asked Palbong to catch Taemin for him and kill him, but Samsik asked him to spare his life. So, ultimately, the alliance was forced to make the bomb that killed Minchul and paralyzed his father. 

I’m not sure what Samsik is plotting at this time, because it seems on the surface he is on Kang’s side too, because Ahn and his federation are supporting him financially, however, he also wants San to be the next prime minister. Samsik tells San he needs to take on Kang before they’re able to realize their combined dream. On the other hand, we know that Park Ji-Wook sent his men in search of Taemin, and they followed Samsik’s manager and got a hold of Taemin’s location. Taemin thinks Samsik has betrayed him, shoots the three men, and then asks the manager why Samsik wanted him caught. The police arrive at the scene with Ji-Wook, and he seizes all of Taemin’s paperwork, including proof of Seongmin’s association with the alliance. We see him burn everything, and it appears as if he’s also burning those specific papers, but maybe he’s held onto them to blackmail the man later on. 

Yeojin gives a speech to all the people rioting about Intae’s assassination. She tells them that her father’s democracy wouldn’t agree with a protest and the scene they’ve created at the moment, she tells her father’s followers to remain peaceful even in a difficult situation. 

The Local Government Act is still up in the air because Seongmin hasn’t received any funds. For the bill to be passed, he needs to gain the trust of all the assemblymen in his party, so Seongmin gets on his knees and begs Ahn to help him. He tells him that he made a big mistake as a young man starting the alliance, but claims he had nothing to do with his son’s death (jokes). After Ahn talks about Seongmin’s envy of his son, he then reveals that he plans on replacing the government with a party of their own and asks Kang to collect 100 assemblymen and become the next Prime Minister. In the meanwhile, the young military officers are fed up with the corrupt system and issue a declaration against corrupt officers. This directly affects Samsik’s plans, but he assures Ahn that he’ll manage the military as well. In the present day, we see the man interviewing San tell him that he wrote that declaration. 

At the end of episode 6 of Uncle Samsik, we learn that San has yet another father figure in Choi Han-Rim, a military general who is soon appointed as the First Operations Commander. 

Does San manage to get Seongmin to punch him? 

In episode 7, we learn that San knew Han-Rim from when he was awarded the Albright scholarship. It seems the two were quite close, and the latter was quite proud of San. In 1960, Samsik was surprised by the number of American soldiers at the Banya Hotel. It turns out they’ve come bearing the news of the declaration, and at the same time, he learns of the appointment of Choi Han-Rim, a dear friend of San. We’re then introduced to Rachel Jung and her brother from the Albright Foundation. She’s delighted to meet Samsik, but the older gentleman is shocked by her aggressive Americanness. Kim San and Rachel get to spend some alone time together while he smokes, and she tries to fix her broken shoe. They remember each other from the Albright ceremony, and Rachel then admits that she really liked San’s reconstruction plan. However, she’s skeptical of if it is feasible. They talk metaphorically about her broken shoe, but it seems Rachel has plans to help San with his big dreams. But there might be more to this relationship as well. 

On the other hand, as suspected, Ji-Wook has saved those alliance papers. Now Seongmin’s under pressure because of the Local Government Act, and Samsik makes it worse by releasing an article to force him to get him to force it through as quickly as possible. Though Jinwook is suspicious of Samsik, Seongmin trusts Samsik with all his heart. A drunk Seongmin then encounters Taemin, who threatens to kill him right then and there if he doesn’t make things right. Taemin gives Seongmin one last chance and tells him that he has his eye on him. In the meantime, San goes to the press and tells his friend there that he’ll give him a huge scoop—an “assemblyman hitting a person.” Samsik wants the Act passed, so he has a bunch of Assemblymen from the opposing party drugged so they don’t make it to the National Assembly in time for the passing of the Act. Kim San then gets a couple of his fellow Democratic Party members to stand against the Liberal Party. 

At the end of Uncle Samsik episode 7, Kim San insults Seongmin just in time for his friend in the press to grab a good shot. It turns out Seongmin wanted to fake the vote and pass his Act because of all the pressure on him. San then walks up to Samsik in the streets, protesting the fraudulent votes. Samsik hands him a handkerchief for the blood on his face, but San wonders if Samsik is worried about Kang instead. The episode ends back in the interrogation room, where the man asks San if they can now discuss the stolen election from March 15th. 

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