Vita In ‘Champion,’ Explained: Does Vita Have Mental Health Issues Like Bosco?


From the looks of it, Champion was based on Vita’s story. In so many ways, she had the greatest burden to carry out of everyone. Her family did not believe in her, and when they did recognize her talent, it was only as a means for her brother’s success. Her mother was sure that at the end of the day, even Vita would not make anything of herself and just follow the path laid out for her by her husband, partner, or whichever man came into her life. The people that Vita dated gave their love conditionally. Memet was all about keeping his place in the boys’ club, and Lorenzo turned hostile the moment he knew that the relationship was over. Even the rest of the industry was hell-bent on fitting her into a box to suit their ideas of what a female rapper and singer should look or act like. A lot of these people, like Aria and Bosco, had their own burden and their own points of view to put forward, but it couldn’t be denied that the final task of understanding the situation fell on Vita’s shoulders. That is why, at the end of the series, she made the call to Bosco, telling him how alone she felt. Everyone was right, and the moment Vita acknowledged that, she became the person who had to right the wrongs that were never her fault. This is what fighting against all odds looks like.

But Vita had an advantage that, ironically, was born out of the disadvantages she had faced in life. Having been in the shadow of fame, Vita was aware of its pitfalls and was quite well-adjusted to them when they came her way. Secondly, having worked around the clock while being neglected and disregarded had given her a certain resilience and taught her to look at all sides of the coin—qualities that not only helped her keep standing but also enhanced her songwriting abilities. Lastly, Vita was a woman, and the ‘softness’ that is often derided in them became her strength and the reason the family stayed together at the end of the day. Vita called out her mother’s behavior towards her, but she was also able to listen to Aria and forgive her when she came to know why she behaved that way. Vita also never gave up on her brother, no matter what he did or said, and that is why he found it in himself to credit her with the Gucci song, returning the piece of art to the former glory it was always meant for. This is not a compliment to Bosco but a testament to the fact that he and the family did not fall apart because Vita found empathy in her heart for them.

That said, Vita forgave a lot, and Bosco and Aria were the least of them. Vita had seen her mother work all her life, and she had also seen her deal with Beres. When Vita saw Aria’s song, she understood then and there that sexism must have had a role to play in her mother’s dreams never being fulfilled. It took Vita a while longer to understand that Aria wasn’t expecting Vita to win against the patriarchy either, which is why she had been treating her that way. While this understanding earned Aria some of Vita’s forgiveness, it also added a layer of fear and caution to Vita’s heart and taught her how to be with the men she may like in the future.

That brings us to Memet, who ditched Vita because of his own interests. Whatever Memet may say, his breakup was because he did not wish to go against his best friend (Bosco), who was also the source of his career. Memet and Vita had been quite serious about each other, and he did not even have the grace to make it a clean break. He tried to make Vita feel guilty for the breakup, and that is why she found it so hard to forgive him. He had not valued her in the same way that her family had undervalued her, and Vita knew she couldn’t trust Memet to not repeat that behavior when her own family wasn’t able to break that habit of theirs.

One of the biggest betrayals for Vita came from Honey, which is why it is a surprise that they became friends again. It was one thing for Honey to stay angry at Vita because of the misunderstandings, but to steal her songbook was traitorous behavior. Yet, Vita went back to her because she was the only person she could count on when her own family had turned their back on her. Honey comes through for Vita, and the two become friends once again, the kind that stands by each other, but Vita must be hyper-aware that this came at a cost and was from a place of absolute loneliness.

In the final few minutes of Champion, Vita is having a panic attack. Bosco had been dealing with that for the whole season, and Vita had stepped into his shoes. The people on her side had their terms and conditions attached to them, and she found that there was no one that she could rely on with her eyes closed. As much as we call that a privilege, it is a fundamental human need, and it wasn’t being fulfilled for Vita. Bosco understood what was going on with his sister, and that is why he showed up for her at the end. He gave her back the song she had written, and when Vita saw that, she knew that she finally had someone in her lane. Bosco had seen the light, and he would be different. Unlike Beres or Aria, Bosco wouldn’t unburden his problems on her but would stand by her in a way she required. Vita wouldn’t have expected this of him a few months ago, but she knew she could expect it since Bosco had done the work needed to be a better person and, by extension, a better brother. That made all the difference in Vita’s life. In Champion season 2, Vita will continue to deal with her mental health issues that have started making themselves known. But she will have her family by her side, who are learning to accept her as her own person.

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Divya Malladi
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