‘Vigilante’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next In The K-Drama?


A second season of Vigilante is compulsory, considering where the story left off, and it is likely to air in late 2024 or early 2025, considering that is when Nam Joo Hyuk’s military service will come to an end. It is also rather likely that the shooting has been done, and season 2 may come sooner. The basis for this speculation is that we heard that the actor who played Jo Heon, Yoo Ji Tae, gained twenty kilograms for the role. It would be rather unfair if all that effort was only for eight underwhelming episodes. Throughout Vigilante season 1, Jo Heon has been seen working out or beating up people with the sheer force of his strength. His character also has not been completely sketched out, so a second season is required to do it justice, and since it may be tiresome to maintain that physique for two years simply to wait, we are guessing that his scenes or Vigilante season 2 in its entirety has already been shot. If not, the dedication of the actor is commendable if he is willing to do the work of bodybuilding twice.

Coming to the rest of the story, there are so many loose ends that need tying up, along with answers to many questions. The main puzzle is who is the kingpin that everything is centered around. There was someone protecting Jaehyub, and Samdoo was aware of it. The reason the charges against Jaehyub were dropped and he was promoted with so much respect after his death must have been to quash any rumors about the man and prevent further investigations. There were many people in the police department who were aware of it, along with being a part of the crime ring, which would make Jiyong’s job that much tougher going forward. Gangok says that his chairman would get away with something because of the turn of events, and this seems to imply that he may have been the one behind everything.

In regards to the villain of season 2 of Vigilante, the chairman and the politician, who may be one and the same, are a given. Gangok will easily lead Jiyong to him through his own twisted means, but there is a suspicion of a secret villain, and we think it could be the professor. There is no strong reason for this except that he seems suspicious. When Yeongil and Jo Heon thought that Jiyong was guilty, they were operating with intuition and instinct, which is why the professor’s blind support for his student felt suspicious. Jo Heon had mentioned that the professor had worked with him in the past and was one of the best in his field. That means that his lack of being on the field is not an excuse, especially when he is the closest to Jiyong at all times. If the professor had entertained the possibility of Jiyong being the Vigilante even once, because of the way he kept being questioned by his colleagues, he would have instantly connected the dots as to how Jiyong could have accessed all the information he wanted from the professor’s app. Things would have just clicked together, but they did not. Even Seonwook was able to tell that there was something going on with Jiyong, but the professor wasn’t able to, which must mean that he was deliberately ignoring it, leading to the conclusion that he wants to deal with him in his own way. The professor has noticed that Jiyong did not take his oath as a police officer. Maybe Vigilante season 2 will be a battle of wits and wills, and Jiyong will be facing off against the combined force of Gangok’s chairman and his professor, or the unfortunate situation where they are all the same man.

The second unsolved mystery of Vigilante season 1 is who Gangok is. The number of superhero action figures he is always surrounded by is a dead giveaway to the fantasies he creates. Additionally, it is hard to believe that his support for Vigilante is unconditional. When you think about it, Gangok is an equally good fighter as Jiyong, and he is also richer, meaning that he has more resources at his disposal. In such a case, why does he need Jiyong’s help as much? Also, what is his position in the organization being run by the chairman, and is he not a willing part of it? In such a case, how did he reach such a high position in it and be able to have so much independence? There are so many unanswered questions surrounding him. Finally, it is worth asking if Seonwook was the only person among Jiyong’s friends who knew his truth. How did he find out? Was he one of the copycats, and does he know more that he did not get a chance to say?

It is important to discuss Miryeo and Jo Heon. On a frivolous note, these two look good together as a ship. They are both fearless and stubborn, and they can keep up with each other’s craziness. Miryeo needs to figure out a new plan of action for Vigilante since there is no way that Jiyong is going to quit now. If nothing else, he has to prove that Jaehyub was a corrupt man, and Miryeo has to help him with that. In a way, what is happening to Jaehyub is the exact opposite of what happened to her father, and corruption and power were the culprits in both situations. She would not let go of it that easily.

With Jo Heon, Jiyong may try to influence his way of thinking to bring him over to his team. To be a vigilante, Jo Heon would have to acknowledge that the law is flawed, and he also has to decide what he loves more: the law or justice. Maybe he and Jiyong will punch each other a little more. Jiyong just got beat up by him in Vigilante Season 1, but by Season 2, Nam Joo Hyuk would be done with his military service, and he would definitely be able to punch him back, in character. That would be a sight to see.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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