‘Under The Bridge’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened During Warren’s Trial?


In the previous episode of Under the Bridge, we saw that the police made a breakthrough when Warren’s girlfriend, Samara, told them that Warren had dragged Reena Virk’s body into the gorge together with Kelly. At the end of episode 6, the police arrested all the suspects, and they started gathering evidence to prove their narrative in court. They knew that Samara had to testify if they wanted to get Warren convicted. Rebecca, on the other hand, believed that Warren was not treated fairly, and she somewhere believed that the entire incident was Kelly’s doing, and unfortunately, Warren was made the scapegoat. Probably, it was so, but the fact that he kicked Reena and helped Kelly drag her body couldn’t be justified. Gabe’s death and Rebecca somewhere blaming herself for it played a key role in the scheme of things. Rebecca wanted to be there for Warren, as she believed that that was how she could redeem herself. She saw her brother in Warren, and that’s why she wanted to save him at all costs. She believed him to be a victim of his circumstances, and she didn’t want him to suffer for life just because he committed a mistake (as per her statement). But Cam knew that it was not merely a mistake, as somebody had lost their life because of it. 

Warren could have stopped Kelly from killing Reena, but he didn’t do so, and that made him an accomplice in the crime. So, let’s find out what happened in Warren’s trial and if the court found him guilty or not.

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Why was Rebecca defending Warren? 

The media referred to the culprits as the “shoreline six,” and the kind of reporting that happened made sure that the people framed their opinion even before knowing the nitty-gritty details of the case. What the media said was not wrong, but Rebecca knew that it would influence the outcome of the trial somewhere, which she didn’t want. She wanted the media to not paint Warren as a predator, and so she spoke about how she felt that the authorities were making him the scapegoat. Reena started writing her book, and she read one extract from it to her father. It felt like the main purpose of her book was to defend Warren and to tell people how he was a victim of his circumstances. Rebecca went to meet Suman and Manjit, and that’s where it became apparent that the book might have been about Reena, but Rebecca didn’t have any insight into her life. Her entire energy was focused on proving that Warren wasn’t guilty and that he couldn’t be charged for something that he didn’t intend to do. 

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 7, Rebecca met Cam, and that’s where we got to know why she was so adamant about protecting Warren. Cam, back in the day, told Rebecca that had she not been there, Gabe would still have been alive. Rebecca was trying to achieve salvation, and that’s why she made sure that she made regular visits to the prison and was there for Warren in every capacity. Rebecca was biased, and when Suman realized that, she was disappointed in her. Suman told the media that the other kids would be out of prison at some point in their lives and get a second shot at life, but her daughter wouldn’t have that. Rebecca also knew that, but her past influenced her judgment, and she stuck to it till the very end. 

What was Kelly planning to do? 

There was something seriously wrong with Kelly. I don’t blame Manjit for saying that he saw the devil in the eyes of those girls. Had she gone to a psychiatrist, I’m pretty sure that she would have been diagnosed with multiple disorders. Kelly was cruel beyond any measure, and she didn’t have an ounce of guilt for what she had done. She was talking to her lawyer and her parents when she realized that if she could prove that she felt that her life was in danger, then the court would allow her to go back to her home. Kelly was not a loyal person, and it was clear that she could betray even those whom she felt close to. Kelly told Josephine that she had a plan to get both of them out of prison. Kelly wanted to show the authorities that her life was at risk, and that’s why she instigated a couple of girls so that they pushed her. When the officer in charge came, Kelly started crying, and Josephine testified that she saw her being assaulted. Kelly’s lawyer moved the court and got permission to take her out of prison until her trial got over. Josephine was surprised when she got to know that Kelly was going home while she had to still stay in the juvenile center. Kelly told her that it was just the first step and that she would get her out eventually. But reality started seeping inside Josephine. She realized that Kelly only looked out for herself, and when the time came, she wouldn’t mind throwing her under the bus. Though Josephine didn’t say anything at that moment, probably because she was terrified of Kelly, the realization struck her hard. 

What happened during Warren’s trial? 

Warren didn’t know what he would say at the trial. He felt heavy from within, and the nightmares didn’t let him sleep properly. He met Rebecca now and then, and he felt nice that at least there was someone who cared for him. We got to know in Under the Bridge episode 7 that the day Reena was killed was the same day when Warren got an eviction notice and lost his home. His father had married another woman and left him. There was a lot of rage inside him, and he just wanted to take it out on someone. He kicked Reena when he didn’t even know her name. During the trial, the prosecution was able to prove that Warren saw Reena as an animal, and he just beat her up because he was frustrated. He might have been under the influence of alcohol, but he was not so drunk that he couldn’t understand the consequences of his actions. The fact that the only thing he remembered from that day was that Reena had hair on her back proved the point that the prosecution made. The court found Warren guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Just as the police officers were taking him to the prison, Rebecca stopped Warren and gave him a hug. She promised him that she would make sure that his side of the story was out in the open and that people knew that he was not a predator like Kelly Ellard.

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 7, Suman and Manjit saw Rebecca giving Warren a hug, and that’s the moment they realized that her book would be marred by her prejudices. Obviously, for any parent, it would have been hard to understand the perspective of the person who killed their daughter. Rebecca was not totally wrong, and I also agree that Warren had his share of hardships, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have any role to play in the scheme of things. It was a fact that he let his dark side get the better of him, and he did certain things that he shouldn’t have. Warren was clearly not as evil as Kelly, but it was also a fact that he was an accomplice in the crime, and I believe that the court made the right decision at the end of the day. 

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