‘Vigil’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What Will Happen To Grainger And Russell?


The second season of Vigil revolved around the deaths of seven military officers who were killed by a military drone called R-PAS that was hacked during its testing in Dundair. DCI Amy Silva of the Scottish Police was called in to investigate the matter, and she found out the prime suspects related to the case might be in a Middle Eastern country called Wudyan. Soon after, Silva arrived at Al Shawka airbase, where she came across an activist group, Jabhat Al Huriya, who had allegedly stolen the missing console from the armory in order to jeopardize the drone’s testing. However, as Vigil Season 2 came to an end, we found out that there was a much larger conspiracy behind the whole ordeal. Some important members of the British Army involved in the crimes were ready to sacrifice a few of their own to win a weapon consignment for their country. So, let’s break down the events of Vigil Season 2 and find out how DCI Silva ended up putting the criminals behind bars.

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How Did Marcus Grainger Commit the Perfect Crime?

At the end of Episode 5 of Vigil Season 2, DCI Silva arrested Wesley Harper, who held back important evidence related to the case. On the day of the firing, Wesley made a recording of Alpha R-PAS, where the drone purposely missed shooting British Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger, who was present in the control room during this time. The recording suggested that the hacker or controller might have links with the higher-ups, one or more of whom could be the mastermind behind the whole conspiracy. Wesley knew who that person was and had been blackmailing them for money, which was when DCI Silva put him on the next plane to Scotland so she could use him as a state witness. However, Squadron Leader Eliza Russell, who was a part of the grand scheme, freaked out and killed Wesley to bury the evidence. DCI Silva could see through her lies but didn’t have enough evidence to arrest her. However, as soon as they landed, she released an arrest order for the woman in question.

During the interrogation, Russell confessed to all the crimes and told DCI Silva that she did it for money. She was obviously lying. Off the record, Russell even suggested that intelligence might have a hand in all of this, which was a strategic move to divert police attention. In the end, MI5 agent Ramsay found the emails exchanged within the Air Force, through which he concluded that it was Grainger who had sent Wing Commander Chapman to Dubai to attend a conference. In Chapman’s absence, Sabiha stole the console from the armory, and in order to protect his daughter, the man left the base, which cleared the path for Russell to carry out the covert mission. Previously, Grainger made contact with Sabiha and talked to her as Callum Barker, the man whom she had a crush on. Under the disguise, Grainger groomed Sabiha to steal the console, which again was a means to get Chapman out of the way, as he wouldn’t have let Russell operate R-PAS and kill seven of their own countrymen.

But even though Grainger had committed the near-perfect crime, he made a small error that was enough to get him arrested. It turned out that Grainger texted Sabiha half an hour before he told Chapman about the Dubai conference. Grainger had accepted that he took the decision to send Chapman on his own, which implied that no one else could have known about it other than Grainger himself. In short, Grainger got hasty and dug a grave for himself.

Why did Grainger kill his own men?

Grainger had not only killed seven innocent soldiers who took part in weapon testing but also killed his own colleagues in order to cover up the tracks. The man had contact with Ross Sutherland and knew all about his condition, which was why he manipulated the ex-military man to kill Chapman and his daughter. Later, he sent Derek McCabe, the owner of Alban-X, to kill Sutherland so that he wouldn’t reveal Grainger to the police. But why did Grainger commit these crimes in the first place?

Grainger was an army man, and evidently, he found his existence on a battlefield. Since the beginning of the series, Grainger and his friend McCabe have been quite furious with the MPs, as the ministers weren’t in favor of selling weapons to a country where the weaponry was being used to kill innocent civilians on the border. Through the attack on Dundair, Grainger incited a national debate, forcing the ministers to reassess their decisions regarding the controversial weapons deal with Wudyan. Grainger knew that a terrorist attack on British soil would make his countrymen furious enough to pick up weapons and fight a war that wasn’t theirs in the first place. Do we see some real-life resemblance here with a country we know of? Maybe. Throughout this time, he had been interfering in the police investigation so that, in the meantime, the MPs could decide their stance on Wudyan. He knew that once the bill was passed in Parliament, no one would be able to revoke it. And even if he were arrested later, it wouldn’t have made much difference to him, as he had already done his part. As Firas Zaman said, Marcus Grainger did win in the end.

What Will Happen to Grainger and Russell?

For Grainger, these weapons were a means to fund his country’s treasury, which would help Great Britain prosper. But did he take a moment to ask himself if the wealth he was talking about was soaked with the blood of innocent people? Oh, let it be. The second season of Vigil doesn’t go any further into exploring the psyche of the man who committed those crimes, but Firas Zaman’s speech in the end says it all.

The trial of Grainger and Russell took place in a closed court for national security, which meant that the majority of the public would never find out about their crimes. As a consequence of such secrecy, the investigation and trial didn’t have much effect on the ongoing debate in the Parliament, as a result of which the MPs decided to sell 800 million pounds of weapons to the Wudyani government to curb terrorism. As Firas Zaman said, Grainger did accomplish what he intended. The general public would be unaware of the fact that the fund that helped them raise schools and colleges in their community would be filling hospitals with schoolchildren in another part of the world. A similar incident had previously taken place in the series, where the aerial drone dropped a missile on a suspected building, which, in reality, was occupied by a school soccer team. It was just one of the numerous army attacks on innocent civilians that will take place in the near future.

During Vigil Season 2’d ending, Grainger was given a life sentence with a minimum of 45 years in prison, which meant he wouldn’t be eligible for parole and would spend the rest of his natural life in confinement. As for Russell, she was given the same sentence, but she would be eligible for parole after spending minimum of 30 years in prison. But what was worse was that there wasn’t a hint of remorse on Grainger’s face, which proved the fact that he did consider himself a hero till the very end.

What Will Happen to Derek McCabe?

The tech billionaire, probably on Grainger’s order, had shot Ross Sutherland to cover up the tracks. However, DI Longacre witnessed the man shooting an ex-military officer and tried to record the same on her phone. Later, McCabe fired bullets at Longacre in order to stop her from ruining their perfect crime, but somehow, she managed to escape. At this juncture, McCabe was certain that he would be arrested for shooting a police officer and killing an innocent civilian, which was why he ran off from the country. The police tried to locate him, but with the kind of money and power he had, it would be difficult to bring him back. His company, on the other hand, thrived after the Dundair tragedy and Parliament’s decision to sell weapons to Wudyan. However, it can be speculated that the government and intelligence agencies would cancel Alban-X’s contract with the military, and therefore, McCabe’s R-PAS wouldn’t see the light of day again. With substantial evidence in hand, the authorities can even shut down his entire operation.

What Will Happen to Sam Kader?

Captain Sattam Abdul Kader was a scholar who studied in the same university as Dr. Abdullah Ghazali, the man who ran the liberation movement in Wudyan. Sam sympathized with the activist group and wanted to bring about a change in the country. Sam leaked intel to Jabhat Al Huriya so that the group could reveal the Sheikh’s true agenda and jeopardize his relationship with the British Government. However, Grainger was keeping an eye on Jabhat Al Huriya’s activities and later used the organization as a scapegoat for his own crimes. He convinced everyone in the two countries that it was the terrorist group that stole the R-PAS console and killed seven soldiers on British soil, but Sam and Ghazali knew that was far from the truth. With Sam’s help, Ghazali wanted to procure enough evidence to prove that they were innocent, but Grainger left no survivors. In the end, Sam was arrested for treason and terrorism and was given a 30-year sentence.

DCI Silva, on the other hand, knew the whole truth and knew that whatever Sam leaked was only to protect innocent civilians, which was why she urged Sir Ian Downing, the head of MI5, to request a special pardon for Sam Kader. In the end, his sentence was shortened to 2 years, and it is most likely that he will seek asylum in Britain, where he will be able to spend the rest of his life with Callum Barker. Meanwhile, Ghazali would be executed for the numerous crimes that he had committed on Wudyani soil.

Was it a Victory for DCI Silva?

When one is dealing with a case that involves corrupt army officials and foreign diplomats, “victory” isn’t the correct word to use in the first place. The British MPs weren’t bothered by the fact that their weapon would be used to kill innocent civilians near the Wudyani border. Those people were living inside a bubble and were trying to understand the “ground” situation through the reports sent by the likes of Grainger and Russell. These military men, on the other hand, had seen enough bloodshed on the battlefield and believed that they needed “more” resources than their government sanctioned. It would’ve been an impossible task for Grainger to make the MPs understand the gravity of the situation, which perhaps became the reason why he designed such an elaborate plan. However, in Grainger’s case, there wasn’t any national threat at all. He just made things up on his own. He wanted to prove his existence, and every time he was called for a discussion, the man would become agitated. Words weren’t Grainger’s forte, which implied that the man himself was suffering from PTSD. He enjoyed his position, in which he held the highest authority to give orders to bomb a certain place and pull the trigger on a group of men who didn’t look like him. It was a futile war, yet Grainger convinced himself that he was doing a great service to his nation. And when one is dealing with delusional men in power, it is extremely difficult to reason with them. DCI Silva tried and failed.

DCI Silva had witnessed the fact that the British Forces in Wudyan shot people at point blank range even if they hadn’t committed any crime. For the army, damage “within expected range” was the only human right they were aware of. It was a lawless land, but still, it doesn’t give the right to any man or woman to turn into animals and use their weapons like they have no conscience. No, DCI Silva didn’t win in the end. She lost. She lost because the public would never know of the horrors she had witnessed in a foreign country where an army officer killed a 12-year-old boy, Faisal Ghazali, in the name of a rescue mission. DI Kirsten Longacre lost a part of her humanity because she had to blackmail a righteous journalist to get information about her partner. I think every single person in the series lost a part of themselves in order to bring the culprits to justice. But in the end, we have to stop for a moment and ask ourselves: Was justice really served, or was it just another strategic move to protect the image of a country whose own soldiers didn’t leave a stone unturned to bring shame to it? Although DCI Silva solved the case, she could not bring about a change as the case would be lost in the sealed lockers and never see the light of day, not in her lifetime. It was a heavy price she had to agree to in order to protect what remained. Hopefully, Sabiha, Firas Zaman, and Sam Kader will be able to find peace and happiness in life. They were the only people that DCI Silva was able to save in the end.

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