‘Wednesday’ Season 2: Expectations – Will Bianca Help Her Mother? Can Laurel And Tyler Return In Next Season?


The first season of the Netflix series, “Wednesday,” ended on a cliffhanger, and a lot of things were left uncertain. Wednesday knew that her job wasn’t finished and that Nevermore Academy still had a lot of secrets that needed to be unraveled. Wednesday was always up for the challenge, and she knew that another mystery was waiting for her around the corner. With a stalker on the loose, Wednesday was certain that her vacation was going to be much more interesting. So, let’s find out what we could expect from the second season of the series, Wednesday, and also take a look at the characters who would probably play key roles in it.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Morning Song App? Will Bianca Return To Her Mother, Gabrielle, In Season 2?

It was the parents’ weekend at Nevermore Academy, and Bianca Barclay was very sure that her mother, Gabrielle, would never come to meet her. But contrary to her expectations, Gabrielle did come to meet her, and for some unknown reason, Bianca looked like she was shocked rather than pleased after seeing her. The mother and daughter went to a cafe to have a conversation, as they didn’t want anyone else getting a hint of what they were trying to do. Gabrielle’s behavior and mannerisms aroused a lot of mystiques. There was this air of mystery about her, and very soon, we realized that she hadn’t come to Nevermore just to meet her daughter and fulfill her duties as a parent. Gabrielle wanted something else, and Bianca had always dreaded that this time would arrive when she would have to face her past. The conversation that the mother-daughter duo had lays the foundation for a conflict that will probably be explored more in the second season. Firstly, Bianca Barclay’s real name was Brandy Jane. When she joined Nevermore, she had concealed her identity on purpose and taken a different name. Bianca had been involved in some kind of illicit activity, though it seemed like her involvement was not consensual, and she was coerced by her mother. Bianca wanted to escape her past life and start afresh. That is why, without even telling her mother, she had come to Nevermore in the hope that the nightmares of the past would stop haunting her. But her mother had somehow found out that she was in Jericho and had taken admission in Nevermore Academy. That is why Bianca got startled when she saw her mother because she was quite sure that she had not left any trail and that nobody would be able to find her.

Gabrielle was running a personal development movement called the Morning Song. Bianca called it a cult, but her mother argued that her initiative was just to help people take charge of their lives in a better manner. Gabrielle had married a man named Gideon, whom Bianca despised. Bianca had warned her mother time and again and told her that Gideon was with her only because she was a siren and not because he loved her. But Gabrielle didn’t pay any attention to the warning and did what she wanted. Gabrielle was facing a crisis as she was no longer able to recruit new people in her community. Earlier she used her siren song to hypnotize people and make them join the Morning Song community. But of late, her powers had become ineffective, and she needed Bianca to help her out. She threatened her daughter by saying that she would tell everybody how she had gotten admission to Nevermore if she didn’t come and get her new recruits. Bianca agreed because she didn’t have any other option. She was scared that her mother would spoil her career and she would have nowhere to go. She just put one condition in front of her: She asked Gabrielle to let her complete her school year. 

After her mother left, we saw her talking to Lucas Walker, son of Mayor Noble Walker. Lucas had been the latest victim of Gabrielle, who had convinced him to join the Morning Star community and download the app. Bianca told him to uninstall the app immediately and told him that it would do no good for him and he would just end up wasting all his money. Bianca was very sure that she would never become like her mother. She didn’t want to use her powers to do something so sinister. She had resorted to fraudulent methods to take admission in Nevermore but that was just because she desperately needed to start afresh. She wanted to become a better human and do something productive with her life. It would be interesting to see in season 2 if she actually goes and helps her mother out or if she finds some way to get the better of her.

Is Laurel Gates Dead Or Alive? Will He Return In Season 2?

Laurel Gates, who had taken the pseudonym Marilyn Thornhill, was working as a normie teacher in Nevermore Academy and had successfully resurrected her master, Joseph Crackstone. She had waited patiently for that day when she would be able to take revenge for her brother’s death and her family’s downfall. Her father, Ansel Gates, considered the outcasts an abomination, and if it were up to him, he would have killed them all. When Joseph Crackstone was resurrected, he stabbed Wednesday and, together with Laurel Gates, went to the Nevermore Academy to wreak havoc on the outcasts. Wednesday was healed by the spirit of Goody Addams, her ancestor, who had killed Joseph Crackstone in the 1600s and cursed his soul too. Wednesday went to fight the evil spirit, and the other outcasts joined her of their own free will. Wednesday killed Crackstone, but Laurel arrived at the scene holding a gun in her hands. Before Laurel could do any damage, she was attacked by a swarm of bees that belonged to Eugene Ottinger. Laurel got distracted and fell on the ground. Wednesday, either killed Laurel or handed her over to the police. If Laurel is not killed, she will play a crucial role in the second season. Laurel could easily manipulate anybody, and she wouldn’t take long to come out of the police station and once again start plotting her next moves. It could also be possible that Laurel was following the orders of someone else and pretending all this time that she was in charge. Season 2 would probably shed more light on Laurel’s past and tell us how she faked her death in the first place and if she had any other surviving allies.

Who Was Stalking Wednesday? Will Tyler Once Again Come Back In Season 2?

Toward the end of the series, we saw that Wednesday got a message from an unknown address. Somebody was stalking her, and the messages that were sent on her phone seemed like a threat. Wednesday had no clue who this person could be. She had a theory in mind, according to which Tyler and Laurel were just pawns in a much bigger game, and somebody else was running the show. The kind of person Wednesday is, she wouldn’t hesitate to take extreme measures also, in order to find out who her stalker is. Probably the stalker was somebody who was close to Wednesday or maybe one of the colleagues studying at Nevermore Academy. It could also be possible that the person had some vendetta against the Addams family, and he/she just wanted to take revenge. The stalker could also be someone close to the Gates family or someone who followed Joseph Crackstone’s philosophy.

Tyler Galpin was still alive, and he was in police custody. Tyler has the potential to either become the strongest ally of Wednesday or her greatest adversary. Tyler was not a bad man from the beginning. After the death of his mother, he was going through an emotional turmoil and Laurel took advantage of that. His alter ego had taken hold of him, and he was not in control of his mind that was making him do all sorts of terrible things. It was not that he didn’t try resisting, but the chemicals that were injected into his body by Laurel made sure that his sinister side overpowered him. It would be interesting to see in what direction the makers take his character in Season 2. 

With Principal Weems gone, Nevermore Academy would have to find a new leader. Weems was a strong woman who always wanted the best for her students. She was a fierce negotiator, and her strong relationship with Mayor Walker proved quite beneficial for the school. It would be quite difficult to fill her shoes, and whoever comes next will have the responsibility of fighting for the cause of the outcasts and making sure that they are safe even in a hostile environment. So, let’s hope Netflix comes up with the second season sooner rather than later, clears all our doubts, and once again takes us on an exhilarating ride.

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