‘We Own This City’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained How Did The FBI Track The Activities Of The GTTF?


Episode 3 of “We Own This City” focuses on the rotten system that plays a decisive role in turning the cops bad. Even though the authorities were aware of the police brutality, they did very little to eradicate it. To cover the tracks, roles were changed, which had no impact on the police officers. Losing a job as a result of police brutality almost became a joke in the Baltimore Police Department. The seniors promised to protect the cops no matter what, as long as they kept seizing the guns and drugs. “We Own This City” Episode 3 takes a closer look at the activities of the Sergeant who headed the Gun Trace Task Force.

‘We Own This City’ Episode 3: Recap Summary

Sergeant Tom was asked by his lawyer to cooperate with the FBI since that was his only way to get his sentence reduced if he was in luck. Since he was a cop detailed to the federal drug task force, therefore, it was a federal case, and very little could be done to help him or his subordinates. While discussing his activities at the task force, we get to know that Tom had a role to play in selecting David Hersl for GTTF. At that point, Hersl had earned the title of being a rough hand and had several complaints against him. Therefore, the authorities decided to remove him from the Eastern District and reassign him to a better position. While the civilians suffered from Hersl’s torture, he was celebrated by the police authorities and was allowed to join the GTTF squad. This points toward the greater picture of how the system is designed to fail the common people.

There was one particular robbery in which the Sergeant acted alone, the Kitmore Road stop case. It was Gondo who had received information about a person named Davon Robinson, also known as Wooda. According to the information he had, there were high chances of gun possession, and if they were in luck, they could come across some cash lying around. Davon’s car was stopped, and they searched for gun possession, but they could not find anything. Tom suggested searching his house, where they confiscated two guns. While the squad was busy looking around for guns and cash, the Sergeant found ten thousand dollars, and he immediately grabbed hold of the cash and filled his pockets. He kept it a secret from the rest of the squad and kept the money all for himself. He later confessed that he had gotten a bit greedy that day. His greed resulted in the death of Wooda, who owed ten thousand dollars to his supplier.

The past of Wayne Jenkins is also explored in “We Own This City” Episode 3. How he started losing his temper in his job and how he managed to justify stealing cash during every police bust. Amidst the bad cops were the good ones who were honest in their jobs, such as Sean Suiter. He maintained sincerity, and it was the result of two good cops doing their duties that he was able to solve the murder case he was assigned to.

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How Did Sean Suiter Solve The Murder Case? What Was His Relationship With Wayne Jenkins?

Sean Suiter tried to connect the shootout case with another case of shots fired in the same neighborhood, Hilldale. After talking to the officer in charge of the case, Jaquan Dixon, he learned that some random person fired shots, though none was injured in the case. Even though the officer did not have any names, he did perform his duty well and collected the casings and submitted them to the ECU. Sean accompanied Jaquan to the scene, and he noticed a young girl named Ebony across the street. She was visiting her boyfriend, Tae, and Sean suspected the man. They visited the house of Ms. Greene, who had cooperated in the previous case, and she admitted that the grandson of Ms. Ireane was a terrible young lad, referring to Tae. The casings retrieved from the alley shootout matched the shot-firing case, pointing out that the same man was involved. The next day, he spotted Ebony again and questioned her about Tae; she revealed that he was at his cousin’s house. He asked her to make a call to him since he was the prime suspect in the alley murder. Ebony cooperated, and Devante Brim, aka Tae, was arrested.

Sean Suiter was a part of the GTTF and worked in close contact with Wayne Jenkins. During a drug bust, Sean was able to retrieve the guns and money that were carefully stored inside a table. This impressed Jenkins, and he congratulated young Sean on his police work. What changed the mood was when Jenkins suggested they keep the money for themselves and only submit the guns and powerboat. Sean felt guilty about what he was being asked to be a part of. He could not reject Wayne’s idea, but he was not in favor of it either. Inside the police car, Jenkins offered him half the money they collected. He explained that they risked their lives for the job, and they deserved way more than they were paid to do it. Sean had to choose his path, and he was visibly tense about it.

How Does The FBI Witness The GTTF Resort To Extortion In Real-Time?

The FBI tapped Gondo’s phone, and it became their source of getting live information. One day, Secret Agent Jensen took note of a particular conversation in which Gondo was informed about a couple, North and Gay, who were on their way to acquire drugs, and they were expected to carry money and a gun. Since the informant did not have any drugs to supply, she resorted to informing Gondo about it to control the situation and also reap some profit out of it. Jensen immediately informed John about it and asked him to reach North Avenue, where the arrest was taking place.

John reached the venue and spotted the GTTF making arrests. They reached into the pockets of the couple and took the cash that they had. Rayam, Gondo, Hersl, and Allers were all found in the same spot. John noticed Hersl manhandling the couple while arresting them. They searched for the gun but could not find it. The dealer over the phone informed Gondo that the guy always carried a gun, and it was almost impossible that he would not do the same this day. Hersl thoroughly searched the car and finally found the gun. The GTTF rejoiced in their victory while the FBI celebrated the fact that they had the men in question on record conducting illegal trade as well as witnessing them do it.

Oscillating between the past and the present, “We Own This City” has opened various routes to arrive at the final event, the arrest of the members of GTTF. From the DOJ making progress in learning about the functioning of the police force to the FBI getting closer to the arrest, the series takes multiple perspectives to comprehend all the forces that were at play that resulted in the unfolding of the series of events.

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