‘Welcome Home’ Ending, Explained – A Mindblowing End


The Thriller film Welcome Home (also marketed as The Getaway) is a mesmerizing drama. With Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski at the helm of things, the film never falls short of wit and charm.

It captures the life of an American couple, Bryan and Cassie, who visit a vacation home in Umbria, Italy. The purpose of their visits is to mend their relationship and take it further. But things get twisted when they find hidden cameras all over the house. Let’s try to unravel the mystery further.

Why did Bryan and Cassie come to Umbria?

As told by Bryan, he found Cassie cheating on him. He saw her having drunk sex with a guy named Justin. While the events happened after a massive fight between the couple and Cassie was uncontrollably drunk, Bryan couldn’t forgive her. The six-day vacation in “Welcome Home” was a medium to rekindle the love and forget the past.

But Bryan kept visiting the visuals of the past as he made love to Cassie. The flashbacks further deteriorated their relationship.

Who was watching the couple?

The cameras were operated through a control room in the basement of the house. The man sitting behind the screen was none other than their charming Italian neighbor, Federico.

Federico was virtually and physically stalking the life of the couple. He even started participating in their lives and, like a cunning fox, created a wide gap. Later, Federico revealed that he watches the couple, who often visit the “Welcome House.” But when he met Cassie, he was captivated by her beauty and wanted to sleep with her once. He played mind games with her, just so that he could be successful in his endeavours.

Was Federico the owner of the ‘Welcome House’?

Neither Cassie nor Bryan had ever heard or seen the owner of the house. They believed that the house belonged to a writer, Eduardo. His presence was established through pictures and some indirect communication.

The holes in her identity compel Bryan to suspect Eduardo’s existence. For a brief moment, he believes that Federico is Eduardo who rents the house to creep on the couples. Another reason for his suspicion is that he looked like a total wreck when he visited Federico’s house.

However, surprisingly, after they killed Federico in self-defense, Eduardo shows up, proving the theory to be untrue.

Did Bryan and Cassie manage to run away?

The couple killed the creepy neighbor and the owner of the house, who pulled out a gun on them. Bryan found out the secret basement where the surveillance was set up. To his surprise, Federico and Eduardo were recording them and had tapes of other couples as well. Without thinking about it, Bryan unplugged all the cameras from the house and burnt them along with the recordings. In short, he destroyed their setup.

Together, the couple buried the body in the back garden. They promised to keep the events a secret. The tragedy helped to mend their relationship. In the end, Bryan finally makes love to Cassie without visualizing any past events.

But the last sequence revealed that a dwarf showpiece in the back garden had a camera installed in it too, which Bryan overlooked. It was recording their act of burying the body. The footage was played live by a plethora of couples around the world.

‘Welcome Home’ Ending Explained

The last sequence revealed that the footage was circulated all around the world through the internet. Few couples were watching Bryan and Cassie on a virtual website labeled “Eyes See You.” According to the instructions on the website screen, it can be deduced that it was a hidden cam website. It records real couples in welcome homes. A kind of kink that its viewers enjoy for a paid price.

The network was not limited to the house in Umbria. It captured footage of couples from all around the world who visit vacation homes. Eduardo was just one of the owners who participated in the dirty network to earn easy money.

For a brief moment, Bryan and Cassie’s footage created a sense of alarm among its viewers. It was deemed that they would report them to the police or the authorities. Still, many of them quickly switched to another couple. The action ironically suggested that many of them on the internet were looking for entertainment and nothing else. For them, an actual murder was entertainment, and it was over. Time to Switch to another.

The clutch gets tighter and reaches its epitome as the climax unfolds. Without using many words, it gives you “food for thought.” I believe it is an engaging thriller that should be recommended to everyone.

Welcome Home (also marketed as The Getaway) is a 2018 drama thriller film directed by George Ratliff.

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