‘Vacation Friends 2’ Ending, Explained & Film Summary: Did Marcus Get The Job?


After the unforgettable Mexico trip, Marcus and Emily embark on another adventure in Vacation Friends 2 with the oddball couple Ron and Kyla. Both couples are married now, and Ron and Kyla brought baby Marcus along on the trip as well. Even though situations have changed, when it came to having fun, Ron and Kyla were still the free-spirited, eccentric couple. We also have Maurillio (the hotel manager from Vacation Friends) joining the two couples on the Caribbean trip. Maurillio was all set to enjoy his all-paid vacation in exchange for a little babysitting. Ron and Kyla were over the moon, thinking that their best friends had planned the most luxurious honeymoon for them, but the catch was that Marcus was invited to the hotel to conduct a business meeting.

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How did Ron and Kyla figure out the truth?

The five-star hotel and the services it provided left Ron and Kyla spellbound. They were grateful to Marcus for going beyond himself to provide them with a fairytale honeymoon. Marcus enjoyed the compliments, but at the same time, he felt guilty for hiding the truth from his best friends. Emily encouraged Marcus to come clean, but he preferred to keep the fun going. While Maurillio stayed in the hotel room looking after little Marcus, the four stepped out for another wild night. The party was in full swing, and the shots kept on pouring. After getting drunk out of their wits, Marcus, Emily, Ron, and Kyla found themselves sleeping on the poolside.

The vacation was meant to be a wild ride, but Marcus lost his cool when he noticed the hotel’s administrative group. Marcus received a call from his Chicago office informing him that the meeting had been pushed forward. After a night of merry-making, Marcus was hungover and completely clueless about how to deal with the crisis. The hotel executives walked up to Marcus and apologized for the change in schedule. They further added that the leader of the Chicago team and Senior Vice President, Mr. Yeon, was keen on meeting Marcus and invited him and his friends to the lagoon.

Ron and Kyla were not the kind of friends Marcus wanted to take along to a business meeting (and he had too many reasons to think so), but strangely enough, Ron managed to impress Mr. Yeon. There is no end to knowing Ron, and his suddenly speaking Korean is a prime example of it. The Vice President bluntly stated that the board had made up its mind not to hire Marcus and was inclined to give the job to the guy they had previously worked with. Marcus was not ready to take no for an answer, and he mentioned why his company was a better choice. With the promising results of Marcus’ company and Ron’s Korean greeting, Mr. Yeon was intrigued by Marcus.

What was Reese Hackford’s plan?

To make matters worse for Marcus, Kyla’s father, Reese Hackford, crashed their vacation in Vacation Friends 2. Reese had been in prison all these years, and as soon as he was granted parole, he decided to surprise his daughter. Marcus not only had to handle the unpredictable couple but was also a convicted criminal. Reese was sentenced to eight years in prison as a result of tax evasion and money laundering, though he claimed to be innocent. Marcus and Emily were suspicious of him as soon as he requested Kyla and Ron invest in a crypto business. They could sense that Reese had an ulterior motive, but Kyla was too blinded by her love for her father to see the truth. Meanwhile, Ron was determined to impress his father-in-law, but Reese was not too fond of him. He was afraid that Kyla would stop caring for him now that Ron was in her life. He was quite the perfect husband, making Reese feel all the more insecure.

From surfing in the ocean to crying for approval, Ron did whatever he could to win Reese over. Reese introduced Ron and Marcus to a man, Warren, at the bar. He wanted to close a deal, but Warren was not interested. It initially seemed Reese was dabbling in the drug business, but at the end of Vacation Friends 2, we find out that Reese received information from a prison mate about the exact location of a crashed aircraft that consisted of millions of dollars in cash. The aircraft belonged to Warren, and he tried to convince him of a deal, but it did not pan out the way he intended, so Reese decided to find the aircraft with the help of Jerome and split the money between themselves. While the information he received about the aircraft’s location was correct, the Cuban police got a whiff of their activity. Reese had lied to his daughter and her friends and brought them along, making them believe that they were going snorkeling. He had put all of their lives in jeopardy as the Cuban police opened fire on their airplane. While they managed to fly away from Cuba, the aircraft crashed in Lower St. James (that happened to be Warren’s area). Jerome ran away with his share of the money, while Reese’s share burned down with the aircraft.

How did Ron help Reese?

Instead of preparing for the presentation that was scheduled to take place within a few hours, Marcus was locked inside a container along with Emily, Ron, Kyla, and Reese. When Warren found out that Reese had double-crossed him, he decided to kill him and the people he brought along. Once Warren figured out that Reese had provided him with the right location, he submerged the container in the ocean. As everyone panicked, Ron kept calm and followed the direction of the smoke. Using all his strength, Ron managed to break open the container, and the group swam to the shore. Kyla stole a car, and they drove to the hotel. Warren lost his calm when he was told by his men that Reese had stolen all his money. With a car gone missing, Warren connected the dots and tracked down the stolen car. Even though the group ended up within the hotel premises, Warren and his gang held them at gunpoint.

Kyla and Emily managed to sneak out in a moment of chaos and seek Maurillio’s help. Wearing a hat and a suit, Maurillo pretended to be drug lord Chencho Novar. Using the details he had learned from a documentary to his advantage, Maurillo was convincing as Novar and Warren decided to let go of Marcus and Ron. Warren demanded that Reese pay him five million dollars, and surprisingly, Ron had the money. Ron transferred five million dollars to Warren, and Reese was finally out of danger, or so it seemed. Reese had a tough time accepting Ron, but at the end of Vacation Friends 2, he was impressed by Ron’s selflessness. So, from where did a park ranger get five million dollars? Well, as it turns out, the crypto business Reese suggested was indeed profitable, and Ron received unimaginable returns out of it!

Did Marcus Get The job In The End?

By the time Marcus was out of danger, the president of the Korean hotel group, Mrs. Kim, was about to leave. Marcus begged her to give him a few minutes to explain why his construction company was the perfect choice, but she was already too disappointed in him to give him a chance. Marcus had given up hope, but strangely enough, Mr. Yeon stood up for him. During Vacation Friends 2‘s ending, Mr. Yeon expresses his support for Marcus because not only was he a better choice business-wise, but he also developed trust in him within a few days. Yeon had always believed Mrs. Kim never cared about his opinion, but she proved him wrong and agreed to take it into consideration. Marcus received the job, and it was time for celebration!

After spending a couple of crazy days together, Marcus could finally relax with Emily, Kyla, Ron, and Reese. Just as they were sipping on their drinks and getting comfortable, FBI agents arrived. In the last scene of Vacation Friends 2, we learn that Reese was not out on parole; he escaped from prison. He admitted that it was not his best decision, but the risk was worth it since he got to meet his daughter and her family. He had heard a lot about Ron, and after finally meeting him, he was certain that Kyla could not have found someone better. Ron expressed his admiration for Reese; he believed that a father escaping prison just to be with his daughter was quite an inspiring story.

Vacation Friends 2 ends with Marcus and Emily finally admitting to each other that they both do not want children. They believed they were at the happiest point of their lives, and they felt complete with one another. Maurillo finally gathered up his courage to ask a woman he met at the hotel out on a date. Ron finally got the approval of Kyla’s father, and Kyla was glad that the two people she adored could finally appreciate each other. And Marcus got the job—the entire reason why he planned the Caribbean trip in the first place. Even though problems kept cropping up every minute, everyone got their perfect ending.

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Srijoni Rudra
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