‘Wedding Games’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Eva And Alex Get Married?


Directed by Silvio Guindane, Wedding Games takes us on a fun ride where we witness a couple encountering all sorts of problems a few days before their wedding. The obstacles they face make them privy to certain truths of life, which, up until then, they were not ready to accept. So, let’s find out what Alex and Eva were up to and if they ended up getting married.

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Was Alex having second thoughts about getting married to Eva?

In Wedding Games, everything was going perfectly well between Alex and Eva, but both of them felt nervous about the entire ordeal. They knew that they loved each other, and they wanted to make it official, but just at the last moment, they were second-guessing their decisions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that subconsciously, they were trying to jeopardize their own marriage. Both of them were supposed to fly to Bahiya, the wedding destination, but Eva got to know that her wedding dress hadn’t been prepared until then. Just then, Alex received a call from a big gaming company that was impressed by his prototype and wanted to have a meeting with him. Alex knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he wanted to see his game on the market. But attending the meeting meant that he had to miss his flight, and he was not ready to ask Eva about it. But then he saw that Eva’s wedding dress hadn’t been prepared, so he took that excuse and told her that he would pick it up and board the next flight.

Alex attended the meeting, and he got great reviews, and he had an intuition that he would be taken on board. But the problem here was that the opening was for the London office, and he knew that Eva couldn’t leave Sao Apollo. Taking the job meant that he wouldn’t be able to live with Eva, and that is why he kept telling himself that he was not going to take the opportunity altogether. Even before having a chat with Eva, he believed that she was going to feel very unhappy about it. Alex’s best friend Lara came for the wedding, and she instantly noticed the kind of dilemmas he was harboring. She told him that though he said that taking a job in London was not an option, deep down, he wanted a miracle to happen so that he could latch upon the opportunity. Lara’s words put Alex in deep thought, though he believed that the nervousness would fade, and he would be mentally ready to enter into the matrimonial alliance.

Was Alex able to reach the wedding destination on time?

A lot of mishaps happened in Wedding Games, which almost made it look like the universe didn’t want Alex and Eva to get married. Firstly, Beto, Lara, and Alex realized that there was no flight available, and then, when they somehow got one, Alex’s bag got exchanged at the airport. They were stuck in Vitoria da Conquista and were still miles away from the wedding destination, and now they had to go even further, to Veredinha, to get the bag back. Beto stole a car, and they somehow managed to reach the place where Alex got his bag back. They consumed weed that night and forgot that they were on a clock. The next morning, Beto told everyone that he had not rented the car but had stolen it. Alex and Lara both had a panic attack, and they got angry at Beto for being so reckless. They returned the car, but the owners asked for a huge sum of money, and because they didn’t have the cash, Alex had to locate his father and get the money from him. Luckily, Alex’s father, Santiago, had decided to go by road, and because his caravan had broken down, he was stranded in the middle of nowhere. After giving the cash, Alex finally kicked off his journey and reached the destination on time. But little did he know that there were more surprises waiting for him, as on the night they had spent on the farm, they had done something with the wedding gown, which he didn’t remember till the time he opened his suitcase.

What happened during Eva’s bachelorette?

In Wedding Games, we saw that even Eva was second-guessing her decision, and time and again, she got reminded of what she would miss out on. She felt like she was going to lose her freedom, and with that thought in her mind, she went with her girls to her bachelorette party. Eva met Gabriel, her old acquaintance, and she came to know that he owned the place. Eva could feel the butterflies in her stomach, and she felt very guilty for even entertaining the thought of getting intimate with Gabriel. The next morning, she woke up and realized that she had kissed Gabriel, and he also had pictures of her on his phone. The man blackmailed her and said that if she didn’t give him a certain amount of money, he would leak the pictures online. Eva was in a fix, and she didn’t know what to do other than give him the money. Eva tried to record Gabriel using a drone and get evidence against him, but that plan of hers didn’t work out. Carina, Alex’s mother, who was at the destination, came to know about everything, and she planned to help her would-be daughter-in-law out. Carina went to give money to Gabriel, and he was recorded in the act by Elvira, Eva’s mother. Gabriel was taken into custody by the police, but Eva still had to confront Alex and tell him the truth, no matter how bitter it was going to be for him.

Did Eva and Alex get married?

During Wedding Games‘ ending, Eva and Alex finally met, and they both told each other what had happened to them. Alex saw the pictures that were used by Gabriel to blackmail Eva, and he told her that they were all edited and fake. Eva could have hidden the fact that she had kissed Gabriel, but she told Alex the truth. Alex liked the fact that Eva was so honest with him, and he forgave her. Eva was very happy when she got to know that Alex had gotten a call from the gaming company, but when he told her that he was not going to take it as the opening was in London, Eva realized that it was about time to take the hard call. She told Alex that he could not give up on his dreams just because he was going to marry her. She told him that she loved him and that she wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that he had made such a big sacrifice just to be with her. Eva and Alex broke off their marriage and told everybody about their decision. Eva came back to Sao Paulo, and Alex moved to London. After a month of working there, he contacted his seniors and got himself transferred to the Brazilian headquarters. He had realized in that one month that though he wanted his dream job, he also wanted to be with Eva. He brought his father’s caravan, and he proposed to Eva for marriage. It all ended well for Alex and Eva, and their families were elated to see them embark on a new journey together.

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