‘Under The Bridge’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Manjit Get Accused Of?


In the previous episode of Under the Bridge, we saw that Rebecca learned that Manjit, back in the day, had been charged with some crime, and that added another angle to the entire investigation. Rebecca went and met Reena’s uncle, who told her that it was one big mistake and Manjit was not at fault. So, let’s find out what happened in Under the Bridge episode 4 and if the local authorities were able to get any closer to solving the murder mystery.

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How did Manjit and Suman meet? 

Reena’s maternal grandparents came to Canada in 1951 in search of a better life. Obviously, they had their share of challenges, but they decided to be patient as they knew that things would change with time. Suman was raised in Canada, and around 1979, she met a shy boy named Manjit. Manjit’s plan was never to stay back in Canada, and he was supposed to go back in a few days. Manjit’s sister, Amarjeet, asked him to think about relocating from India, but Manjit was very firm about the fact that his life was back there, and he was not going to move anywhere. But then, one day, he saw Suman, and he couldn’t resist going and went to talk to her. Suman’s parents had other plans for her, but she was always an independent thinker, and though she respected her parents, she knew that she would do what she wanted. Suman’s parents were against her marrying Manjit because, firstly, he wasn’t from the Jehovah community, and secondly, he wasn’t a Canadian citizen. Sumna’s mother went to the extent of saying that he was only marrying her because he wanted permanent residency, but till then, in Under the Bridge episode 4, Suman had already made up her mind. Manjit decided that he would convert to her religion. Suman told him that he didn’t need to do that, but Manjit wanted to share his beliefs with his life partner, and he had no problems with it. 

What did Kelly and Josephine do at Virk’s residence?

In Under the Bridge episode 3, we saw that Manjit thought that if Reena’s friends came over to their place then they would get a chance to witness the kind of people she was hanging out with. Manjit could feel his daughter going away from them, and he felt helpless at times and he desperately wanted to do something about it. It was a very tough thing for both parties to understand each other’s perspective and make the situation better. Reena believed her parents would never understand, and the parents couldn’t decipher the kind of rebellion, angst, and frustration inside a teenager who was fighting to get acknowledgement and validation from her peers. Kelly, Dusty, and Josephine came to the Virk residence, and by the look on their faces, one could tell they just wanted to create some scandal and disrupt the peace of the house. I have said time and again that Josephine’s warden should have understood that the girl needed serious help because her entire thought process was beyond evil. Josephine didn’t like the fact that Reena had a big house; she had loving parents, and so she started finding ways to demean her or to show that her situation was much better than hers.

Things heated up when Manjit spoke to Josephine about her parents out of bona fide intentions. He said that while he was growing up, he didn’t have anybody to look up to or idolize, and he often felt that void inside him. He said that he understood Josephine more than she could imagine, but his words weren’t received properly. Josephine stormed out of the house, and Dusty and Kelly followed her. Dusty didn’t want to go, but, like always, she felt pressured to follow in Josephine’s footsteps. Manjit didn’t know what he had done wrong, as he was just trying to make the guests feel comfortable. Kelly and Josephine, before leaving, stole Suman’s earnings, and the former took Reena’s bird out of the cage, probably with the intention of hurting it. In my personal opinion, I don’t believe Manjit’s words hurt Josephine that much, but she just wanted to find a reason to take out her anger. Had Manjit not said anything, Josephine would have found a way to throw some condescending remarks and show everybody how they were not classy enough for her. Reena obviously wasn’t mature enough to understand that by wanting to be acknowledged by these people, Reena was entering a dangerous swamp from where there was no coming out. 

What did Manjit get accused of? 

We saw in the previous episodes of Under the Bridge that Manjit was acquitted of some charges that were put against him earlier. We never got to know what he was accused of, and it felt surprising that somebody like him could have criminal proceedings going against him. So basically, after the get-together turned into a debacle, Reena went to Josephine’s foster care the next day, and she told everybody that her parents had asked her not to meet anyone. Josephine could be very shrewd at times, and she knew exactly how to influence and manipulate somebody. Josephine knew that Reena just needed validation, and if she talked to her sweetly, she would do anything she told her. Josephine told Reena how her house was like a prison and how she should do something to get her freedom back. Reena immediately told Josephine how she didn’t like being around her parents, and that’s when Josephine made her final move. She asked Reena to go and complain to her warden that her father abused her in the past and that she wanted to shift to the foster home since she didn’t feel safe at home.

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 4, two police officers come to the Virk residence, and they took Manjit with them. Manjit was shocked at how anybody could even think that he was capable of doing that when he loved his daughter so much. But a formal complaint had been made, and the police officers were bound to take action. This entire scene made us realize the extent of the need for acknowledgment inside that girl, as she was literally ready to throw her parents under the bus for it. At that moment, whatever Josephine would have told her, she would have done it without even thinking twice about it. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know what happened after Reena started staying in foster care and what all Manjit and Suman had to go through because of the criminal case. 

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