‘Wednesday’ Murders, Explained: Who Killed Kinbott And Mayor Walker? Who Had Attacked Eugene And The Thing?


The gothic comedy series “Wednesday” tells us a story of murder, mystery, and mayhem that caused an uproar in the life of the residents of Jericho. Wednesday, the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, came to Nevermore Academy at a time when the Hyde Monster was wreaking havoc on the entire city. People had a lot of misconceptions about the murders that were being committed, and the local authorities, as usual, thought that the outcasts were at fault. Wednesday had a knack for solving puzzles and mysteries, and she took it upon herself to get to the root of the issue and find out who the perpetrator was. So, let’s try to understand the reason why people were being attacked in the first place and who was the one who was pulling the reins from behind the curtains.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Stabbed The “Thing”?

In the seventh episode, we saw that Wednesday finally got a lucky breakthrough and realized what she was up against. Uncle Fester had paid a surprise visit, and he told Wednesday that the creature she was dealing with was called a Hyde. Although Uncle Fester had once seen an acquaintance named Olga Malakova changing into a Hyde, he didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the creature, which once again left Wednesday stranded. She had searched every book present in Nevermore Academy, but she hadn’t found any mention of the creature. Uncle Fester asked her if she had checked Nathaniel Faulkner’s diary. Faulkner had founded Nevermore, and he was a globetrotter. Faulkner knew everything about the outcast community, and his diary was lying in a safe in the Nightshade library. “Thing” unlocked the safe, and Wednesday got the diary through which she got to know every minute detail about the Hyde Monster. She was going through Faulkner’s notes when Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a. Laurel Gates came into her room. Marilyn had a keen eye, and she became suspicious when she sensed that Wednesday was up to something. While exiting the room, she sensed the presence of another person inside the room. Wednesday met Tyler the next day and told him everything about Faulker’s journal and her ongoing research. She had no clue that Tyler was the Hyde Monster, and all this while, she had doubted Xavier to be the culprit. Obviously, Tyler would have told everything to Marilyn, who would have realized that she needed to take possession of Faulkner’s diary and also threaten Wednesday so that she stopped snooping around. Marilyn wanted to send a very strong message to her nemesis. Tyler created a diversion, and he took Wednesday out on a date. She had left Thing in charge of the diary, and Marilyn had decided to take advantage of her absence. Marilyn stabbed Thing and took the diary so that Wednesday wouldn’t know anything more about her plans. Uncle Fester was able to save Thing, and Wednesday realized that a lot was at stake.

Who Attacked Eugene Ottinger?

Xavier had drawn a painting of Hyde standing in a cave, and Eugene had seen that cave before. He took Wednesday there, and they realized that it was the Hyde Monster’s lair, as they saw bones of other animals lying there. It was the same cave where Marilyn had kept Tyler in the beginning when he was going through the transformation. She used to handcuff him there and inject him with chemicals so that he became her slave. Eugene and Wednesday both were not going for the Rave’N, so they decided to search the cave more thoroughly and identify the monster. But Thing wanted Tyler and Wednesday to go together for the Rave’N, so he set them up very cleverly. When Eugene arrived with his backpack, he realized that Wednesday had a change of plans and was, in fact, going to the Rave’N. Wednesday asked him not to go to the woods alone, but Eugene didn’t listen to her. He went near the cave where he was attacked by the Hyde Monster, but he also saw someone wearing a red boot present at the scene. Wednesday figured out in the last episode that Marilyn, a.k.a. Laurel Gates was the one who was controlling Tyler. When Tyler had come to accompany Wednesday for the dance, he realized that she was planning to go to the woods with Eugene. In the Rave’N, when Wednesday had gone to the drinks counter, Tyler had communicated the same to Marilyn, and that is where the plan to attack Eugene was hatched.

Why Did The Hyde Monster Kill Rowan?

Rowan had interpreted the prophecy of her mother wrongly, or maybe his mother herself had made the wrong speculations. His mother had made a painting years ago in which Wednesday was standing in front of a pilgrim. That pilgrim was Joseph Crackstone, who was killed by Goody Addams approximately 400 years ago. Rowan believed that Wednesday would destroy Nevermore Academy. He wanted to kill her and save his school, but that didn’t happen. The Hyde Monster spoiled his plans and killed him in front of Wednesday. To some extent, Wednesday believed that maybe the Hyde Monster was on her side, but it was not so. Tyler Galpin had taken the form of Hyde and killed Rowan only because Laurel Gates needed Wednesday to be alive. She needed the blood of the direct descendant of Goody Adams to break the curse that she had cast on Joseph Crackstone and resurrect him. Laurel was waiting for the opportune moment to conduct the ritual, and she needed Wednesday to be safe till then at all costs.

Who Killed Valarie Kinbott, Mayor Walker, And Principal Weems?

Dr. Valerie Kinbott had come to know that someone was manipulating Tyler. Valerie Kinbott knew that Tyler was in a fragile state of mind and that there were dark secrets hidden in his subconscious that had the potential to destroy everything. She was very close to finding the truth when Tyler killed her on the orders of Laurel, who managed to put the blame for the murder on Xavier. Because Wednesday saw Kinbott meeting Xavier, she believed her to be the master of the Hyde Monster.

Principal Larissa Weems was a shapeshifter, and Wednesday asked her to use her powers to transform into Tyler so that she could witness that Marilyn Thornhill was Laurel Gates in reality. Laurel also got deceived, and she thought that it was Tyler who had come accompanied Wednesday. She spilled out all her plans in front of Principal Weems, who came back to her original form and surprised the normie teacher. Before Principal Weems could say or do anything, Laurel stabbed her with a syringe that contained probably the same nightshade poison that had once killed her brother, Garrett Gates.

When Mayor Walker was the sheriff, he falsified the autopsy report and covered up the real facts that led to Garrett Gates’ death. He knew that Garrett had died because the vial of nightshade poison had broken in his pocket. Ansel had told Noble Walker, while he was drunk, that it was his idea to poison the outcasts. Ansel believed that the land on which Nevermore was built belonged to his family, and some 200 years ago, the founding fathers had fraudulently taken it from his family. The election for mayorship was going to happen, and Walker didn’t want to upset Ansel. Within a year’s time, Walker was made the mayor of Jericho as a reward for being loyal to the Gates family. Years later, Wednesday and Morticia found out by digging the grave of Garrett Gates that he was killed by poisoning and not by stab wounds. Somebody had burned the words “Fire Will Rain” in the grounds of Nevermore Academy. While going through the case file of the Gates family, Mayor Walker found out about a missing link. He also visited the Gates mansion, where Wednesday spotted him. He had found that the Gates mansion had been bought by a 90-year-old woman and, after her death, passed to her caregiver, named Teresa L. Glau. The mayor had somewhat recognized Marilyn Thornhill on Outreach Day, and he believed her to be Laurel Gates. He knew he didn’t have substantial proof for the same, so he wanted to share his theory with Sheriff Galpin. He was going to meet the sheriff at the Weathervane Cafe when he was hit by a speeding car. It was Laurel Gates who had killed the mayor so that he wouldn’t expose her identity.

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