‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Did Ava Defeat Adriel? What Does The Mid-Credits Scene Mean?


Season two of “Warrior Nun” is all about Adriel. Adriel, who was neither an angel nor a human, manipulated the Order of the Cruciform Sword to free him from the stone crypt in the basement of the Vatican. The second season focuses on how the Order unites to rise against the mysterious entity to protect the Halo and mankind from evil. Apart from the fight between the warrior sisters and Adriel and his followers, the relationship between Beatrice and Ava is a heartwarming addition to the new season.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2: Plot Summary – What Happens In The Second Season?

“Warrior Nun” Season 1 ended with Adriel calling upon the wraith demons who entered the bodies of the common people in the Vatican. The common people attacked the warrior sisters, and Mary sacrificed herself to help her sisters escape. After their confrontation with Adriel, Ava and Beatrice moved to Switzerland. They kept a low profile by working at a bar and chose not to discuss Adriel in public. They were aware of how popular Adriel was with the common people; they worshiped him, and many abandoned Christianity to submit themselves to the angel. Unlike the concept of God, who cannot be seen or touched, Adriel was real, and that attracted people to him. They could call upon him, and he was right there in front of their eyes to answer their prayers. The fact that he could heal people and get rid of the plagues made him all the more divine. Gradually, most people shifted to Adriel’s religion and started worshiping his cross. Ava and Beatrice knew how the Adriel situation had escalated out of control, but they were aware that if they wanted to fight Adriel, Ava had to train harder to become undefeatable.

In Switzerland, Ava met Miguel, who introduced her to a group that called themselves the Samaritans. They fought against the brainwashed followers of Adriel. Miguel, Beatrice, and Ava followed a group of Adriel’s believers and noticed how they gathered together to pray and brought in a swarm of locusts to attack humankind. They realized that the plagues were brought by Adriel to convert the non-believers by showing them how only he could free the world of plague. While confronting a believer who was possessed by a demon, Ava displayed the power of the Halo in front of Miguel. Realizing how it could endanger them, Ava and Beatrice left the place.

Meanwhile, a member of a secret Order, Sister Yasmine, tapped into the Vatican system to find Mother Superion. She disclosed to Mother Superion that she had something that could be used to stop Adriel, but she would only discuss it in detail with the Halo-bearer. Mother Superion signaled the warrior sisters to secretly gather in Spain. Upon meeting Ava, Sister Yasmine disclosed that her Order was created to protect the weapon used by Areala to imprison Adriel if he was ever freed. The crown of thorns was sent from another realm, and it could shut off Adriel’s power. Once he was powerless, it would be easy to imprison him. It is believed that when Areala realized how dangerous Adriel was, she prayed to God to show her a way to defeat him, and that was when she was handed the crown of thorns. After the imprisonment of Adriel, Areala handed the crown to sister Cora, who assigned a group of Coptic nuns in Egypt to look after it. While the crown was protected for centuries, it was ultimately taken away by British officers during the Egyptian Civil War. Recently, a collection of antiques was gathered from a retired corrupt British officer’s house in Spain, and the entire collection was donated to the Prado Museum. All they had to do now was pull off a museum heist, and Ava was visibly excited about it. Will Ava find the crown? How will she defeat Adriel once she has the crown? Let’s find out.

What Happened To Michael From Season One? How Was The Other Realm Different From Earth?

Ava and the warrior sisters managed to enter the Prado museum at night and get hold of the crown of thorns, but they were soon interrupted by Father Vincent. Father Vincent was behind tricking the Order into freeing Adriel. He had committed himself to serve Adriel and protect him from the Order. Adriel distracted Camila while Father Vincent entered the museum premise. He placed the crown on Ava’s head, making her powerless, and carried her to take her to his master. To Ava’s surprise, Miguel came out of nowhere and attacked Father Vincent. He managed to free Ava and grabbed the crown from him. Miguel later explained that he was sent from the other realm to help Ava get rid of Adriel. He believed that placing a crown and imprisoning Adriel would not be enough; they needed to kill him, and it would only be possible if Miguel and Ava joined forces to do so. Ava, Miguel, and Beatrice joined Sisters Camila, Yasmine, and Mother Superion to stay at Jillian Salvias’s place. Dr. Salvias was devastated after finding out that her company building had turned into Adriel’s Church and that her close associate, Kristian Schaefer, was responsible for it. After losing Michael, Jillian dedicated her life to finding a way to travel to the other realm through the portal. She had handed the entire responsibility of Arc-Tecq to Kristian, and he used it to his benefit. Devotees gathered at the building and worshipped Adriel while she was locked in her house, trying to come up with a way to find her son. According to Schaefer, the return of Adriel opened the possibility of bringing science and faith together. Jillian Salvias had lost her company and also her chance to travel through the portal. She had burned herself while attempting to enter the other realm. When Lilith approached her to find out about her identity, she, too, was rejected by the realm. Therefore, when the warrior sisters approached her for help, she believed she had nothing to offer them. Miguel asked her to step outside to greet her son. Turns out, Miguel was Michael, and he had traveled from the other realm back to Earth to help Ava fight against Adriel. 

What were a few seconds on Earth were almost an hour or more in the other realm, which was why Michael had grown up into an adult while living in the other realm. He had been there for fourteen to fifteen years. After crossing over, he landed in a desert and was rescued by angels, who took him to Reya. Reya was a celestial being who looked after Michael all these years. Adriel had stolen the Halo from Reya and brought it to Earth. Michael was sent to Earth on a mission, and he knew that he had to solve the Adriel issue the way Reya had asked him to. Michael and Ava had similar fates. They both lived in confinement all their lives. It took a Halo to revive Ava and a portal for Michael to be alive. Therefore, when they both got the opportunity to live outside the confinement, they were initially distracted. They simply wanted to live and did not care about the enormous responsibility they were assigned. But eventually, they found their way and realized they had to take responsibility and think about others before their own interests.

How Did Lilith Transform? Why Did She Join Forces With Adriel?

Lilith was searching for answers from the moment she returned from the other realm. She went to Jillian Salvias in the hopes that she would be able to scientifically explain the changes she experienced. Jillian convinced her to travel to the other realm through the portal she had built. Within 7 seconds of traveling through the portal, she was thrown out of the realm and back into the laboratory. Lilith explained that she was in the other realm for over an hour. She could feel her skin burn in the desert, and she felt that she was not welcome in that world. She had experienced severe burns after traveling to the other realm, and she refused to be a lab rat for Jillian. Meanwhile, Jillian fast-forwarded the video footage that Lilith had collected and realized that it was the face of an entity, and we later realized that it was Reya. Unlike Michael, Lilith was not welcomed in the world where Reya reigned.

Lilith decided to meet Adriel, believing that only he could answer her questions. Adriel made Lilith feel special; he wanted her to accept the powers she got and use them for her benefit. Instead of being a part of the Order and working under the leadership of the Halo-bearer, Lilith now had the chance to set her own rules and be her own leader. Adriel brainwashed Lilith, making her believe that he was betrayed by Areala. He wanted to start a religion based on truth, so he created an inverted underground temple. Areala doubted his intentions and asked God to show her the right path. She was visited by Reya, who handed her the crown of thorns. Adriel believed—or wanted Lilith to believe—that Areala was corrupted and wanted to retain the power of the Halo. According to him, Areala tricked him by bringing in a weapon from the other realm. Areala died in the process of imprisoning Adriel. Adriel wanted to establish that it was human greed that led to his imprisonment. Adriel blessed Lilith with the power to see beyond what human eyes could see. She could now see the wraith demons around her, and she realized that only Adriel understood who she was and the potential she had. Adriel made her believe that she was being purified to serve a higher purpose. Lilith was attracted to Adriel; she felt the wings growing out of her body, and she moaned out of lust and power. Lilith was not afraid of the demons and the darkness; she was respected and admired by them. Being with Adriel meant fighting a war that was already won, and she did not mind taking on the Order that never saw her true potential.

‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2: Ending Explained – What Was Adriel Trying To Achieve? How Did Ava Destroy Adriel?

Even though Adriel spoke about the importance of taking power away from the gods and handing it over to the common people, he was ultimately interested in becoming the most powerful being on Earth. He lied and took the help of technology created by Arqtech to bring the plague. By collecting the power of prayers and technology, Adriel was able to power the plagues. He used it to show how angelic he was by selflessly protecting mankind from destruction. He had realized that human beings are wired to believe that there can be only good and evil; they do not understand the complexity of power or how there is no creature in the universe that is completely good. So, he decided to use what works with human beings and create an image of complete goodness in front of their eyes. Since Reya was the most powerful being in his realm, he stole her Halo and traveled to Earth to rule over its people. He wanted to become as powerful as Reya and gather devotees who would fight the war for him. He wanted the approval of the Pope, knowing that once the Church legitimized him, no one would be able to stop his religion. But Pope Duretti knew that Adriel was not the angel he said he was. The Pope was kept in captivity to forcefully make him declare Adriel as the compassionate angel sent from Heaven. 

Ava and the warrior sisters planned to bring down Adriel on the day he would make his first public appearance. They had two duties: one was to place the crown of thorns on Adriel’s head, and the other was to protect the portal built by Jillian. They believed that Adriel did have a grand plan, which is why he manipulated Michael and Jillian to build the portal. They assumed that he planned to bring wraith demons from the other realm to rule over Earth. After entering Adriel’s cathedral, Ava had to fight Lilith to activate the devices used to hack into the Arqtech system. But it seemed that they were prepared for such a step and had taken measures to deal with it. They burned down Pope Duretti the moment he started speaking against Adriel, and chaos was unleashed. The sisters were on the losing end of the battle; they were overpowered and had lost the crown of thorns. Michael asked Ava to join hands with him and destroy Adriel. Michael had Divinium inside his body, and Ava had her Halo; together, they were lethal. But Ava was not ready to give up on her life yet, and the sisters managed to escape, though Camila and Yasmine were left behind. Meanwhile, Mother Superion was attacked, and the portal was taken away.

Ava was able to bring Mother Superion back from the dead. They believed that because Mother Superion had once carried the Halo in her, the Halo had a connection with her and used its power to save her life. Meanwhile, Father Vincent, who had taken the crown during the battle, started to doubt his master. He could not accept the way Pope Duretti was electrocuted. He started to realize how there was no forgiveness in Adriel’s religion and how dangerous that could be. He now had the power to bring about change, and he decided to side with the Order once again. He met Ava and explained how the crown was the key to destroying Adriel. There was something about the crown that Adriel feared, and it was not just because it could make him powerless. Ava used Vincent’s Divinium tattoos to communicate with Adriel. It was her way of making him fear her and her power. Ava wore the crown of thorns to understand why Adriel feared it. After putting it on, she was transferred to another reality, and he finally had the chance to meet the most powerful celestial entity, Reya. We do not know what Reya told Ava, but the conversation completely changed Ava. She realized that she needed to look past her selfish interests and take care of the people around her. She had the power to end Adriel’s life without risking the lives of her sisters, even if that meant sacrificing her own. After meeting Reya, she decided to take on Adriel by joining forces with Michael, just as Reya had planned.

They planned to get to the Arc (portal) taken by Adriel to bring the wraith demons that he planned to activate using the power of the prayers of his devotee. The warrior sisters had to destroy the cross built by Adriel, which affected the power of the Halo. Upon its destruction, the Halo could be used to its full potential. The remaining sisters would infiltrate the place as pilgrims and tackle the monks possessed by demons. After entering the location, Ava informed Beatrice and Yasmine that she had asked Jillian not to share the actual location of the Arc. She did not wish to jeopardize the lives of the warrior sisters and wanted to deal with Adriel by herself. She bid farewell to Beatrice, and they kissed for the first time. Beatrice and Ava always shared chemistry, and the kiss confirmed that Ava felt the same way. She left them and went to the Arc with Michael. Beatrice was not ready to give up on Ava so soon, and Yasmine realized that the only place Adriel would keep the Arc was in the upside-down temple he had built. Upon confronting Adriel, Lilith came all of a sudden and ripped Michael’s heart out of his body. Adriel explained that he planned to use all the power to capture Reya, bring her to Earth through the Arc, and place the crown of thorns on her. Reya was attacked by flocks of wraith demons, and she was forced to enter Earth through the Arc. Just as Adriel was about to place the crown on her head, Camila called out to Adriel. She had Divinium placed in her spinal cord, and that helped her enter Adriel’s mind. The distraction helped Ava, and she was ready to confront Adriel once and for all. Adriel asked Lilith to step aside and allow him to handle Ava directly. Knowing that the only way to end Adriel was by uniting the power of the Halo with the Divinium, Ava joined the force of the Halo with the Divinium present in Michael’s body and attacked Adriel. But even that did not kill Adriel since he could not be killed in the mortal realm. Meanwhile, the warrior sisters managed to destroy the cross, which meant that the Halo had become powerful once again. Ava used the power of the Halo to call upon the Tarasks since they were always attracted to the Halo. Even though Ava knew that the Tarasks could kill her as well, she chose to gamble. The Tarasks attacked Adriel and destroyed him. Just as the Tarasks were about to attack Ava to take the Halo, Reya stopped them. She acknowledged Ava’s effort and left the mortal realm using the Arc. Even though she knew that Ava had her Halo, she chose not to take it away from her. She perhaps believed that the Halo was safe with Ava because she chose to fight for the right cause and did not give in to Adriel’s tempting world. Adriel’s death brought back light to the world, and people were free from the demons they were possessed with. Ava was fatally wounded and could only be saved if she was sent to the other realm, just like Lilith was. Beatrice carried Ava to the Arc, and she traveled to the other side. At the end of “Warrior Nun” Season 2, Lilith mentioned that a holy war was coming, and she hoped that they would be fighting for the same side.

“Warrior Nun” Season 2 ends with the possibility of a holy war. Lilith is now left to figure out what she wants to achieve with her power. Now that Adriel was no longer a part of the mortal realm, she had the independence to find her true calling. The fact that she is hopeful about fighting on the same side as Beatrice and Ava indicates that she is not completely possessed by demonic power and that she can be redeemed. Reya continues to be a mysterious entity. She holds immense power over people, but at the same time, she is forgiving. Despite her desire for her halo, she did not allow the Tarasks to attack Ava and thus saved her life. Though such instances are not enough to conclude that Reya is completely good, she is definitely a dominant force.

‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2: Mid Credits Scene Explained – What Could The Glow On The Divinium Sword Mean?

In the mid credit scene, we witnessed Beatrice leaving the Order. She had lost her faith in God after all that she had witnessed. She also knew that her love for Ava would not be accepted by the Church. Before leaving, Ava had asked her to live her life, and from the ending, we get the sense that Beatrice wanted to do just that. As she left the Church, the Divinium sword kept in a glass case glowed. This is a hopeful indication; we can assume that Ava had healed in the other world, and the Halo was calling upon the Divinium sword. Warrior Nun can come back with another season. As Lilith had mentioned, there will be a Holy war, and we can assume there are other dark entities, such as Adriel, who question the reign of Reya. Michael had mentioned how death was not a reality in the other realm; even if he died on Earth, a part of him would still be alive on the other side. Therefore, there is a possibility of Michael being alive on the other side and of Adriel creating havoc in the other realm once again. We do not know for sure if Adriel was completely destroyed or if a part of him remains alive.

“Warrior Nun” season two ended on a satisfying note with the collapse of Adriel and the world returning to normalcy. Ava transformed from a self-centered young adult to a self-sacrificing warrior nun. She learned to value the lives of others over herself and how serving a greater purpose was more important than the little joys she initially lived for. “Warrior Nun” Season 3 will feature a lot more action, as there is a bigger threat lurking in the universe. We might as well be introduced to new dark characters with questionable motives. We hope to learn more about Reya, the holy war, and the other realm if Netflix greenlights a third season.

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