‘Vigilante’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Nam Yeongil?


The emotionless madness of the Vigilante world had us reeling after this episode. It is quite amusing how Jiyong has become a supporting character in his own story. But it is also refreshing to see how he is so fallible and can make the most simple mistakes with a lack of proper insight. The following is a recap of Vigilante Episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Jiyong save Jo Heon?

There may not be a particular reason for Jiyong saving Jo Heon’s life except that he hates taking lives unnecessarily. If disillusionment is why Jo Heon is against Jiyong, then he wouldn’t be the first person guilty of this crime. The world knows that Jiyong is Jo Heon’s savior, and Gangok is curious as to why Jiyong has done this. Jiyong simply says that he wants to turn Jo Heon into the next Vigilante. It would make sense since Jo Heon has that super strength that one would expect from a superhero. He also has a strong moral compass, no matter how different it may be from Jiyong’s, but it shows potential.

Meanwhile, suspicion is growing around Miryeo and her ties to Vigilante, who saved Jo Heon in the parking lot of her office. Additionally, it cannot just have been Jo Heon and Gangok who figured out how she was an ally to him. Anyone with a fair bit of intuition and pattern-connecting abilities would know that. Therefore, Nam Yeongil, the officer in charge of Vigilante’s case, wants to raid her office. But Miryeo has worse things to worry about.

Who attacks Miryeo’s office?

Vigilante attacks one of Sewool’s buildings, steals all the QQ coins they have with them, and proceeds to set the place on fire. He also leaves behind a message, taking the names of Kim Samdoo, Eom Jaehyub, and other hitmen and asking for them to be investigated immediately. The fire is getting hot under Samdoo’s feet, and he immediately goes to meet Jaehyub, who makes the whole thing solely Samdoo’s problem. There is some powerful politician behind Jaehyub, which is why he is so confident that there won’t be any repercussions to his name being aired by Vigilante. But Samdoo doesn’t have the same luxury, and he is aware that since Jaehyub is protected, he will be the only one to be prosecuted for the crimes that the Vigilante is exposing. Jaehyub tells Samdoo to take care of the Vigilante, and then he will work on getting Samdoo the lightest possible sentence. He seems to take it as a given that Samdoo will go to jail, but he will only go for six months if Vigilante is killed soon. Therefore, having no choice, Samdoo goes after Miryeo, since even he has understood that she may know where Vigilante is. But Miryeo proves to be rather smart, and she secretly livestreams her office being attacked. That brings help to her soon, but before the police get there, Gangtok saves her life. He has revealed himself to be Vigilante’s accomplice and ‘friend,’ and he advises Miryeo to save her life the next time instead of just trying to do more of her job. Jiyong’s reason for using Miryeo’s help is to apply her showmanship skills to the things he is doing and present them to the public in the right way. This is something that is required if he plans on passing along his mantle to other people, which he already plans on doing with Jo Heon.

After Miryeo is rescued and the police get to her office, they suspect that it was the Vigilante who saved her life. Yeongil asks her how such a coincidence was possible, as if the Vigilante was always around her at all times. But Miryeo points out that the person who saved her hit people with a bat, whereas the real Vigilante never uses any sort of weapon. Someone had come to her rescue after they saw her livestream, and that was the entirety of the matter. As expected, Yeongil wasn’t convinced.

Who killed Nam Yeongil?

Jiyong is very smart, but he could do well to think a few steps ahead of everyone. Basically, he should be aware that he is only one man fighting against an army, so he can’t go ahead with his basic plans. For a brief moment, the suspicion is on Jiyong since the phone to operate the QQ coins was used in the police headquarters, in addition to the fact that Jo Heon had previously met him due to his suspicions. Jiyong doesn’t help his own case and refuses to disclose where he was during that time. No doubt it is to keep the police investigating, which they do and end up finding a burner phone. This was used to contact Kim Samdoo, and belongs to Jaehyub, firmly planting the evidence against him. Jiyong’s purpose was to lead the police to this evidence, and he has done that successfully. However, Jaehyub simply makes a call to someone, and at the end of Vigilante episode 7, Jo Heon ends up getting run over by a truck. The man dies, and the evidence against Jaehyub disappears.

This man is with Squeezer, and he was supposed to have killed Jo Heon. When Jiyong donates the entire amount from the QQ coins to an orphanage, it is this man who kills the director to take back the amount. While Samdoo feels free to yell at him as much as he likes, the person that this man probably answers to is Jaehyub, considering his glib attitude towards Samdoo. On the other hand, Miryeo has also been kidnapped from her house by him, and she is being held hostage, probably in the hope that Vigilante will come looking for her or that she will reveal his location. Gangok needs to find her before that, but whatever is going on, Jiyong is guilty about how his actions led to Yeongil’s death. He vows to bring justice at any cost, and Jo Heon is fed up with his attitude.

Final Thoughts

It feels unbelievable that the series is coming to such an abrupt ending. With the number of subplots waiting to unfold, an episode may not be enough to give them all a proper conclusion. Or maybe it won’t be a proper conclusion and will be as messy as Vigilante’s methods.

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