‘Vigilante’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Are Jo Heon And Jiyong Fighting?


Perhaps the most intriguing character in Vigilante is Jo Heon, not Jiyong. The man, with his brute strength and twisted ideologies, is capable of being the real villain instead of the mafia itself, which Vigilante is desperately fighting against. The grayer characters are always more interesting, and here is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

What happens to Daeseok?

First of all, it is very funny that Jiyong is having food with the girl who pretended to be a damsel in distress and bailed Jiyong out of a tough situation. It turns out that she is an actress, and she thought that Jiyong was the one to hire her for the gig. Her role probably ends here, and Jiyong gets a call from Gangok, where the former tells him to tap Jo Heon’s phone the way he has been tapping his. Gangok is surprised and impressed that Jiyong has figured that out, though he suspects that Jiyong may want to kill them both. But the Vigilante just laughs at that.

Meanwhile, Miryeo and Daeseok go to the place they thought Yeon Jaehak was, and they find a number of computers all set up to make more money through some form of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, the guard finds them, and Daeseok loses his life while helping Miryeo escape. Miryeo comes back with the police, but they only find an empty room. There is no sign of a computer or a dead reporter. A devastated Miryeo does the next best thing she can think of, which is to broadcast the news on television. She reveals the chats of Yoon Jaehak, raises questions about his suicide, and talks about Daeseok, who is missing, while dragging the names of Sewool and Samdoo. This gets her into trouble with the channel head, even though he had given her free rein to broadcast whatever she wanted. He probably never thought that she would go to this extent, or maybe he estimated that her interest and pursuits were limited to Vigilante. But Miryeo is ready with her answer that the Chief takes plenty of bribes from everyone and runs the channel as per those sponsors and favors, so she doesn’t want to hear from him how to be a good journalist. But what Miryeo doesn’t realize is the risk to her own life that she has taken on.

Why does Jo Heon frame someone else as the Vigilante?

When Miryeo’s news is broadcast, everyone’s first reaction is that this is too big to be simply bait for Vigilante. Samdoo sends goons after her, but Jo Heon is there to save her. He tells her to stop baiting Vigilante, and Miryeo asks him whether he doesn’t need her to bring the police closer to Vigilante. Perhaps she suspects from his attitude that he already knows the identity of Vigilante.

Either way, Jo Heon has found the scapegoat he was looking for. He asks the goon who set him up for the job, and that leads him to Samdoo’s area. It is the place full of pigs, and the people Samdoo kills, where his men also hang out during their free time. The running theme about Jo Heon is that he is extremely strong. Currently, he knows about Mr. Bang, who was the one to give the order to take Miryeo’s life. Then there is the Sqeezer and someone called Soedol, people with different skill sets, but all designed to terrorize and kill. Jo Heon reaches the pigsty, and he takes down the entire gang by himself. He then proceeds to frame them as Vigilantes. Essentially, he is saying that Vigilante was not one person but an organization, and they have been taken down. When the news spreads, Jiyong is particularly annoyed. His sentiments are understandable because the entire thing is against his modus operandi, which had been curated with precision and principles. As for Miryeo, she doesn’t believe that the men are vigilantes. But the mess has been created, and her station head wants her to apologize. It is surprising that Miryeo is so front-foot forward because, though she gets some amazing scoops, her language could get her fired. Nothing about her has come across as indispensable so far, which means that her attitude is not feeling fabulous but simply extra.

Why are Jo Heon and Jiyong fighting?

The trouble is that Miryeo’s broadcast names Eom Jaehyub, the Chief Superintendent of Police, as being tied to Samdoo. He is also called the Vole and is an important part of Samdoo’s organization. There wasn’t any proof of this when Miryeo published it, but Vigilante has found his information. He tracks down Choi Junsik, a criminal with a few records against him, and kills him. He also leaves a sign at the crime scene with a message about heaven’s net. This is his way of declaring that the people the police have caught have nothing to do with Vigilante. This is also proof of Miryeo’s credibility in this case, and she is back on her investigation. Meanwhile, Samdoo is furious because Jiyong has also stolen a ledger, which probably has the names and details of the people linked to the organization and a record of their crimes. Samdoo is a little confused because Jaehyub is the man who also wants Vigilante to be caught, and he is the one who appointed Jo Heon to the case. But Jo Heon has ended up framing them as Vigilantes, so he was the man working for them?

At the end of Vigilante episode 5, Jo Heon is tracking down Vigilante, whom he knows is Jiyong. He catches up to him, and Jiyong admits that when he met Jo Heon, he realized that the latter had killed some people in his life. He had also understood that he did not just work for the police but for someone else. Essentially, the two men are fighting over a difference in their philosophies. Jiyong wants justice for the weak, whereas Jo Heon considers Jiyong a traitor to the system. He believes in aligning with the imperfections of the system, and he is furious that someone seeks to violate them completely. Jo Heon is a lot stronger than Jiyong and would have probably beaten him more badly, but Gangok is there, and he may try to rescue Jiyong.

Final Thoughts

The next episode will tell us what Gangok actually wants. How did he come to be so obsessed with Vigilante, and how did he discover who he truly was? It would be more interesting to know how he plans on working with him in the future.

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