‘Vaashi’ Ending Explained: Who Wins The Case Between Madhu And Ebin?


And this is how you make the story of the aftermath of “I do” interesting. It is a common enough joke that two lawyers in a relationship will always be at loggerheads. “Vaashi” shows us exactly how. Ebin and Madhu are two hard-working, self-made lawyers who fall in love with each other and get married. But when they find themselves on opposite sides of a case, it proves to be a defining test for their relationship. How they navigate this forms the crux of “Vaashi.”

Can we just say how the makers of the film did a fantastic job with the casting? Keerthy Suresh’s eyes deserve an award of their own. And Tovino Thomas brings such an effortless quality to the storyline. But the main hero of the story was the marriage between the characters. That is what “Vaashi” was about. Let us see what happens in it.

Spoilers Ahead

How Do Ebin And Madhu Fight The Case Of Anusha And Gautham?

It starts with Madhu and Ebin as two lawyers, who always seem to be at loggerheads. Ebin comes from a well-connected political family and is trying to make something of himself independently. Madhu is struggling to establish her own identity in a male-dominated law firm. They have a common friend—a senior by the name of Satheesh Mulloor—and the three of them have a habit of eating lunch together. Satheesh tells Ebin that a certain office space is available for rent should he be interested in it, but Ebin is not sure if he can take the plunge and asks for some time. Meanwhile, Madhu has left her job after she was unfairly blamed for a clerk’s misplacing of documents. She now wants to litigate independently. Madhu asks Satheesh if she can rent the office space he was talking about, prompting Ebin to say that he wants that space too. Satheesh tells them that there is enough room for both of them, and they can share it. Ebin and Madhu agree reluctantly, but once they rent the space, the friendship between them strengthens, and they slowly start falling in love.

One day, Ebin decides to confess to her. But instead of being direct, he comes up with a story as to how he needs to go on a date with an arranged match his mother has found for him. Madhu is nonchalant and tells him that she herself is looking to go on a similar date. Later that evening, while talking to each other, Madhu playfully tells him that she had seen through his lies and that she also had strong feelings for him. This marks the beginning of their relationship.

A few days later, Ebin’s parents tell him that they want him to get married, which is when he tells them about his relationship with Madhu. His parents say that they anticipated this but are hesitant because of their different religious backgrounds. However, they can get past this easily enough. Madhu, on the other hand, is hesitant as she is not settled into her career. Ebin has started a job as a public prosecutor after his brother-in-law, Jose, pulled some strings, placing him way ahead of his peers. Madhu has yet to catch up, and this plays into her fears. Ebin asks her to take some time and think it over.

In the meantime, she gets a case for a family friend of hers. Gautham, the friend’s brother, has been accused of sleeping with a girl under the false promise of marriage, which amounts to rape. Madhu needs to prove him innocent. The same case goes to Ebin, and he needs to prove that Gautham is guilty. The couple are at the opposite ends of the case, and neither are happy about it. As the case progresses, there is an uneasy silence between them regarding it, which they ignore for the sake of their relationship. They get married and settle into their new life, with them still walking on eggshells around each other.

It all comes to a boiling point when one day, Jose asks Madhu to come to help him with a particular case in a police station. Madhu tells him that her coming to the police station would be of no use and that they can just solve the matter in court. Later that day, Ebin tells her that she should have just gone as that would have reassured Jose of the situation. But Madhu is adamant and says that such unnecessary diplomacy is not her forte. This causes further tension between the couple, and the issues that they had ignored so far come closer to the surface.

Satheesh advises Ebin to come to his house for dinner to spark a reconciliation between them. But things take a turn for the worse, and Ebin and Madhu end up challenging each other that if Ebin loses the case, he would quit his job as the public prosecutor and return to their previous office.

‘Vaashi’ Ending Explained- Who Wins The Case Between Madhu And Ebin?

As the case progresses, the distance between the couple increases. They start going to the office separately and even sleeping in different rooms. The case itself gets messier as Gautham admits to Madhu that he was aware of Anusha’s feelings for him. Anusha admits to Ebin that she doesn’t want to put Gautham behind bars for so long.

At the penultimate hearing in the court, Saira, the common friend between Gautham and Anusha, comes to give her statement. She says that while she was aware of Anusha’s feelings, she did not know if Gautham knew of them as well. This changes things for the prosecution, as it takes away the proof of whether Gautham was manipulating Anusha or not. Ebin figures out that this has happened because of Anusha and not Madhu. He asks her the reason for it, and she tells him that she never clearly spoke about her feelings to Gautham. Also, the day after they slept together, both of them should have spoken to each other at least once instead of letting it get to this point. She is regretful of the consequences of their lack of communication.

Later that day, Satheesh advises Ebin to not let this conflict get the better of them and to reconcile with his wife. Ebin does so. Like old times, he follows Madhu on his bike instead of taking his car. Once they reach their house, they hug each other while shedding tears that reveal the pain caused by the struggle they have been going through.

The next day in court, the judge states that while it couldn’t be proved by the prosecution that Gautham had actually promised marriage to the victim, he had definitely had relations with her when she was drunk, and that made him a culprit. For that reason, he was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Following this, we see Madhu and Ebin decide that since they will continue dealing in these shades of grey, it is best that they don’t let it get the better of their relationship. It also turns out that Madhu plans on appealing the case in the High Court. It is a bittersweet ending, one that makes us understand relationships without rose-colored glasses and what it means to make them work beyond our identity as individuals.

Final Thoughts: What Works For ‘Vaashi’?

Malayalam cinema has a way of trusting the audience to understand a story with all of its nuances, instead of spoon-feeding it to them. The characters were not glorified, there was no clear right or wrong, and the lack of overly dramatic background music, all of which let the audience interpret the story in their own way. Every single one of the characters has obvious flaws. But it is how they are acknowledged without being judged that creates the magic of “Vaashi.” Ebin and Madhu were constantly aware of the moral choices the other was making, but they understood them as part and parcel of their professions and kept their judgment of that away from their relationship. Their tussle came from a clash of egos, not from difference in ideologies. Recognizing this was what made it easy for them to resolve their differences. This is what a movie about relationships should look like, and we would definitely recommend this to everyone.

“Vaashi” is a 2022 Indian Court-Room Drama film directed by Vishnu Raghav.

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