Netflix ‘Unseen’ Ending, Explained: Is Zenzi Dead? What Will Happen To Theron And Harting?


Adapted from the Turkish drama “Fatma,” the South African series “Unseen” follows the life of a woman named Zenzi, who, after the disappearance of her husband, finds that he had been involved with the wrong people. Zenzi had no trust in the system, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and find the truth. Throughout her journey, Zenzi discovered a side of herself that she didn’t even know existed. She goes to great lengths to find her husband and fend for her family. So, let’s see what kind of perils Zenzi encountered on her quest and if she was able to locate her husband without falling prey to the traps of a treacherous world.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Unseen’ Season 1: Plot Summary – What Is The Series About?

Zenzi’s life was turned upside down when her husband was sentenced for murdering a guy named Yazdi. Max never told Zenzi what actually happened and why he was not defending himself and taking the fall for someone else. Zenzi started working with Raymond, who was a friend of Max’s, as she was finding it very hard to sustain herself and provide for her boy, Esulu. Tragedy had become a constant companion in Zenzi’s life. She was still recovering from the trauma of her husband being sent to jail when some strangers entered her home and killed her son in front of her own eyes. That night, Zenzi lost a bit of herself, and she could never go back to being the same again. From a lecherous landlord named Enrico Booysen to every other misogynistic individual who crossed paths with Zenzi, they made sure that her life became a living hell. Zenzi went to pick up her husband on the day he was supposed to be released from prison, and she waited for hours, but Max didn’t come out. On enquiring, she found out that he had already been released earlier that day, in the morning, and Zenzi was once again in the dark, not knowing what had happened or whom she should ask for help.

Zenzi went to Raymond and got to know about a man named Jackson Thom, whom she presumed might know something about her husband. Jackson had been a business partner of Raymond’s, but due to some conflict, they had parted ways. Jackson threatened Zenzi and told her that unless and until Max paid him what he was owed, he would keep her as collateral. Zenzi had stolen Raymond’s pistol from his vault, and she ended up killing Jackson in the heat of the moment. That incident awakened the devil inside Zenzi, and she felt powerful knowing that she could tackle these molesters and criminals on her own without seeking help from anybody. Zenzi went on a killing spree after that, and she killed a guy named Ernie Meyers, who offered her a job as a hired gun for Raymond.

Zenzi had told Raymond that she had hidden his gun, and he knew that as long as she was in possession of the weapon, there was a chance that she might give it to the police and frame him. Raymond gave Zenzi the task of killing Blessing Jali, his boss, as he was sick and tired of being threatened by him. Zenzi did manage to kill Blessing Jali, but she created a mess out of it, and the police came to know Blessing had died of asphyxiation and not drug abuse as it seemed to be. But even before the police report came, Blessing’s legal advisor, Ruben Theron, got a whiff of some foul play happening behind his back. Raymond feared that there was a chance that Ruben might get to know that he had ordered the killing, so he asked Joseph, who worked for him, to kill Zenzi and take the pistol she had stolen from his vault. But Joseph was killed by Zenzi before he could harm her. In Unseen,” Episode 4, while taking his last breath, Joseph told Zenzi the whereabouts of her husband, who at that point was hiding in Caledon.

Why Did Blessing Bali Want To Kill Max?

Max used to work in Blessing’s bar, and he had been asked to take the fall for Yazid’s death. Yazid made a dangerous plan when his friend Farouk told him that he had noticed that large sums of money were being deposited in multiple accounts. Farouk had found out that one of the beneficiaries was a man named Blessing Bali, and he wanted to immediately go to the police and tell them about it. Yazid told him otherwise, as he knew that he could extort money from Blessing if he blackmailed him. Yazid didn’t know the kind of people he was dealing with or the extent to which they could go to save themselves. Yazid was killed by Blessing, and Max was sent to prison for the crimes he didn’t commit. Max was told that his wife and children would be taken care of, but he realized that Blessing never fulfilled his end of the promise. Max threatened to spill the secrets and tell the police who the real perpetrator was, and that is why Blessing made plans to kill Max as soon as he came out of prison. Max had gotten to know that Farouk was still alive, and he stayed in Caledon with his mother.

Max went there to find Farouk and convince him to hack into the system once again and give him all the information that could prove who was involved in the money laundering case of the OCM bank. After a lot of convincing, Farouk agreed, and he downloaded the entire information about the account holders who were receiving illegitimate funds. Andrew Harting called Ruben and told him that his security team had gotten word that somebody had breached the Caledon branch of the OCM bank and that they needed to do something immediately to stop anyone from accessing the information. In “Unseen” Episode 5, Ruben sent Raymond to kill Max, as up until then, nobody had any clue about Farouk’s existence, and everybody believed that Yazid worked alone. Raymond came to Farouk’s home and asked him where Max and Zenzi were. Farouk pretended that he didn’t know anything, and in a fit of rage, Raymond shot him.

Max and Zenzi parted ways and decided that they would meet directly at the train station. But before that could happen, Max was shot by the police officials who had come to Caledon looking for him, and he died on the spot. Raymond was able to take the pen drive, which had all the information, and Zenzi was taken into custody by Detective Morkel.

Did Zenzi Take Revenge for Her Son’s Death?

After Max’s death In “Unseen” Episode 6, Zenzi’s maddening quest finally came to an end, and Detective Morkel caught hold of her. Morkel took Zenzi into custody and started his investigation. The detectives were constantly asking her about her involvement in the murders of Jackson, Blessing, Ernie, Enrico, and Farouk, but Zenzi was not in a state to comprehend anything that was happening around her. After losing her baby boy, all she wanted was to save her husband and prove his innocence in court, but she hadn’t been able to do that. Max had died in front of her eyes, and she stood there helplessly, not being able to do anything. Even the pen drive that Farouk had given her, which contained all the incriminating evidence, was taken from her by Raymond. Zenzi wasn’t cooperating in the investigation because she knew that it didn’t matter to her anymore if the real perpetrators were caught by the police or not. Even if the police found evidence that proved Raymond’s and Ruben Theron’s involvement, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to bring her husband and her child back. Morkel knew that Zenzi was a victim of the circumstances, though he was not able to understand why she wasn’t telling them anything. Morkel’s theory was that after Max came out of prison, he went on a revenge killing spree against all those who had conspired to put him in prison. The detectives believed that the evidence they had against Zenzi was not conclusive enough, and they needed her confession to make their case stronger.

Zenzi started telling the investigators that Blessing, Ruben Theron, Raymond, and a few other influential players were involved in a banking scam, and they coerced Max to take a fall for them and accept that he had killed Yazid. Just then, the ballistics report came in, and Zenzi got to know that her son, Esulu, had been shot by Raymond’s gun, which she had later stolen from his vault. Suddenly, Zenzi found a reason to live. Raymond knew how miserable she was, and yet the man had the audacity to tell her that he wouldn’t stop unless he found the killers of her son. She didn’t know whether Raymond had pulled the trigger or not, but she was very sure that he knew who did it.

Andrew Harting, an influential individual who had contacts in every department of the government, was the mastermind behind the entire OCM Bank money laundering scam. He had ordered his men inside the police force to execute Zenzi, as she knew their secrets and had become a threat to them. Back at the police station where Zenzi was being investigated, a police officer named Cupido asked her to escape with him. Zenzi thought that he was actually helping her, but moments later she realized that something was not right. Before Cupido and his ally could kill Zenzi, she jumped from a cliff and, after some deadly hand-to-hand combat, managed to save her life. Zenzi knew that there was only one person that she could trust amidst all this chaos, i.e., Lufuno Ngesi. Lufuno had just called the police and was about to tell them whatever he knew about the railway track killing when he heard a knock on his door, and he ended up hanging up the phone. Zenzi told Ngesi that she had killed Ernie, Blessing, and others only because she was being blackmailed and Max had been framed by the Syndicate. She told Ngesi that if he wanted to bring out the truth, then he needed to go after the OCM bank and all those influential people who were involved in this crime. Zenzi once again had to flee from Ngesi’s house, as Morkel had arrived to conduct a search because he had gotten suspicious when Ngesi had called him earlier.

Zenzi went to Raymond’s office and found Nancy, Raymond’s assistant, stealing money from his vault. Nancy told Zenzi that Raymond was currently at Blessing’s bar, and she immediately left without understanding that she was walking into a trap. Actually, even if Zenzi had known that Ruben Theron and his men were already present at the bar, she would have still gone there because, at that moment, all she wanted was to avenge the death of her son.

Ruben thought that it was Raymond who had killed Jackson, Blessing, and others, as he couldn’t imagine that a cleaner, who barely knew how to hold a gun, would have killed such dangerous men. Raymond was sick and tired of being disrespected, and of late, he had started to feel that Ruben had been using him as a pawn and making him take all the risks, while the benefits were enjoyed by him and the people sitting higher up the food chain. Raymond pulled out his gun, but before he could do anything, Ruben’s men took him into custody. He was brutally beaten and asked to confess to his crimes. Naledi, Zenzi’s sister, had gotten to know that Raymond was in Blessing’s bar, and she informed Detective Morkel about it. When the detective reached the bar, Ruben and others left to deal with them, and that’s when Zenzi got the opportunity to confront Raymond. Raymond confessed to killing Esulu, but he said that it was all an accident and he never intended to do so. The wrath of a mother could be seen by looking at the fire raging inside Zenzi’s eyes. Zenzi had earlier started a fire, and by the time she reached where Raymond was kept, it had enveloped the entire building. Raymond begged her to untie him, but Zenzi left him to burn in the flames.

‘Unseen’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Is Zenzi Dead? What Will Happen To Theron and Harting?

In the last episode of “Unseen” Season 1, Zenzi was standing on the edge of the roof when Morkel and Naledi arrived at the scene. Naledi begged her not to commit suicide, but Zenzi didn’t have anything left to look forward to. She was already broken from within after the death of her other son, but she was coping with it as she had the hope that she would be able to save her husband. Seeing her husband die in front of her eyes made her hollow from within. Naledi reminded her that she had always been a fighter, and she didn’t need to end her life like that. Naledi told her that if she wanted to see the perpetrators behind bars, she would have to fight with her, but it felt like Zenzi had already made her choice. Though we are never shown if Zenzi actually jumped from the building or not, we believe that she took her life because the guilt, the grief, and the pain had become too much for her to handle.

As far as finding the real perpetrators is concerned, we believe that their scam would be brought to light by Ngesi, who had been told by Zenzi that in order to find the truth, he needed to investigate what had happened at the OCM bank. It wouldn’t be an easy task for sure because we had seen the kind of control people like Andrew Harting had over the entire system, and obviously, they would try their level best not to let the truth come out in the open. Probably, if there is a second season of “Unseen,” we would get to know if the police force and Ngesi are able to bring out the truth in front of the world and if Naledi is able to avenge the death of her sister.

“Unseen” is a 2023 Drama Thriller series streaming on Netflix.

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