Understanding Dark Comedy


In these days of distress and a global pandemic, we crave some humour at the end of the day and this is where the comedy comes as a soothing touch to our mundane lives.

Comedy in filmmaking and in general requires an immense amount of confidence as well as the timing to make sure the audience gets a good laugh. In these progressive times, we have to understand that slapstick humour is not enough to engage the viewers as it not related to their respective lives.

Dark Comedy

The technical advantage of this era has given birth to a new type of comedy in the Hindi Film Industry, through various web shows. A plethora of good comedians who won’t budge from making a joke on something political or controversial. Anthony Jeselnik is one of the epitomai of this era of dark stand-up and for that, he landed two Netflix specials. No matter how crass or uncomfortable it might seem but you can hate him but cannot resist a laugh.

This is what defines Dark Comedy, something which makes you laugh as well as uncomfortable at the same time, it makes you think in a different perspective which takes you away from the aforementioned problem of being pestered by thoughts and stress.

Rick and Morty” proves, How Badly We Need Dark Comedy.

After the Simpsons and South park series we understood the meaning of dark comedy but it was due to sheer guts of writers of that show, that I had a huge impact as well as cult fan following, from merchandise to collectables these characters are engraved in our minds.

Rick and Morty, a gem created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon is another decisive proof that we are now getting more aware as an audience and understand that protagonist and antagonists are interchangeable.

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Small Steps of success in Bollywood

Andhadhun, Ek Chalis ki last local, Peepli Live, Kaalakaandi, Delhi Belly, and several other films and their respective writers and directors did not get enough credit and now when we look at those movies we understand how ahead of time it was. The chase between ‘Shamshad’ and ‘Definite’ in Gangs of Wasseypur 2 shows how realistic as well as funny a chase between two nemeses can be.

Solution: We have to stop getting offended!

Today where everyone is witnessing trolls and people who get offended at even the silliest of jokes if it is not up to people’s perspective.

We have to be satirical and the people, in general, should understand that the impact and intent of a joke are different, punching down is uncomfortable as it resonates with the truth of the ugly society we live in.

Ricky Gervais the person who created The Office is one of the most influential dark comedians and if your sentiments are getting hurt because of a joke then try to strengthen your sentiments.

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Shreshtha Shukla
Shreshtha Shukla
"Thou art the suffering from which unwarranted melancholia emerges" Shreshtha Shukla is a writer, teacher, and a film enthusiast.

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