‘Vyooham’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is Michael Dead?


It’s understandable that director Sashikant Srivaishanav Peesapati wanted to portray how the world is such a small place and how uncertain life can sometimes be. But in the quest to make the fate of each and every character intertwined, Vyooham failed to have the desired impact that one expected to have. Though the plot must have had a lot of potential on paper, the execution just reduced it to being a colossal mess. The director was trying so hard from his end to connect the dots but a lot of times a certain subplot seemed forced, and I personally did not understand what purpose they served on more than one occasion. So, let’s try to figure out what was happening in the film and what the directors wanted to symbolize through the ending of Vyooham.

Spoiler Alert 

What happened to Michael and Jessica?

It all started with two hit-and-run cases, though the information about the first one was intentionally kept hidden until the very end of Vyooham. In the first hit-and-run, near Erra Samudram, Andhra Pradesh, a man driving his wife to the hospital in an ambulance got hit by a black vehicle, and his wife died as a result of the injuries. The driver of the black vehicle ran away from the scene, and we never got to know their identity. The second hit-and-run case happened sometime after that when Michael was taking his wife Jessica, who was 6 months pregnant, to the hospital. The doctors couldn’t save the baby, but they were able to somehow conduct surgery on Jessica and save her life. Some strange things happened with Michael at that time, and he had a very strong intuition that it was not merely an accident. Before he finally got hit by the car, he had three near escapes, and it was very difficult for him to accept that all of them were coincidences.

Michael reported the case, but there was a lot of pressure from higher up the food chain to shut down that case. But Michael was just not ready to give up, and so he contacted his longtime business partner, Kukatpally Reddanna, to put pressure on the police officers, as he had that kind of influence in the area and many government officials were on his payroll. The lives of Michael, Kukatpally Reddanna, those three people with whom Michael almost met with an accident, and also Arjun Ramachandran, the new ACP in the block, were connected to each other in ways they couldn’t imagine as of then. But it could be said that the hit-and-run case triggered a chain reaction that brought the corruption and all the other illegal activities, in which people who were a part of the system played a key role, to light.

Was Arjun’s mother killed by the Naxals?

Arjun, for the past decade or so, wanted to find some information about the killers of his mother. Her mother, Vani Ramachandran, also served in the police force, and she was a woman of honor. Anybody who is righteous in their approach and is adamant about not being a part of the corrupt setup always finds it pretty hard to sustain in an environment where every other person is involved in some kind of illicit activity. Back in the day, around 800 crore rupees were seized from the politicians, and Vani was the one who carried out the operation. The politicians obviously knew that there were people in the system who were ready to sell their conscience for money. They came in contact with Additional Commissioner Prajwal Jaiswal, who was at a much lower rank at that point in time, and he in turn plotted to get Vani killed, and he got approximately 100 crores for doing the job. Vani was put in charge of the committee that was going to investigate the matter, and the politicians knew that they would have to stop her before she found the truth.

A lot of people owed their lives to Vani, and one of them was Jana, who was a part of the rebel group operating in the area. Vani had saved his life back in the day when the police force was conducting an operation against the rebel forces in the area. Jana was quite young at the time, but he never forgot that act of kindness, and it changed his perspective completely. He still wanted to fight the oppressive regime, but he never let hate to engulf his inner core.

He was present at the scene when Vani was shot dead, and the next day, he saw that the blame was pinned on the rebel group. The power yielders killed two birds with one stone. On one hand, the honest police officer who threatened to put them behind bars was removed, and on the other, the entire blame was pinned on the innocent people of the tribal area, who were sick and tired of being oppressed by the hands of the government. Jana no longer wanted to be associated with the activities of his group, but later, he got to know that the men who killed Vani acted on their own accord. That’s when he realized that Karan, Gomesh, Taher, and an unknown cop (who we later came to know was Prajwal Jaiswal) were the ones who killed Vani, and that’s when he went after their lives. He was able to kill everybody except Taher and Prajwal. Arjun perceived Jana as the killer of his mother, but at the end of Vyooham, he realized that it was not so and that he was on the same team as her. Jana also killed Additional Commissioner Prajwal Jaiswal in the end, and he informed Arjun about it and gave the reason why he did so. Jana said that though Arjun deserved to take revenge on him, he was a public servant, and his hands were tied. Jana publicly hung Prajwal and sent a strong message to the corrupt regime. The due process of law wasn’t followed, but Jana, at that moment, didn’t care about it.

Why was Bharath being framed for Nirmala’s murder?

A journalist and activist named Nirmala Dixit was murdered in her own house, and a bright student named Bharat Reddy Palamoru was considered the prime suspect in the case. Bharat was one of those three bikers who crossed paths with Michael on the day he and his wife met with the accident. SI Lokesh’s narrative was that Bharat, to support his drug habits, went to rob Nirmala’s house, and that’s when a scuffle happened between the two parties, and he killed the journalist in cold blood. But SI Lokesh was acting under the orders of Additional Commissioner Prajwal Jaiswal, who had a vendetta against Nirmala, and he wanted to remove her from his path. Prajwal used the 100 crores he got back in the day from the politicians for getting Vani Ramachandran killed to establish a mining company called SRJ Mining Ltd. On paper, his love interest, Monisha, was the owner, but Arjun and his officers got suspicious when they saw Monisha’s account as she didn’t have more than 10 grand in it, and the police officers didn’t understand how she managed to find 100 crores overnight. That’s when Prajwal’s cover was blown, and Arjun realized that he had contacted his friend Kukatpally Reddanna to find someone on whom he could pin the blame. Kukatpally Reddanna delegated the job to Michael, who was a good pharmacist, and he knew that by making Bharat a drug addict, he could achieve his goal. But things went haywire when Bharat kidnapped SI Lokesh, and Prajwal realized that he needed to execute the latter as there was a chance that their secret would be revealed. Also, Bharat had a very strong alibi, and he could prove that on the day Nirmala Dixit was murdered, he was in the rehabilitation center.

Is Arjun able to stop the terrorist group?

In Vyooham, Arjun realized how wrong he was to perceive Jana to be the killer of his mother and Akhbar to be the one who leaked information to the terrorist group. Akhbar’s own family had died in a bomb blast, and so when he found Chaitanya with the car that was stacked with explosives, he realized that he would have to play this one close to his chest to catch the perpetrators. It was Chaitanya’s car with whom Michael’s bike had crashed. Chaitanya’s father was taken into custody by a terrorist named Mazhar, aka Monty, who was forcing him to do the job for him. But Chaitanya was able to alert Akhbar, who was standing at the checkpoint, and the bomb was defused.

Akhbar later found Mazhar and killed him, too. In Vyooham, a woman named Rehana Muzaffer went to meet Arjun, and she told him the truth about Akhbar as she was working with him to get some evidence against the terrorists. Even her family had been killed in the bomb blast, and she met Akhbar for the first time in the hospital itself. Rehana wooed Junaid Hassan, one of the key members of the group, and that’s how she got involved in the day-to-day activities. She knew that Imran, Mazhar’s brother, was the weak link of the group and that through him, they could conduct a crackdown on the base of the organization.

Imran joined the organization to get his brother’s corpse and give him a proper funeral, and so Arjun announced that if nobody came up and took Mazhar’s body, then they would bury it the very next day. Imran became restless, and he went to Junaid to ask for permission, but the latter declined his request. The terrorist group was planning one of their biggest operations, and they just couldn’t afford to be careless at that moment. But Imran was not ready to listen this time, and he entered into an argument with Junaid. Accidentally, he shot Junaid and went to the police headquarters, where the dead body of his brother was kept. The police officers caught him and then they conducted an all-out assault at the terrorist headquarters. Arjun shot the leader of the clan named Aslam, and later, he got to know that Aslam was one of the men who killed his mother, and his complete name was Taher Aslam Baig, the same person whom Jana had been searching for the longest time. 

What did Michael’s death signify?

Michael, at the end of Vyooham, realized who the people were who crossed paths with him on that fateful day when he lost his baby and whose car it was that crashed with his bike. He wanted to kill Arjun and take revenge for what had happened to his wife, and before coming to his hideout, he killed Kukatpally Reddanna and kidnapped his daughter, Niharika, together with Ramji, who believed her to be an incarnation of his ex-wife, who left him for another man. Ramji had killed his wife, and when he saw Niharika for the first time, he couldn’t believe that it was just a coincidence. Michael wanted to kill Arjun, but before he could do that, he got a call that Jessica’s memory had come back, and she was asking for him. Michael and Arjun entered into deadly combat, and Arjun later got gravely injured, though he was lucky that the bullet didn’t touch his vital organs. Later, Arjun found Michael, and he also got to know about his illegal business of selling fake drugs that he started with Kukatpally Reddanna. Michael requested that Arjun not arrest him in front of his wife, as she had already gone through a lot.

During Vyooham‘s ending, Arjun and other police officers, together with Michael and Jessica, were passing through the same road where Ramulu’s wife had died at the beginning of the series. Call it fate, poetic justice, or the mysterious powers of the universe, but once again, history repeated itself and Ramulu’s ambulance crashed into Michael’s car. Though Jessica was alive, Michael couldn’t survive the crash and met his fateful end, pretty much the same way that Ramulu’s wife did back in the day. It could be said that Michael’s karma came back to him. He could have stopped and helped Ramulu in the past, but he chose to flee from the scene so that he did not have to face any legal ramifications. He was able to save his life back then, but he was never able to escape fate. Ramulu didn’t even know that it was Michael because of whom he lost his wife, and Arjun probably would like to keep it like that in the future, too.

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