‘Vigil’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Sabiha Steal The Console?


The second episode of Vigil Season 2 followed a similar pattern to its previous season as it sent the central investigation officer, DCI Amy Silva, to an alien territory so that she could look further into the hacking of R-PAS that killed seven people in Scotland. In Season 1, she went aboard the nuclear-powered submarine to investigate a death that took place there. Longacre, on the other hand, stayed back in Scotland to continue her search for a masked hunter who had killed Anthony Chapman and was after his daughter as well. The two officers saved the teenage girl before any tragedy could befall her; however, they soon realized that the conspiracy revolving around the case was much deeper than they had anticipated. So, without any further ado, let’s look into the events of Vigil Episode 2.

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How Did DCI Silva End Up in Wudyan?

Silva had sent DS Townsend to Alban-X HQ to gather information about the fifth console that was used to operate Alpha R-PAS and kill people on the ground. As per his reports, someone had faked its GPS location, which meant that the console wasn’t being manipulated from Chapman’s location in Scotland; instead, it was being operated from somewhere near Al Shawka airbase in Wudyan. The latency rate of the fifth console matched those of the ones in Wudyan, which implied that the console in question had been used from the airbase and that fake GPS was a means to frame Chapman for the murders. Chapman probably knew the truth about the entire scheme, which was why someone hired a hitman to kill him to stop him from talking.

After Chapman’s death, Sabiha demanded to go back to her home country, as she had her mother’s side of the family there, and the officers had no other option but to let her go. However, DCI Silva insisted on accompanying her to Wudyan as she wanted to interrogate the two officers who were controlling R-PAS during the test. She believed that there was a mole inside Al Shawka Airbase, and she needed to be in there to look deeper into the mystery. The British Air Force and the intelligence agency, however, didn’t agree on that. They didn’t want a Scottish officer to step into foreign soil, as her constant poking could jeopardize the relationships between the two countries. But DCI Silva had some intelligence that made the authorities change their mind, and they finally agreed to cooperate with the police investigation. This was how Silva ended up in Wudyan to continue her hunt for the criminal.

Who Killed Chapman And Why?

Following the orders of his seniors, MI5 agent Ramsay teamed up with DI Longacre so that they could jointly work on the investigation and find out more about the suspicious prescriptions that the officers recovered from Firas Zaman’s flat. It turned out that those prescriptions were encrypted with the date of the attack and had information about all the testing operations conducted by the joint R-PAS squadron. Moving forward, Longacre and his team discovered that Ross Sutherland, an ex-military, had stolen the cleaning van that the killer had used to kill Chapman. By the looks of it, Ross was suffering from PTSD and could have been easily manipulated, as the man was looking for an excuse to pick up a weapon and serve his country again. His contractor had lied to him about Chapman and his daughter, probably telling him that they were both traitors to the country, which was why Ross put a bullet inside Chapman.

Ramsay and DI Longacre arrived at an abandoned location where Ross had been staying or hiding. However, the man heard the officers arriving at his doorstep and therefore skillfully hid himself in the wardrobe, waiting for them to leave the premises. In the end, Ross came into contact with a pregnant DI Longacre and had the chance to kill her, but he fled the building without harming her. The man was indeed not a murderer and had probably been manipulated into doing the job, which implies that he will surely surrender himself and become a witness in the upcoming episodes of Vigil Season 2.

Did Sabiha steal the console?

At Al Shawka airbase, DCI Silva finally got the chance to talk to British Air Force pilot Callum Barker, who had been operating one of the consoles on the day of the tragedy. However, Barker’s stubborn behavior at the interview established the fact that he wasn’t interested in cooperating with the investigation, because of which Silva failed to get any substantial information from him. However, as an audience, what we found out was that Barker had groomed Sabiha to fulfill his ulterior motive. She met the pilot on the staircase and tried to talk to him, but Barker brushed her off and didn’t even let her finish her sentence. Sabiha evidently knew Barker and might even have had a romantic relationship with the officer, but she lied about him when Silva questioned her about the same on the airplane. My guess is that Barker persuaded Sabiha to steal the fifth console from the Alban-X armory while Chapman was attending a conference in Dubai. When he came back, Chapman saw the camera footage of Sabiha stealing the console from the armory, which was why he erased the clip to protect his own. Additionally, Chapman had a heated argument with Barker in the first episode, after which he left the base, which further suggested that Barker indeed was hiding something and had a part to play in the mystery. It could be speculated that Chapman left Wudyan to protect his daughter from the likes of Barker and we will definitely find out more about the lad in the next episodes.

However, the question here is: why did Sabiha steal the console? As established throughout the episode, Sabiha hated the current regime, and being a young protester, she would have done anything in her power to overthrow the king. It was implied that Wudyanis needed the support of the British government so that they could purchase weapons from the country to rule their own. And therefore, the activist group and protectors in Wudyan had been actively trying to sabotage their relationship so that His Highness would not have any foreign support to maintain his sovereignty. In such a case, he would have to bow down to the public. Jabhat Al Huriya might have hatched a larger conspiracy in order to defend their nation and its citizens by any means necessary. But we could be wrong. What we are certain of is the fact that Mohammed Rajab and his activist group did have a larger role to play in the grand scheme of things, and we might find out more about this in the later episodes.

Why did Sabiha Stab Barker?

At the end of Vigil Episode 2, Sabiha, struggling with the loss of her father, believed that he was killed because of something she did for Baker. The lad had been ignoring Sabiha from the moment she came back to the base, probably because he didn’t want any unwanted attention. Sabiha, on the other hand, got convinced that he lied to her and used her to serve his own motives and therefore she didn’t waste a moment to take revenge from him for her father’s death. She took a knife and stabbed Barker’s shoulder while he was playing basketball out in the open. Fortunately, DCI Silva arrived at the scene before the episode ended, and we could speculate that she would stop the teenage girl from committing any grave crimes. However, Silva does suspect Sabiha of holding back some crucial information and stealing the console from the armory, and therefore she might have to arrest her to interrogate her properly to find the answers she has been looking for. It is only in the upcoming episode that we will find out what Sabiha is really hiding and what crimes she has committed that led to her father’s death.

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