‘Welcome To Chippendales’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Happened Between Steve And Nick?


In the third episode of “Welcome to Chippendales,” we see that the relationship shared by Steve and Nick De Noia has become quite strained. Steve couldn’t trust Nick anymore, and he always feared that he would be backstabbed by him. Irene had, till now, played the role of an intermediary, but things went haywire when Steve went to India. He let his anxiety take over his rational side, and he presumed the worst without knowing the actual state of things. So, let’s see if the conflict between Steve and Nick gets resolved or if it becomes the reason for the downfall of the Chippendales.

Spoilers Ahead

Steve Banerjee Visits His Roots

It had been two years since Steve had married Irene, who had eventually become an essential part of the Chippendales family. Irene’s exceptional accounting skills proved to be quite helpful for the nightclub. The profits had become ten times more, but Steve was still as insecure as he was once when his business wasn’t flourishing, though the reason for that insecurity had changed over the years. Steve had gone back to India to attend his father’s funeral. He didn’t want to leave his business in the hands of Nick De Noia, in whom he didn’t have even an ounce of trust. Steve reached Bombay, but his mind was still in Los Angeles. He was more worried about what was happening in Chippendales in his absence, rather than being present for his mother and providing the emotional support she needed. Steve had bought expensive gifts for her mother, but she was least interested in them. Being from a different generation wasn’t the only reason why Steve’s mother couldn’t connect with him. Steve’s mother was among those who valued relationships and values over material wealth. She knew that all the wealth in the world was of no use if you didn’t have anybody to share your happiness with. There is no doubt about the fact that people can be bought by money, but those relations are as hollow as a whirlwind.

Steve had created his empire from scratch, and it was undeniably a success story like no other. But still, there was something missing from his life, which he realized when once again he visited the printing press of his father. Steve had beautiful memories of that place, and he couldn’t help getting soaked in nostalgia as soon as he went there. Standing amidst that dusty machinery, he realized that there were two facets to his personality that existed within him. Steve was the capitalist who had made money his priority, but Somen still yearned for that pat on the back from his father and a warm hug from his mother. For a moment, Steve forgot about his life in America and just stood there reminiscing about the past. He urged his mother to come with him to the United States, but she didn’t agree. She had spent her whole life in India, and for her to make that transition at that age was not an easy task. Throughout his stay in India, Steve was extremely jittery as Irene was not picking up his call. Steve lost his cool, even more, when he got to know that Irene had been partying the whole night with Nick and Denise and had also tried drugs for the first time in her life. Steve Banerjee took the first flight back because he wanted to regain control and put things back in order.

‘Welcome to Chippendales’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – What Happened Between Steve And Nick? Who Was Ray Colon?

Nick wanted to give the audience of Chippendales something more to savor. He was done repeating the same old act and wanted to expand the limits. Together with Denise, he worked on a new concept where a lovelorn scientist, somewhere in eastern Europe, builds a human out of dismembered body parts. Denise and Nick called the concept “The Hunkenstein,” and they were quite excited about it. They believed that this new act would not only take the regulars at the nightclub by surprise but also create a buzz throughout Los Angeles. Steve came back and saw that Irene had hired a full-time handyman named Ray Colon. He went inside and saw that Denise and Nick had planned a three-part rock opera and had hired a new band named Omega Stone. The problem was not in the idea per se but in the fact that Nick didn’t even once consult with Steve about it. As the owner of Chippendales, Nick believed that he was entitled to make decisions and have the final say on matters. He wanted to feel in charge or at least be informed about what was happening. He felt like an outsider in his own club. Though Steve behaved in an irrational manner and completely scrapped the whole rock opera idea, he couldn’t be solely blamed for it. As a matter of fact, Nick was out of line in assuming that he owned the place and could do as he wished. Nick had forgotten that Steve was the one who had hired him, and though he had been given full creative liberty, he couldn’t undermine the authority of the owner. Nick never asked for permission; he just barged in and ordered whatever he wanted, with the presumption that he would get a green signal every time. He didn’t care about the expenses as long as he got what he wanted. But Steve had to think about the finances and how it would impact the balance sheet of the company. Steve wanted people to recognize his authority and make it very clear that Nick was just a choreographer working under him and not the co-owner of Chippendales. In this whole conflict, Irene was the only one who was thinking straight. She tried to make Steve understand and told him time and again that he shouldn’t feel insecure about anything. But the damage was already done, and the rift had already been created.

Ray Colon, the handyman, was a smart man who knew that all Steve needed at that moment was some flattery and appreciation. Ray told Steve that apart from building and carpentry, he also did photography as a hobby. Steve had an idea to get his sweet revenge. He took all the dancers to his home for a photography session, as he had made an impromptu plan to publish a Chippendales calendar. Nick reached Steve’s house after realizing that there was no one present at the club. Nick told Steve that he should have been consulted before making such a move, but the latter reverted back by saying that merchandising was his domain. Nick lost his cool and decided to leave for New York. Steve, on the other hand, found a new ally in Ray Colon, who stood by his side and gave him the respect he craved.

Ray Colon will play an important role in the upcoming episodes and will prove himself to be a loyal ally. Irene knew somewhere that Steve’s insecurity would lead him to his downfall. She tried to warn him, but Steve was not in a condition where he would understand anything. He had started detesting Nick’s presence, and even Nick wasn’t ready to find a middle ground. Nick had realized that he couldn’t work with Steve any longer, which is why he had gone to New York to probably start his own thing. The upcoming episodes of “Welcome to Chippendales” will tell us if the fire that has been triggered is put out or if it burns everything that stands in its way.

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