‘Vigilante’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is The Miteon Church?


It is surprising that we have only just noticed the music of Vigilante. This episode continues where the previous one left off, with the main questions being about Jo Heon and Gangok and, arguably, them stealing the show from Nam Joo Hyuk. Why is his character not interesting anymore? Let us try to understand through the recap of Vigilante Episode 6.

Spoiler Alert

What is Jo Heon doing?

Jo Heon and Jiyong simply end their face-off by shouting out their beliefs at each other. Gangok doesn’t step in to help his idol, but he takes him to the hospital later on and clicks a selfie with him. He is ready to kill everyone and take over the entire operation at any time, without any actual conversation with the real Vigilante about his philosophies and methods.

Meanwhile, Jo Heon had strangled Jiyong and said that he wanted to kill Vigilante and bring back the police officer. There is always an appreciation for twisted thought processes in stories, but can they be expressed more clearly? Jo Heon is being reassigned to another case, and even Jaehyub is getting transferred. On the other hand, Miryeo ends up getting fired, and it was reported that she resigned because of the incorrect news about Jaehyub. This is where Gangok comes in, and he sets up an independent channel for her where she will be completely in control and can talk about whatever she wants. Gangok has told Miryeo from the start that he is on her side, and now he wants to know what she plans on doing. Miryeo wants to expose Kim Samdoo’s wrongdoings, which will launch an investigation into his business. Miryeo is sure that the investigation will fizzle out eventually, and that is when she will talk about the miscarriage of justice, which will set the stage for Vigilante to do what he wants with the support of the public. Essentially, Miryeo is invested in Vigilante, and she will continue trailing him. She has also understood that Gangok is more involved with Vigilante than he is letting on, but she doesn’t say anything for now. She simply starts her channel and conveys that she stands by everything that she previously said when she was working with her channel. She is back in the lion’s den once again.

Elsewhere, Jo Heon is playing his games. He confronts the man he had previously apprehended about the location of Mr. Bang. But since he doesn’t know it, Jo Heon goes ahead and brings the ‘Squeezer’ as well. He threatens both men to kill each other and uses their panic to his advantage to know what he wants to know. He simply wants to find Mr. Bang, and both men are suddenly cooperative since Jo Heon has said that he will protect his informants. Elsewhere, the new man in charge of the Vigilante case, Nam Yeongil, disbands the old investigative team.

What is the Miteon Church?

The Miteon Church is mentioned in the ledger that Jiyong stole, and it is his clue to the corruption of Kim Samdoo. Jiyong finds that the church is taking money from Samdoo and Jaehyub and laundering it by converting it into QQ coins. He even finds the foreign accounts that are being used for this purpose. During this time, he once again runs into the fake Vigilante, and Jiyong demands to see his face. The fake Vigilante’s attitude may come across as if he is just fooling around in an unhinged manner, so Vigilante demands that he take off his mask. That is how he meets Gangok for the first time.

Vigilante’s plan is somewhat similar to Miryeo’s. Since Pastor Shin is the one laundering the money, Jiyong is going to kill him first, and when that picks up attention, the evidence will be exposed through Miryeo. The subsequent investigation will bring to light many things, including the names of all the parties involved. But Jiyong believes that justice won’t be served anyway because the parties involved are rich politicians. Regardless, once their names are out in the open and public opinion is set, Vigilante will kill Samdoo and find the right evidence, which will help in the conviction of all the parties involved. Jiyong and Miryeo’s plans only differ by a step or two. Gangok rightly points out that Jiyong’s life is already in danger, and he may never see the end of what he wants to do, but Jiyong doesn’t mind.

Why does Jiyong help Jo Heon?

As per the plan, Jiyong kills the pastor, and that starts the avalanche of ruckus. Entire news channels cover the work of the Vigilante and wonder why the pastor was a target. Speculations have already started, and this is when it is revealed that Jaehyub, aka the Vole, is probably Samdoo’s boss or at least an equal. They are all worried because it is evident that the Vigilante will come for them next.

When Gangok proceeds to give the pen drive to Miryeo, it is confirmation for her about the link between the two men. She may have also been able to guess that her and Vigilante’s plans must be somewhat similar if they are able to work in tandem. But she may not have been able to anticipate that she would have to deal with Jo Heon. Just as Miryeo is about to reveal the contents of the pen drive, Jo Heon arrives at the studio and forces her to turn it off. He is his usual disrespectful and intimidating self, but he probably did not expect that Miryeo wouldn’t care. In many ways, these two are a perfect match, more so than Jo Heon and Jiyong. Miryeo makes it clear to Jo Heon that she is not scared of threats and that she is going to continue doing just as she pleases. It is doubtful whether Jo Heon simply left the studio or upended some equipment first, but he meets Mr. Bang and Soedol in the parking lot at the end of Vigilante Episode 6, and they are hell-bent on taking his life. For a brief second, Jo Heon gets the better of them, but it doesn’t last. Luckily, he is saved by Vigilante, who had probably come there to check on Miryeo and found Jo Heon in such tatters.

Final Thoughts

Jo Heon needs some clarity in life. The audience needs to know who he is working for and why he is so invested in Vigilante at the risk of his life and his job. That would paint the complete picture that we have been waiting for.

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