‘Under Paris’ Post-Credits Scene & Sequel Predictions: Is Sophia Alive?


Under Paris was building up to a battle between Sophia and Lilith in the Seine. Since the film was essentially a remake of Jaws, I thought that Xavier Gens and his writers would script a brutal confrontation between the two of them and then call it a day. But, even if I were given at least 100 guesses to predict the final moments of the film, I probably wouldn’t have said that the movie was going to end with a mutant shark whizzing through the Seine while being shot at by the police and triggering a series of explosions that caused Paris to get completely flooded. Sure, if I’d paid attention to the fact that the opening moments of the film hinted at the seemingly dormant explosives lying at the bottom of the river, I would’ve expected that outcome. Still, I would’ve been surprised. That said, does that leave the door open for a potential Under Paris 2? Well, at the time of writing this article, there’s no official announcement of a sequel, but there are some hints that we might get one.

Spoiler Alert

The Sharks Go International

The after-credits of Under Paris are the biggest indicator of what we can expect to see in the sequel. In it, we see the maps of London, New York, Bangkok, Venice, and Tokyo filled with red lines. And at the very end of the credits, the map of the entire world is revealed, and it’s covered in those very red lines. Based on what we’ve seen in the movie, these lines probably represent the movement of Lilith’s children. A lot of them survived the explosion, which explains their presence in every nook and cranny of Paris. But what about the rest of the world? Did Lilith’s children make their way to all those countries, and then the entire globe, from Paris? It’s possible. They aren’t normal sharks. Their ability to move from freshwater to salt water and then freshwater again is quite different in comparison to that of normal sharks. That said, it’s possible that the mutated sharks are not the ones from Paris. Lilith spent three years in the Pacific Ocean before moving to Paris. Hence, it’s totally possible that she gave birth to a bunch of other sharks, who then gave birth to a bunch of other sharks, and they divided their duties and gained control over Planet Earth.

Can Sophia Survive the Shark Apocalypse?

Based on the concluding moments of Under Paris, Sophia is stuck on the roof of a gazebo with Adil, who is suffering from some major injuries, while being surrounded by Lilith’s kids. It’s the kind of ending that will make audiences go, “Well, how the hell are they going to get out of this one?” It’s supposed to be preposterous so that it generates interest in a sequel, but the characters usually survive situations like these either due to a stroke of luck or with the help of their wits. I’m sure that the sharks won’t keep circling Adil and Sophia until they starve and die. They are ultimately going to gravitate towards parts of the city where there’s food (and by food, I mean humans), and that’s going to give Sophia the window of opportunity to move to a safe place so that Adil can get some medical treatment and they can strategize their next move. Additionally, the shark-tracking marks during the credits mean that there is a global organization that has reacted to the incident in Paris. And they’ll be looking for survivors. If they learn that the scientist who was at the forefront of studying sharks like Lilith is still alive, maybe they’ll send help. Now, I don’t expect the shark apocalypse to be fixed instantly, especially because it’s such a glorious scenario. Maybe after 2-3 movies, they can bring down the numbers, and I do want Sophia to be the primary protagonist of this potential franchise.

Is the mayor alive?

Much like the mayor of Jaws, the mayor in Under Paris is incredibly detestable. In a moment of poetic justice, it does seem like she faces the consequences of her actions by being swept away by a tidal wave. But we don’t see her die, and that’s probably because the makers of the film don’t want her to perish so easily. She deserves something far worse than just being drowned in a flood after jeopardizing the lives of millions (potentially billions) of people because she wanted to hold an international triathlon competition in her city. And since I really hate the mayor, I want her to be the punching bag of the franchise. I really want to see her confronted by Sophia and Adil. She can’t go for the exit door without being berated for her actions. I hope she sticks around for a few more movies and dies out of humiliation. That’d be more fitting for her than death by drowning or being devoured by sharks. But those are just my thoughts on what I want to see in Under Paris 2. If you have watched the movie, please let us know if you are interested in a sequel and what you expect from it.

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