‘Weekenders’ Summary & Review – Subtle and Adorable


Weekenders is a subtle romance drama that tests compatibility between two individuals. Mostly, we are with people because we are afraid of being lonely. The film questions the dynamics of the relationship with a partner, with whom we first came in contact out of necessity. Thus, making a distinction between infatuation and love. While there is no clear definition of love, Weekenders try to explore the feeling rather than its meaning. The film is written and directed by Erik Bloomquist, who also plays the lead protagonist.

‘Weekenders’ Summary

A young girl, Harper (Peyton Michelle Edwards) books an air-BnB in a remote location near Lake Echo to spend her weekend. She thought she has the house to herself until the owner’s son, James (Erik Bloomquist) arrives. A scheduling mix-up creates awkwardness between the two. James decides to move out but when Harper learns that her friend has ditched her, she requests James to stay for the company. After a bit of hesitation, James accepts the deal.

The two share their past experiences and their failure in love. James finds Harper intriguing and infatuating. He thinks of expressing his feelings, but to his surprise, Harper’s possessive boyfriend Blake arrives at the scene, next morning.

Awkward and dejected, James decides to leave the two romantics but destiny had something else in store.

The Review

The film relies on the subtle, romantic moments it creates between James and Harper. The background score supplements these moments. It is in the words/ dialogues through which the film is expressed. The narrative majorly focuses on exploring the chemistry rather than establishing a story.

It won’t be wrong to say that with a runtime of 76 min, Weekenders is an extended moment rather than a story in itself. It makes you fall in love with an introvert James, and a reserved Harper. While Harper’s boyfriend Blake portrays an alpha male, acting much like a protagonist. He became a reason for Harper’s reevaluation and understanding of James’s worth.

Erik Bloomquist as the writer, director, and actor working with limited resources has done a brilliant job. I am really hopeful that with much more resources in hand, he would be able to narrate a more comprehensive tale. But this film is carved entirely out of his hard work and passion which is admirable.

With romantic comedies, there isn’t much to ponder. Similarly, Weekenders isn’t a drama heavy film. It is adorable and endearing. Maybe, appealing to a certain millennial audience who couldn’t make a distinction between love and infatuation. The film gracefully draws out that love is about respect and compatibility and sometimes about priorities. Unfortunately, while it expresses these feelings, it doesn’t explore them extensively.

For an audience looking out for a subtle, drama-free rom-com, Weekenders is the perfect choice to watch with your partner. Watching it alone might make you miss someone. Nevertheless, the film will stay for you for a moment. For anyone looking for anything to scrutinize, can totally avoid it. It is too bleak for such analysis.

Weekenders is a 2021 romantic drama film written, directed and performed by Erik Bloomquist.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
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