‘Under The Bridge’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Warren And Kelly Confess To?


In a disheartening turn of events, we saw in Under the Bridge episode 4 that Reena got influenced by what Josephine told her and did the worst thing possible. Reena went to the law enforcement authorities, and she told them that her father had abused and tortured her. The police did not have any evidence as such; in matters like those, the general precedent was to make the arrest even if the proof was not substantial. Manjit was devastated, and he didn’t know how to even fight the accusation, as it was his own daughter, whom he loved so much, who had betrayed him. By the look on Suman’s face, it was apparent that she had completely stopped expecting anything from her daughter. There was a distance that had come between Suman and Reena, and it felt somewhere that the latter could not associate with her any longer. Reena made her choice, but very soon she realized that Josephine and Kelly were not the kind of girls who could be trusted. Though I do understand the dilemma, Dustu was to be blamed, as she did whatever she was told, even though deep down, she knew that what she was doing was not right. Dusty didn’t have the courage to speak up against the dominating girls, and her timidness became one of the major reasons why Reena felt even more lonely at times. Rebecca, on the other hand, shared an intimate moment with Cam Bentland, and the former started helping her in the investigation. The locals, the girls who committed the crime, and a lot of other people didn’t trust the police, so Rebecca came in handy there, and she went and talked to them. So, let’s find out if Cam and Rebecca were able to make any breakthroughs.

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How did Jo treat Reena in foster care?

Manjit was put behind bars, and we got to know the entire family didn’t trust the police department at all. Comments like “Indians always raise their hands on their kids” were passed, and the poor man, who hadn’t done any such thing, had to take all the hate quietly. The judge granted Manjit bail, and once again, by her actions, Suman proved that she had started feeling detached from Reena. The judge asked Suman where her husband would stay, and she told the Lordship that he would be staying with her. The judge informed her that, in that case, Reena wouldn’t be able to come back to her home, and Suman still stuck with her decision. Suman was told that it would leave a bad impression on the judge, but she was adamant about doing as she wanted. Back at the foster care, Josephine came to Reena and very sympathetically asked her if she was having trouble sleeping. Josephine told her that the first night was always difficult, and then she drank alcohol with Reena and had a good time. But the next morning, it felt like Reena was just imagining that something like that had happened the previous day. Josephine didn’t let her sit next to her, and she told her that the seat was reserved for only CMC members. Reena felt weird, as she didn’t understand this bipolar nature. Kelly also made sure that Reena knew her place, and Josephine agreed with her without any kind of hesitation. Dusty’s compulsiveness in adhering to everything that Jo and Kelly said made things worse for poor Reena.

In Under the Bridge episode 5, Reena went back to her house as she needed some warm clothes. Manjit didn’t open the door, as he had lost faith in Reena and didn’t know what other accusations she might make against him. The Virk family was breaking apart, and nobody understood if they should blame each other or the situation for it. 

What did Cam and Rebecca plan to do?

Rebecca and Cam met once again in episode 5, and the former told her that she should put a little bit of pressure on the girls through the media. Rebecca knew that at the end of the day, they were teenagers, and they were bound to feel the pressure and commit some mistakes if they realized that the police knew what they did. So, against the wishes of her father, Cam went and told the media that they had suspicions about a few girls who studied with Reena and that the possibility of it being a racially motivated crime was quite high. Cam’s father was very upset with her, but the former knew that she had to take her chances. Meanwhile, Rebecca approached Jo, Kelly, and Dusty once again, as she knew that she needed to win the trust of the girls to get some information out of them. Rebecca was able to convince Josephine to some extent by telling her that she didn’t want the police to catch the girls and that she seriously wanted to help them out. But Kelly didn’t trust her at all. Very interestingly, we saw that power dynamics were shifting in the fifth episode. In the previous episode of Under the Bridge, we saw Josephine assume the position of the alpha in the group, but now the baton has been passed to Kelly. It also felt that, at times, Josephine got intimate with Kelly, probably because she knew what she was capable of. 

What did Warren and Kelly confess to?

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 5, two events happened: firstly, Cam found something from Kelly’s locker at school that hinted towards the possibility that she killed Reena, and secondly, Warren confessed to what he saw on the day Reena was murdered. A sketch was found in Kelly’s locker, where a cigarette bud was being put on a woman’s forehead. A similar cigarette mark was on Reena’s forehead, too, and Cam knew right away that Kelly was probably the one who led from the front. Kelly proposed to Jo and Dusty that they should frame someone else for what they had done and also leave for Mexico. These girls, especially Kelly and Jo, believed themselves to be no less than Tony Montana from Scarface, and they actually dreamed of running their own syndicate one day. Kelly, Jo, and Dusty separately called the police department, and they said that Reena was murdered by Warren Glowatski.

Cam interrogated Dusty, but she was so scared to speak the truth and go against the girls that she wrote in her witness statement that Warren was actually behind the murder. Rebecca had to do drugs as she went with Kelly and Jo to this place where all the wannabe gang members hung out. Rebecca had to prove that she was not with the police, so she took some psychedelics, and to accompany her, Warren took them with her. In that inebriated state, Warren told Rebecca that it was Kelly who murdered Reena, and he was also present there when it happened. Kelly, in a chilling sequence, told Dusty and Jo that she put her foot on Reena’s neck and smoked a cigarette while she fought for her life. Kelly said it as if it were the proudest moment of her life. Dusty finally reached her threshold, and she ended up punching Kelly. In the end, Jo and Kelly decide that they will have to do something about Dusty, as she could prove to be the loose link. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know what Kelly and Jo did and if Cam and Rebecca are able to get solid evidence against them. 

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