‘Uncle Samsik’ Episodes 8-9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Are Doochill’s Plans? 


Episodes 8 and 9 of Uncle Samsik are the most confusing of the set-ups to date. As we near the end of the series, Samsik’s complicated plans seem to be getting more convoluted so he can achieve his final goal, a democratic South Korea where everyone has three meals a day. In episodes 6 and 7, we learn about a planned coup d’état, and in the latest episodes, the show gives us a more elaborate picture of how this came about. Or rather, whose plan it was. Uncle Samsik is a fictional tale set in a tumultuous time in South Korea, a little after the Korean War. It’s a historical drama that tells the story of a man determined to make a change in the country and how he uses the government and military to do so. Starring Song Kang-Oh in the lead, the show is quite different from anything else in the K-drama scene. With all that said, let’s dive straight into Uncle Samsik episodes 8 and 9.

Spoiler Alert

What Does Samsik Plan to Do With Kang? 

In a shocking flashback, we learn that when Samsik was 16, he worked for Kang Seongmin’s father. He met a 6-year-old Taemin at the time and decided to look after him. I suppose we can assume that Taemin was the first person to call Doochill “Uncle Samsik.” At the time, Samsik told the Kangs that he’d do anything for three meals a day; we know he even murdered somebody. Samsik then looked after Taemin like his own brother, giving him bread secretly at night. In the present day, we see him eating the same “red bean bread” in his bakery. In episode 8, Samsik attempts to make a plan to get rid of Seongmin and promises Taemin that he’ll look after him. Back when they were kids, Samsik told Taemin he would go to Osaka, earn a lot of money, and come back for him. I suppose he did, in fact, stick to this promise, but now Samsik tells Taemin to go to Osaka for his freedom. 

In the meantime, the news of Seongmin punching San gets out, and now everyone is suspicious of the man. Additionally, his own party and the federation called him out for his use of fraudulent votes. On the other hand, Samsik is putting together a team in the military to overturn the government on his behalf and make it easy for San to become the next president. On the other hand, San meets up with Rachael Jung, and she calls him over to her hotel for dinner. This is a connection that we should apparently pay attention to. On the other hand, Yeo-Jin becomes a journalist on the hunt for the truth. We learn that An Yo-Sub is taking his last breaths, and he asks Samsik to give him bread from his store. I suppose it’s a way of telling him to look after his son as his own. A taste of Samsik’s care? 

On the other hand, Samsik makes plans to disguise Han Soo as a businessman to get rid of Park Ji-Wook. A lot of the episode is spent on Han Soo getting ready to charm Ji-Wook and give him a bribe so the prosecutors can capture him. I believe Ji-Wook is a threat to the Democratic Party. When Han Soo and Ji-Wook make a deal, Han Soo notices some papers in the back of his car while placing a box of cash there. It’s the Sineui Alliance papers, which means Ji-Wook plans on stabbing Kang in the back, and now Samsik knows about it. When Samsik meets Kang, the man is completely paranoid about Taemin. Samsik promises Kang that he’ll look after Taemin for him (this two-timing man) and tells Kang to focus on becoming the PM. In the meantime, thanks to Rachel and her brother, San gets to meet some military men who tell him about their plan for a coup. Apparently, Albright offered up San as the perfect member of the Democratic Party to help them out. San then tells Samsik about the planned coup, and in the future, when San is getting interrogated, he says Samsik is such a unique person that he would steal an existing plan if it meant his own success. 

Whose Idea Is The Coup Really? 

In episode 9, Yeojin, the journalist, asks San why he was at the National Assembly so late in the day, making it appear as if he already knew about the fraudulent vote. San asks Yeojin later if it makes sense for her to be a journalist because it makes things awkward for them (ugh, men). Yeojin tells him it’s only awkward if he makes it so. In the meantime, San accepts Kang’s verbal apology, even though the assemblymen want a written apology. It seems like An Yo-Sub’s son, Ki-Chul, may soon come into the spotlight after his father dies. In the meantime, San’s told that there’s a chance that there’ll be a new National Reconstruction Bureau, which would of course be led by him. When Samsik learns about this, he immediately tells Sun Wooseok, the Democratic Party assemblyman who is trying to merge the two parties, to stop trying to sway San; it would totally mess with his own plans of merging the Liberal and Democratic parties. 

San meets up with Rachel, and she then admits that the coup is her idea and that she was the one who sent San to meet with the military men, specifically because she wants a good leader for Korea, and she sees San as one. San and Rachel then get together, and of course, he tells Samsik about that, too. It is then election time, and it seems the Democratic Party’s policies are winning over the people. In the meantime, Taemin has decided to reinstate the Sineui Alliance. At the same time, Yeojin tries to investigate the Sineui Alliance, but her ideas are botched by the team because it’s dangerous to look into it. 

At the end of Uncle Samsik episode 9, Ji-Wook is arrested by the prosecution just as planned. Samsik has made it so that Doosik and Hanmin are working together in the military and have Choi Hanrim (the coup guy) on a tight leash. Yeojin then writes an article about democracy and how there’s no one to protect the citizens from a corrupt government, no matter who wins. On the other hand, Samsik and San watch some students get beaten up by the police for silently sharing pamphlets about democracy. San then tells Samsik that he’s slept with Rachel, but if he tells him to stop now, he will. Samsik tells San that Rachel is like a poisonous pufferfish; if you remove the poison right, it’s a delicacy. He tells San to hold on to her because they’ll have Albright on their side. 

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