‘Vigil’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Sam Kader The Mole?


Amy Silva was able to find out in the previous episodes of Vigil that the console was operated from near the Al-Shawka air base in Wudyan, and she decided to go there herself and find out who the mole was. She took Sabi Chapman with her, as she believed that the girl was hiding a lot of information and that she was not as unaware as she was pretending to be. Sabi stabbed Callum at the end of the second episode, and Silva realized that he had some role to play in the scheme of things. So, let’s find out what Silva finds out in the third episode and if Callum was actually the perpetrator responsible for the death of Anthony Chapman.

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What Did Sabi Tell DCI Silva?

At the end of Vigil Season 2, episode 2, we saw that Sabi stabbed Callum Barker because she believed that he coordinated with her on texts and asked her to steal the R-Pas console from the armory. She said that just before leaving the Al-Shawka base, she saw her father having an argument with Callum, and she knew that he had come to know about what she had done behind his back. When Sabi came to the base in Wudyan for the first time, she met Callum, and he asked her about her late mother. In the messages, the man who was talking to her also told her that her mother would be proud of her, as by stealing the console, she was helping the cause of the common people of Wudyan. DCI Silva believed in her narrative, as it seemed compelling, and she knew that she needed some evidence to back all the accusations made by Sabi. So, after talking to Sabi, DCI Silva went to interrogate Callum, but he denied being a part of any such activity. She later went to his room and found one spare mobile phone, and she once again went back to him and asked him if he was going to tell her what he was up to. But Callum was stubborn, and he didn’t reveal anything to the investigating officer. DCI Silva was in a fix, as she knew that she could not arrest him based on intuition, and she needed something concrete to put him behind bars.

Why did Ross kill Chapman?

By tracking down the vehicle that the killer used, Kirsten and Ramsey figured out where Ross Sutherland lived, and they went to his place to find out if they could get any sort of evidence. Ross Sutherland was hiding in that apartment, and he came out when Kirsten was still in the house. Kirsten told him again that he was manipulated into believing that Anthony Chapman was a terrorist. She asked him to tell her who had ordered him to carry out the hit, but Ross escaped from the house without saying anything. It was pretty evident by looking at him that he was suffering from PTSD. He didn’t even lay a finger on Kirsten, and that proved that he wasn’t a killer, but he believed that he was saving his nation, which is why he killed Chapman. The fact that he had been lied to messed up Ross Sutherland very badly, and he once again caught Kirsten off guard in the coffee shop and asked her to come out and answer his questions. He told her that he believed that the burden of guilt on his shoulders would lessen if he killed Chapman, but he was wrong, and after knowing that he probably killed an innocent man, he felt distraught. Kirsten and Ramsey found out that Ross was dismissed with disgrace after his second tour of Afghanistan. His friend Len got injured on the battlefield, and Ross acted on his own accord and shot him dead so that the enemy wouldn’t be able to torture him or get any sort of information from him. Ross knew that Len was going to die, and he thought that by killing him, he would not only relieve him of his misery but also help the cause of his nation. The incident impacted his mental health, and after he was dishonorably discharged, he became even more unstable. At the end of Vigil episode 3, Ramsey and Kirsten finally caught Ross. It felt like he was hiding a weapon behind his back, which is why the officers shot him, but later, it came to be known that he was just bluffing, and probably, he wanted them to shoot him so that he could get rid of his misery.

Was Callum Barker working for Jabhat Al Huriya?

When DCI Silva figured out together with Wes Harper that the missing console could have been at the same hideout of Jabhat Al Huriya, where the British Air Force and the local Army attacked earlier. Call it coincidence, but she noticed in the navigation history that the army vehicle that was used by the soldiers to commute, had been taken to a particular address, and she had reason to believe that every Thursday, Callum went there. But before going there, Amy Silva went inside the hideout, and she bumped into a young local boy named Faisal Ghazali, who happened to be the son of Abdullah Ghazali, the leader of Jabhat Al Huriya. Silva was lucky that nothing happened to her, and later, through a conversation that Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger was having with his soldiers, she came to know about the identity of the young boy.

Silva reached the address she saw in the navigation logs, and she came to know that an influential man named Nader Waheed lived there. She told him that she wanted to ask him a question about a soldier who was working at the Al-Shawka air base, and before she could take Callum’s name, Nader interrupted her in between and asked her what Sam Kader had done now. Silva realized that probably it was her day, as she got to know that even Sam was involved in the scheme of things. She asked Nader about Callum, and that’s when he got agitated and asked Silva to leave immediately. Silva once again went back to Callum, and that’s when he and Sam together told her that they were in love with each other. They said that they went to Nader’s house as it was the only safe place they had. It was illegal to indulge in a homosexual relationship in Wudyan, and Sam knew that if the authorities came to know about it, he would be put behind bars.

Did Sam Kader groom Sabi to steal the R-PAS?

One might say that DCI Amy Silva was having a lucky stint, but the reality was that she kept her eyes and ears open and found details that others couldn’t. The British Air Force found where Abdullah Ghazali was hiding, and they decided to carry out an operation to execute him. At the last minute, they had to abort the mission since someone from their unit informed him about the attack, and he escaped from there. Eliza Russell, who did the debriefing, was frustrated as nothing was going her way. She was venting in front of Silva when the latter realized that Abdullah used to teach political science at King Naseer University since 2009. Silva remembered that when she went to Nader Waheed’s house, she saw a memento kept on his table, which made her realize that he also studied at the same university. Sam Kader was one of Nader’s classmates, and he was also part of the squad that carried out the execution mission which meant that he could have passed on the information to Abdullah.

Silva and Eliza both realized that it was Sam Kader who was the mole and not Callum Barker. Just moments before they realized this, Eliza had given permission to Sam to leave the base for a few hours. Silva and Eliza followed Sam, and at the end of Vigil Season 2, episode 3, they found out that their suspicion was right, and he was the one who leaked information to the Jabhat Al Huriya group. Sam stopped at a particular place and both the women realized that it was not safe to be there, but before they could escape from the scene, a man from the rebel group came and pointed a gun at them. The episode left us on that cliffhanger as Silva and Eliza realized that they were in grave danger. Nobody back at the base knew where they were, and now they didn’t have any way of informing them about it. In the next episodes, we will get to know what happens to them and if they are able to save their lives or not.

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