‘We Were The Lucky Ones’ Episode 5 Recap: Did Halina Rescue Adam?


Based on the novel of the same name, We Were the Lucky Ones is a profound retelling of the story of the Kurc family during World War II. It’s a painfully hopeful story, with each episode being a rewarding viewing experience. Though we witness suffering, we also get to see a silver lining for those who were lucky. It’s a show that packs together guilt, love, fear, and suffering in a way that truly keeps you hoping for the best for the Kurc family. Episode 5 may have delivered some terrible news, but simultaneously, it might be the most optimistic of the lot thus far. Though the show begins directly at the onset of terror, somehow we’re invested in the Kurc family, as if we know each member as a close, dear friend. I can’t help but fear for each one of them and root for their reunion. With that said, let’s dive straight into the 5th episode of We Were the Lucky Ones.

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What Is Happening in Lvov? 

We Were the Lucky Ones episode 5 begins with Mila making a run for the truck to save herself from being massacred with the rest of the Jews, who literally just dug their own graves. There’s a soldier pointing a gun at her, a young boy, so she hands him her wedding ring, saying it’s very expensive, and he lets her join Felicia in the truck. They make it back home, and Sol can’t believe he let himself believe that the complicit police organization of the Jews would be able to save people. He blames Isaac for the debacle because he’s part of the organization. Isaac would never hurt Mila or Felicia, and he feels terrible for what’s happened. In the meantime, it is apparent that Mila now believes Salem is dead. In Radom, things look terrifying, and Isaac has given up hope, too. Mila offers him a place at the Kurcs’ if he’s willing to leave the police force, but he knows it won’t matter. 

In Siberia, Herta smiles, as she’s not only got her own healthy and growing son but also a few other babies in the camp. There’s news the Germans turned on the Soviets, which is hope for these guys, unlike the people in Poland. However, Genek doesn’t get ahead of himself. In Lvov, Bella, Jakob, and Halina get out of hiding, only to be horrified by the sight of death everywhere. Halina goes in search of Adam, whereas Jakob and Bella look for Bella’s sister Anna. Anna’s building is completely abandoned with nobody inside, and Jakob knows for certain that nobody would’ve survived. They find a letter that reads something like they’re taking us away to be killed off. Bella is heartbroken, but Jakob takes her back home. In the meantime, news about Adam isn’t any better. For a week, they look for Anna and Adam, but ultimately they find a passage to Radom because Lvov is volatile territory and it’s only a matter of time until they’re all killed off as well. 

Why does Halina decide to stay back? 

Just before they’re meant to leave, Halina goes to the meeting place of the Jews and finds a man who has escaped the labor camp. His name is Eryk, and she asks him if he’s heard of a forger at the camp. Eryk says there’s a rumor about it, and this is enough to encourage Halina. Just as they’re meant to leave, Halina tells Jakob that she will not be going with them because of the rumor. Jakob hates the idea, but Bella tells him that Halina must stay for love. I suppose it’s the most hypocritical thing Halina has done thus far, but she’s finally letting her feelings take over, just as Bella had warned her would happen. 

On the other side of the world, the boat that Addy was on has arrived on an island near Rio. They’re denied entry to Rio, their visas are not renewed, and they’re basically knocking at the doors of a Jew-hating country yet again. In the beginning, they can stay positive and make do, but soon, seven months have passed, and everybody is fighting. Somehow, Addy and Elizabeth are granted passage to Brazil, the last set of Jews given entry before the gates are closed for good; however, Addy doesn’t appreciate this idea because this could mean never being with his family again. Elizabeth reminds him that he needs to stop dwelling in the past because she is his present and future. It will be difficult, but as long as they’re able to make it across, there’s still some light to look forward to. 

Does Halina save Adam? 

In Siberia, the camp is emptied, and everyone gets put on a train. Genek feels skeptical and has some sort of deja vu feeling about it, but Herta is much more positive. When they reach Kazakhstan, Polish soldiers give them food and water because the Poles are going to fight in Uzbekistan, and they need soldiers. Jakob and Bella make it back to Radom. Bella breaks the news about Anna’s death, and on the other hand, Jakob hands his parents new papers while also informing them that Halina stayed back. Bella feels guilty for leaving her sister to her death and decides to work at an AVL factory. She can’t bear to see the hope in Jakob’s family, and this is the only way she’ll feel like she’s doing something. 

On the other hand, Genek learns that the Polish military is not taking in Jewish soldiers. Herta is tired of hearing about Genek’s terrible decision-making. She yells at him to make him understand that all they need is a paycheck, and he needs to figure out how to make that happen. Genek decides to learn some Catholic prayers in order to become a soldier and get a paycheck for his wife and son. 

Halina makes a difficult decision by leaving her Jewish identity behind and going up to a German camp. She’s all dressed up and claims that her husband has been mistaken as a Jew and forced into one of their camps. Her forged papers check out, and the soldier tells her to come back at nightfall. Adam is safe, and they now go by the surname Brzoza. A new beginning for Halina and Adam. After Adam recuperates in a countryside camp for the Jews, the two of them move to Warsaw, where they make their coup official with a ring. 

At the end of We Were the Lucky Ones episode 5, after reading Halina’s letter, Mila asks her mother to help her sew a coat. She plans on getting out, but we’ll have to wait and see how. 

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