What To Expect From Leif Eriksson, King Canute And Harald Sigurdsson In ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3?


Though “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 2 gave closure to characters like Freydis and Olaf, there were many characters whose fate has still not been ascertained. Leif is yet to find a purpose in life as he had realized that he wasn’t cut out for politics, and that he doesn’t desire power like his counterparts. Harald still didn’t have an army, but he was resolute in his approach, and he knew that he wouldn’t stop until he sat on the throne of Norway. King Canute, though, had annexed several territories, he knew that conflicts could arise and that there would be people who would question his claim to the throne. So let’s try to speculate on what we could expect from these characters in Season 3 of “Vikings: Valhalla.”

Spoilers Ahead

Leif Eriksson

Leif was the son of Erik the Red, and the only thing that he wished from life was that he didn’t want to be like his father. Throughout seasons 1 and 2 of “Vikings: Valhalla,” we saw how vociferously he supported Harald in his endeavors and was always by his side. Leif was in two minds when Harald asked him to accompany him to Constantinople, but he still agreed to risk his life and come with him. In season 3, we probably would see Leif helping his friend in fighting the odds and conquering Norway. Though Leif always gave his unconditional support to Harald, he was also his harshest critic. Leif didn’t hold himself back whenever he thought that his friend was not on the right path. Had it not been for Leif, Harald and Freydis wouldn’t have survived when they were hiding in the forest. Leif was the kind of man who didn’t want anything for himself. He didn’t dream of being in power like Harald, and he also didn’t want to be a keeper of faith like his sister, Freydis. Leif had witnessed enough bloodshed in his life, and he always said that if glory came at the cost of spilling blood, then he didn’t desire such glory. Leif was the kind of man who was very particular about what he didn’t want. In “Vikings: Valhalla” season 3, we are sure that we will witness Leif realizing his true calling. Leif has always had the spirit of an explorer, and we believe that the sea will show him the way. When Leif was with Mariam, we saw how he craved knowledge and wanted to know more about the world. Leif didn’t know how to read or write, but he was open to learning. He wanted to expand his horizons, and in season 3, we might see him doing just that. Maybe he would explore new lands and unravel the mysteries of this beautiful world.

King Canute 

Throughout seasons 1 and 2 of “Vikings: Valhalla,” we had gotten enough evidence to prove that Canute was an able ruler. He knew, during the time he was calling Vikings to unite forces, that discrimination on the basis of religion was not a rational thing to do. He understood what the time demanded of him, and he was ready to do that while putting aside his own pride and ego. Canute wanted the people of England to see him as a ruler and not a plunderer. He wanted to win over the Anglo-Saxon nobles, as he knew they were the key to an efficient administration. Though Sweyn Forkbeard always believed that his son bit off more than he could chew, Canute was relentless, and he kept chasing his dreams of becoming the ruler of all kingdoms. Canute had already started grooming his son Svein to become the King of Norway, but his plans might take a backseat as more contenders arrive and question his claim. In “Vikings: Valhalla” season 3, we might see Canute at loggerheads with Harald, who would eventually return from Constantinople with an army. Knowing Canute and the sensibilities he possessed, we know that he would try to find a solution to the problem. He would try to make things better, provided that it didn’t come at the cost of losing control. We believe that Canute was the kind of man who wanted history to remember him as an able administrator in whose reign there was religious tolerance and strong diplomatic ties. There might be internal conflicts and rivalries that we witness in the upcoming season, but one thing is for sure: Canute will try his best to make the kingdom prosper.

Harald Sigurdsson 

Harald had somehow managed to escape from Danelaw when King Aethelred had given orders to kill each and every Viking living there. Harald had reached Kattegat, and under the leadership of King Canute, he had started plotting revenge on the English forces. King Canute knew that Harald harbored a dream of becoming the King of Norway one day, and he had promised that he would help him accomplish it, provided he gave his undying support for the cause of the clan. But the road to becoming king was not so easy, as Harald’s stepbrother, Olaf Haraldsson, was also a contender for the throne. What Olaf hadn’t told Harald was that he had a son, named Magnus, which made his contention a bit stronger than Harald’s. After conquering England, the stepbrothers drifted apart and went their separate ways. Olaf sought Kare’s help to conquer Kattegat, and together they waged a war against the forces of Estrid Haakon. Though Olaf was eventually defeated by King Canute’s father, Forkbeard, Harald knew that he had to go into hiding because he couldn’t trust anybody. In the second season of “Vikings: Valhalla,” we saw that even after living in exile and facing hardships, the desire to sit on the throne of Norway hadn’t left Harald. He had realized that the only way to do that was to first have an army and be in a position from which one could dictate terms. After meeting the king of Novgorod, Yarsolov, who also happened to be his uncle, Harald decided to risk his life and travel to Constantinople to get an army.

In “Vikings: Valhalla” season 3, Harald would probably get an army as the king of Constantinople had promised to grant him a favor. Harald didn’t know that Forkbeard had already entered into an agreement with Olaf where he had promised that he would take good care of Magnus and, when the time came, would also make him king of Norway. Svein Knutsoon, King Canute’s son, was already proclaimed to be the King of Norway, though he was still very young and under the care of his mother, Elfgifu. It is possible that when Harald finally arrives at Kattegat, he will have to deal with Svein and Magnus, eventually. It wouldn’t be an easy task for Harald as, sooner rather than later, he would have to go against his own nephew in order to fulfill his dreams. As far as King Canute’s promise to Harald is concerned, we don’t believe he would give preference to him over his own son. Canute didn’t have anything against Harald, but after Svein was proclaimed the future king of Norway, a conflict of interest arose. No matter what challenges Harald has to face, we believe that the fire inside him to get what he thinks he deserves won’t subside unless and until he sits on the throne of Norway. In season 3, we might see him accomplishing his life’s mission, though only time would tell if he is able to rule efficiently or not.

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