‘Vigil’ Season 2 Episodes 4, 5, And 6 Recap Summary: Who Had Planned The Dundair Attack?


The first three episodes of Vigil Season 2 made us privy to the Dundair drone attack, where a number of British soldiers were killed, after which a motion was raised in parliament where the government wanted to support Wudyan to fight the rebels who they believed were responsible for the attack. But the reality was not as simple as it seemed, and DCI Silva realized that there were a lot of aspects that were hidden from the people of the nation. So, let’s find out if Jabhat Al Huriya was actually behind the attack, and if not, what was the motive of the people who were running the show?

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How did Russell and Silva escape from captivity?

Eliza Russell and DCI Silva were taken into custody by Abdullah Ghazali, and they couldn’t understand why he had still not killed them. They were told that Jabhat Al Huriya was the terrorist organization that was responsible for killing seven soldiers in the Dundair attack, but looking at them, it just felt like they were not skilled enough to carry it out. At this juncture in Vigil season 2, episode 4, we saw that Eliza and DCI Silva had conflicting views about how they perceived the situation. DCI Silva knew that there was some piece of the puzzle that was missing, but Eliza, on the other hand, was absolutely sure about the fact that Abdullah and his gang were the perpetrators who were trying to disrupt the relationship between Great Britain and Wudyan. Silva tried talking to Faisal, and she believed that she could influence the boy to go against his family and release them. Meanwhile, Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger and his team caught Sam Kader, who entered the armory block using Russell’s identity card, and he took the data that was there on Wes Harper’s system on a pen drive. Callum found Sam, and he was shocked when he realized that his own partner was working with the terrorist organization. Sam knew that once he was caught, even the pen drive would be taken away from him, and the truth wouldn’t ever come to light. So he asked Callum to keep the pen drive and take him into custody so that Grainger could not accuse him of anything. Sam told Callum that if he had any trust in him, then he should use the pen drive to bring the truth to light.

Eliza and DCI Silva were able to escape from Abdullah’s hideout, and while they were still on the run, Silva somehow managed to make a call to Kirsten and inform her about her location so that the British forces could locate them. Kirsten had to literally blackmail Firas Zaman to tell them exactly where the hideout was, though later, she didn’t feel great about it. Just before the British forces broke into Abdullah Ghazali’s hideout, the latter told Silva that Jabhat Al Huriya had nothing to do with the R-PAS attack. He said that he was collecting evidence against the British forces to show the world that they were directly responsible for killing the civilians. Abdullah spoke with a lot of earnestness, and though Eliza didn’t believe a word he said, DCI Silva, probably for the first time, didn’t agree with her colleague. Silva knew that these people didn’t have the capability to do what they were being blamed for. Something inside Silva told her that Abdullah was telling the truth, and there were other players who made sure that their identities were not revealed. Before Silva could tell Abdullah anything, the British soldiers broke into the facility, and they killed Faisal and everybody else who came their way.

Grainger called in Eliza Russell and DCI Silva to give their testimony, and the latter made it very clear that she wasn’t sure about the fact that Abdullah and his gang had anything to do with the Dundair drone attack. Grainger didn’t give her testimony any sort of weight, and it seemed like he had already made up his mind and was adamant about believing in the narrative that he had created in his mind. Silva told him that she actually saw the shells of the weapons that belonged to the British forces, but that piece of evidence was also not taken into consideration, and that’s when Silva realized that there was some foul play happening.

What did DCI Silva find through the R-PAS footage?

DCI Silva, in Vigil season 2 episode 5, convinced Callum Barker to think with an open mind and tell her whatever Sam told her. Silva told Callum that she believed that Jabhat Al Huriya didn’t have a role to play in the Dundair drone attack, and that’s when Callum gave her the pen drive that Sam had given to him earlier. The pen drive had the footage from the point of view of the R-PAS that had gone rogue, and both Callum and Silva noticed the fact that it didn’t kill the high-level officers on purpose, even when it had a clear shot. So basically, whoever was controlling the drone didn’t want to harm the people higher up the food chain, but they didn’t really mind sacrificing the lives of those seven soldiers. Silva sent that video to Kirsten, and together with Ramsey, she also started her investigation side by side.

Kirsten once again went back to Firas Zaman and asked him to tell her whatever he knew, considering only she and Silva believed in the fact that the members of Jabhat Al Huriya were framed for some unspecified reason, and they were not the perpetrators. The biggest revelation was made when Kirsten realized that the coded message that Firas was receiving, in the form of prescriptions, was not being sent by Dr. Rajab but that there was someone else behind it who wanted Firas to be caught by the Scottish police authorities so that his link to Jabhat Al Huriya could come to light. This revelation changed everything, and Kirsten knew that she was headed in the right direction. So, someone wanted Great Britain to aid the Wudyani government in the war, and they needed a reason to justify their act. Jabhat al-Huriya became an easy target, and moreover, they were already trying to collect evidence against Great Britain, which gave the power yielders all the more reason to go after them.

Did Wes Harper try to kill Eliza Russell?

Silva went to meet Wes because she knew that he was well aware of who the mastermind of the attack was. Wes attacked Silva and escaped from the facility. Later, Kirsten tracked the money that was transferred to Ross Sutherland and Wes, and she got to know where Wes could be hiding. Silva found Wes, but a man named Portsmore came to the location with the intention of killing both Wes and Silva. Luckily enough, Silva was able to execute him, and she took Wes with him and asked Eliza to help them escape from Wudyan. Eliza also accompanied them on the army plane, but something unexpected happened, which made Silva suspicious about Eliza’s intentions. Silva was sitting in the aircraft when she heard two gunshots at the end of Vigil Season 2, Episode 5. She found that Wes apparently attacked Eliza first, but she was able to defend herself, and as a result, Wes was killed. Eliza was also injured, and she was taken to the hospital immediately.

Meanwhile, Silva talked to the aircraft staff, and after she examined the bullet marks, she came to the conclusion that Eliza’s narrative was flawed. Silva realized that Eliza had shot Wes first and then shot herself to make it look like she was attacked by him. At that juncture, Silva got to know that Eliza had never reached the hospital, and that’s when her suspicions increased even more. He had told Silva that the intelligence services were probably part of the entire scheme of things, and that’s when Silva called Kirsten and told her to hold information for Ramsey as he couldn’t be trusted. But Kirsten had already revealed to Ramsey whatever was happening, and so Silva realized that she needed to find another way to get to the root of things. She kept her smartwatch in Ramsey’s pocket, and she tracked his movement to find out where Eliza was being held up. Silva took Eliza into her custody, and she later accepted the fact that she was the one who was responsible for the Dundair attack and everything else that led to it. So the picture became clear that McCabe, owner of Alban-X, and Eliza Russell had conspired together, but then a very minute detail came to light that brought about a huge twist in the narrative.

Who was the mastermind of the Dundair attack?

Kirsten met Ross Sutherland once again after he escaped from the hospital, and through him, she got to know that the person whom he was dealing with and getting his orders from was not a woman but a man, so that meant that Eliza could have been a part of the plan, she was not the one who was dealing with Sutherland, as she spoke in her testimony. Meanwhile, in the last episode of Vigil Season 2, Ramsey confronted Silva, and he told her that he and his entire team, i.e., the British intelligence services, were not behind the Dundair attack. Silva and Ramsey came to the conclusion that if Eliza was accepting the crimes she had not committed, then that meant she was intentionally taking a fall to protect someone else. They suspected Marcus to be the mastermind, but still, they didn’t have any sort of evidence to prove their point.

At the end of Vigil Season 2, Silva contacted Arlene, and through her, she got to know that Ross Sutherland and Marcus Grainger knew each other from before. Silva realized that Marcus Grainger conspired with McCabe to push the nation into a state of conflict so that they could gain control over one of the biggest oil hotspots. McCabe’s company was already making a huge amount of profit, and his share prices were at an all-time high. Ramsey struck gold when he was able to retrieve the messages exchanged between Grainger and Chapman and Eliza and Sabiba, respectively. Grainger had earlier said that only Chapman knew that he was being sent to Dubai, but the messages showed a different reality where Sabiba received messages approximately half an hour before her father did, and she was not only informed about her father’s trip but was also told to steal the R-PAS console. So it was clever that unless and until Marcus ordered someone to send that message to Sabi, she couldn’t have known about it, which proved that it was Marcus who was the ringleader and Eliza was acting on his commands.

In the end, Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger realized that there was no point in hiding the facts, and he accepted his crimes. He was given 45 years of life imprisonment, and Eliza was given 30 years for conspiring with McCabe and her superior and betraying her nation. Firas Zaman, during his testimony, pointed out the harsh reality and said that even if Grainger were sentenced to 45 years, the damage had already been done. The British government had already received hundreds of dollars that they were going to use for their development. The proceedings were held in a closed court, and the families of the people who died in Dundair were never made aware of the truth. Silva negotiated terms with Ian Downing, and she asked him to talk to his sources and let Sabiba Chapman and Firas Zaman be released without charge. She additionally told him to convince the Wudyan government to reduce Sam Kader’s sentence. Ian Downing agreed, and Silva took satisfaction in the fact that at least she had made the right choices and fought for justice till the end.

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