WandaVision (2020) Trailer Breakdown


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting bigger and probably better with the Disney+ giving a well deserved chance to the spin-off and aftermath of the Avengers Endgame. Matt Shakman has taken up this ambitious approach to the MCU’s beloved AI and Reality manipulating Wanda Maxim-off. WandaVision will follow a very ambitious approach to preconceived notions of the television by taking the character arcs of Wanda and Vision and doing justice to it.

The concept might allow the various possibilities of inculcating the X-Men in the MCU.

Wanda using Powers to Manipulate Reality

The alleged breakdown of WandaVision Trailer suggests at the Wanda after the tragic demise of Vision in the battle against the Mad Titan Thanos uses her power to warp reality and manipulate it to her own Utopian Situations. Vision on the other hand might be the only one aware of his actual death and the fact that he is a twisted reality.

The time space continuum as described by the Ancient One “can have multiple problems, if you try to manipulate it“.

Even though the consequences are grave and the stakes are high the love of Wanda for Vision takes over her and Vision being an advanced AI won’t let Wanda get into trouble for his existence.

The Set-Up to The Multiverse of Madness

With Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness having Wanda as a prominent character it serves the purpose of telling the story of Wanda as well as creating a chaos in the Multiverse of Marvel which will require Dr. Strange to take matters in his own hands.

Sam Raimi who is working on the project of Dr. Strange has made sure that this iteration in the MCU will be kind of a horror themed and will be different from any other MCU titles.

Sam Raimi who paved the way by making spider-man movies a mainstream film while generating a lot of revenue too. His take on the Multiverse will be even more interesting as his version of Spider-man and Dr. Strange lives on the same Bleecker Street and Multiverse of Madness might unveil something gargantuan.

Expansion of MCU and Phase 5

With the Avengers Endgame we witnessed the end of Tony Stark the one person whose character arc has developed from Ironman 1, where nothing but ego was driving him and gradually we saw how a God (Thor) bowed down to the mighty ordeal of Tony giving up his life in order to save humanity.

The next flawed characters who are also one of the strongest Avengers, the mighty Thor and Dr. Strange! In the aftermath of Endgame the PTSD ridden Thor is set for a redemption in Thor Love and Thunder whilst Strange might have a pretty “strange” character arcs of them all. In order to maintain balance in the Multiverse Dr. Strange might gain a lot of amazing powers detailed in the comics (no spoilers on that).

The last Dr. Strange film made us understand the perseverance and endurance of Stephen Strange while he was try to manipulate Dormmamu into a time-loop and later in Infinity war where he was able to get the one possibility and keep it a secret all along. Another quick glance at his extraordinary powers is the way he fought Thanos and made him use not just the gauntlet buy even and infinity stone to conjure the real Dr. Strange (you can slow it down and see it for yourself thanks Canadian Lad for this amazing detail discovery)

So buckle up, get your wallets out as Disney+ is going to be worth it.

Watch the amazing trailer of WandaVision

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