‘Under The Bridge’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Samara Tell Cam Bentland?


Kelly had taken charge of things, and we saw in Under the Bridge episode 5 how she planned to kill Dusty because she didn’t want to get caught by the authorities. Rebecca, on the other hand, advised Cam to speak to the media so that the kids got intimidated and took some wrong steps. That advice worked in their favor as Kelly, Jo, and Dusty all called the police station and told them that Warren was the one who murdered Reena Virk. Cam knew that all of them were lying, but she still needed some solid evidence to prove her narrative. So, let’s find out what happened in episode 6 and if the police were finally able to make some arrests.

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What happened between Rebecca and her brother? 

In Under the Bridge season 1, episode 6, we got to know through a flashback the kind of events that took place on the day Gabe, Rebecca’s brother died. I personally always felt that Rebecca and Gabe were very understanding towards each other, but we saw that it was not so. Rebecca knew that Cam didn’t like Gabe, but seeing the kind of mental state he was in, she always made sure that she was there to support him. Rebecca, at times, felt frustrated that she wasn’t able to spend some time alone with Cam, and in her frustration, she said a lot of mean and hurtful things to her brother. Cam always told Rebecca to be a little more kind towards Gabe, but the latter was probably too young to portray that generosity. Gabe, on that day, went missing all of a sudden, and then a couple of kids came and told Rebecca that he had fallen from the cliff. Rebecca had talked to him rudely, and it was the last conversation she had with him before his demise. It left a huge void inside Rebecca that could never be filled. There was remorse inside her, and she carried a huge burden of guilt on her shoulders, as she knew that her behavior probably pushed Gabe to the edge, where he was just not able to cope with everything that was happening in his life. Rebecca never said it explicitly, but obviously, she blamed herself for her brother’s death. Whatever she did in her life after that incident was somehow influenced by what happened in the past.

Why was Rebecca trying to save Warren?

We saw in the previous episode of Under the Bridge season 1 that Rebecca and Warren did acid together, and then they passed out in that warehouse itself. Rebecca took Warren home, and she gave him food to eat as she knew that he was famished. Warren told Rebecca that it was Kelly who killed Reena Virk, and he also said that he felt extremely guilty about the fact that he just stood there as a bystander and didn’t do anything to save her. Warren very honestly accepted that he kicked Reena, though, in his defense, he said that he didn’t know why he did that, and he was ready to accept everything in front of the police officers. Rebecca felt sympathetic towards Warren, and somewhere, she saw her brother in him. Gabe was around the same age when he passed away, and Rebecca couldn’t help but think about all those old days when Warren came in front of her. Rebecca even gave Warren Gabe’s clothes when he told her that she had to go to a dance party together with his girlfriend, Samara. Rebecca vouched for Warren in front of Cam, but she didn’t reveal that he was staying at her place, as she had learned that a warrant had been issued against him. Rebecca somewhere felt that Cam’s father would conveniently pin all the blame on Warren, even when everybody knew that it was Kelly who was behind the murder. Kelly had all the support she needed, and Rebecca knew that the former’s mother would fight for her if anything happened to her. Warren had nobody in his life, and Rebecca, because of her bias, just wanted to make sure that he was not put behind bars. 

What did Raj feel guilty about?

Raj wanted to do something about the situation, as everybody knew that Kelly and Jo were behind the murder. Yet, because of the lack of evidence, the authorities were not able to make any formal arrests. Raj got agitated, and he broke down on episode 6. He told Suman that, a lot of times, Reena came and talked to him, and he always told her that she just needed to be patient and things would get better with time. He told Reena that she had done the worst possible thing by accusing her father of crimes he never committed. Reena felt bad about it, and she told Raj how she got influenced by whatever Jo said and committed such a huge blunder. Raj knew that after everything, Reena just wanted to take revenge on Jo and make her pay for her actions. Raj told Suman that she was guilty of not listening to her daughter and not understanding her perspective. We had seen since the very beginning that Suman dealt with things in a particular manner, and that made Reena feel even more distant from the family. The girl was a rebel; she got on the nerves of her parents, and it was extremely hard for them to understand her perspective, but still, Raj felt that at the end of the day, Suman could have been the bigger person and be a little more flexible with her daughter. Suman and Raj both broke down in the car, and they felt helpless as they didn’t know what to do. The Indian family felt extremely lonely in the foreign land, and they felt that nobody wanted to help them. 

What did Samara tell Cam Bentland?

Cam and Roy Bentland went to the dance party, believing that they would find Warren there. But Warren was with Rebecca, and nobody knew about it. Roy interrogated Samara at the party, and she unintentionally told them that Warren and Kelly both dragged Reena’s body into the water after assaulting her. Cam realized that Warren had equally participated in the crime, and he was not telling the truth to Rebecca. Jo and Kelly, meanwhile, made plans to kill Dusty as they believed that she was the loose link because of whom they would get caught. They got Dusty drunk and then took her to a railway track. The plan was to influence her to take her life and then, after that, escape to Mexico and join some crime syndicate. Kelly was the aggressor, and there came a point where even Jo was a bit intimidated by her erratic behavior. Kelly almost convinced Dusty to take her life, but Jo pulled her back at the very last moment because it all became too much for her. Warren overheard the conversation that Rebecca had with her parents, and he decided that it was better for everybody if he surrendered to the authorities. Warren went to meet Samara, and he knew that the police were looking for him and that he would be arrested. Kelly, Dusty, and Josephine were also taken into custody, and even Warren resigned to his fate as he was just tired of running away and hiding.

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 6, Cam and Rebecca had a heated argument; the latter just wanted to save Warren, and Cam couldn’t understand why she was vouching for him when she knew that he had killed Reena Virk. Obviously, Rebecca didn’t tell Cam that she had lost her brother once, and she didn’t want to go through that feeling all over again. In the subsequent episode of Under the Bridge, we will get to know if the court holds the teenagers accountable for their crimes or if they are able to find some loophole and escape from the clutches of law.

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