‘Voyagers’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Depicts Horrors Of Human Madness


Human beings are capable of bringing their own doom. We are not saints, we are not demons, we are somewhere in the center. And like Joker said, “madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push.” whichever side you incline your personality will decide the fate of millions of others along with you. It is what has been portrayed in the film, Voyagers, where a corrupt individual infects the whole community leading to turmoil.

‘Voyagers’ Summary

Due to prolonged Global Warming and loss of consumable drinking water, Earth is facing the worst global crisis. It is quickly becoming unsuitable for human inhabitance. In the year 2063, scientists a new planet, similar to earth, but the voyage will take 86 years to reach there. A single generation couldn’t reach there alive and hence the management proposes a multi-generational space mission where the crew will produce on board.

To implement their mission with precision, a new generation of genetically modified human offerings are created in labs. This bunch of kids grows up in a secluded environment moduled much like a spaceship, so as to stop them from getting habitual to open earth and therefore limit further complications and nervous breakdowns on the ship. These modified humans are solely produced to live and die on a shuttle and reproduce kids that would inhabit the planet they are traveling to.

The head of the mission, Richard (Colin Farrell) decides to board the ship along with other teenagers because they cherish him like a father figure.

The shuttle leaves the earth’s orbit and soon the crew members begin their mundane lives. During the voyage, a crew member named Christopher (Tye Sheridan) finds out a toxin drug in their diet. Further investigation reveals that the drug is mixed in the blue drink they are compelled to drink after meals. This drug makes them dull and docile and decreases their sexual desires. The medication was engineered to reduce wilderness and violence on board. However, two teenagers, Christopher and Zac (Fionn Whitehead) decide to stop taking the drug.

They become increasingly uncontrollable but the real conflict arrives when their guardian, Richard, dies in an outer space accident leaving the crew without a leader. A rumor quickly spreads among them about an unknown alien that killed Richard. It causes paranoia and the crew descends into madness designing their own doom.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Voyagers’ Ending Explained

Using the fear of aliens, Zac ignites a revolt and infuriates the crew members to stand against it. After the death of Richard, they are no longer bound to follow the rules and they are now on their own.

While others join Zac’s vile motives, Christopher and Sela (Lily-Rose Depp) could foresee the destruction. Through surveillance footage, Christopher finds out that it was Zac who killed Richard by increasing the electric flow during his outer space assessment.
In order to stop Zac and his team of bandits, Christopher opens a hidden pod where the management hid weapons for the third generation. But before Christopher can put his hands on them, Zac intervenes and takes over. Now with weapons in their hand, and violence on their minds, Zac’s minions are uncontrollable.

Richard’s daughter Sela and Christopher are their targets. While running away, they both enter a discharge pod and open the hatch to outer space. Zac, unaware of it, enters the pod following them and is stunned. He puts up a fight but Sela and Christopher throw him out in outer space. With Zac gone, the revolution subsides bringing peace and harmony on board.

Sela, the new captain of the ship, leads the mission. They follow the rules set by her father Richard and management but stop taking the blue liquid feeling they are capable of controlling their demons by themselves. A final montage pictures new earth with the multi-generation on the ship, ready to land.

A simple narrative explores the possibilities of man-made horrors and demolition. Through its protagonist Zac and his ideologies, Voyagers symbolizes a similar scenario happening on Earth where people are killing each other for a faceless entity. Here, Zac is the preacher and Alien is the God. He knows that there is no alien yet uses fear to control people’s minds and rule over them. In an outer-space setup, it is the most important layer of the film.

Voyagers is simple, subtle yet stunning. It perfectly delivers its theme using the galactic elements. Performance-wise it isn’t much influencing. The climax doesn’t leave an impact on the audience but they hand over much to ponder about ourselves, about humans who are still living on planet earth and hold a chance to rectify their destruction.

Voyagers is a 2021 Sci-Fi Thriller Film directed by Neil Burger. The film is available for Video On Demand.

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