‘Welcome To Chippendales’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Killed Nick? Why Was He Murdered?


In the previous episode of “Welcome to Chippendales,” we saw that a class action lawsuit had been filed against Steve Banerjee for not allowing people of color inside his club. Steve did not take the matter seriously even after his wife, Irene, warned him, time and again, that a legal case of this nature could completely tarnish the image of their club. The court ruled against Steve, and his lawyer, Cheryl, told him to file for bankruptcy so that he would get enough time to make a plan to repay his debt. Steve had given the touring rights of his company to Nick De Noia, and Cheryl told him that though he had signed the contract on a napkin, it could still be valid in the eyes of the law.

Though Steve was a fifty percent stakeholder, he started feeling that Nick got the better deal. Steve was already a very insecure person and giving the touring rights to someone he saw as his arch-nemesis exacerbated matters. Ray Colon fueled his suspicions and told him that Nick was making much more than what he was showing on paper. Steve sent Ray Colon to assess the ground reality and inform him if he sensed any foul play happening. Ray Colon, for some reason, always did things that increased the animosity between Steve and Nick. Steve was now convinced that Nick De Noia was deceiving him and using the brand name to mint money for himself. He didn’t have any concrete proof to back his beliefs, but somewhere along the line, he had become so weak-minded that he was unable to perceive the truth. So, let’s find out if Steve is able to cope with his insecurities and save his club.

Spoilers Ahead

Bradford Has A Problem With Denise

Bradford Barton, Nick De Noia and Denise loved the response that they were getting from the audience, but things were getting a bit complicated on the personal end for the three of them. Bradford strongly disliked Denise’s involvement in Nick’s life. He needed some clarity on his relationship status. He was done having a three-way relationship, and he desperately wanted Denise to stay out of his personal life so that he could get some privacy with Nick. Denise was also very possessive about Nick, and she was delusional enough to believe that Nick would prioritize her above everything else. Denise was trying to prevent the inevitable from happening. Deep down, she knew that a day would come when Nick would part ways with her and start a life with Bradford, but she was not ready to accept the reality. Bradford told Nick up front that he wanted him to stay in New York and that he had to make a choice between Denise and him. Nick felt extremely close to both of them, which is why he didn’t want to hurt either of them. He finally mustered the courage and told Denise very diplomatically that he was going to move to New York with Bradford. Denise felt heartbroken as reality shattered her illusions, and though Nick felt guilty about breaking her heart, he knew that it was in the best interests of everybody.

‘Welcome To Chippendales’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Who Killed Nick De Noia? Why Was Nick Murdered?

Steve was doing all sorts of things to show Nick who the boss was, and it was making him very frustrated. Steve had launched a competing Chippendales tour, and Nick couldn’t understand his irrational behavior. Steve was suffering from anxiety, and he had started taking anti-anxiety medicines. Irene was really worried about her husband’s condition, and she was doing whatever she could to help him. Steve woke up in the middle of the night and found that his wife was not in bed. He went to the living room and found that Irene was doing some calculations. She was going through the account books, and she was of the opinion that they would have to sell the house in order to pay all their pending bills and keep their business afloat. Steve was still not ready to embrace reality, so he asked her to give him some time to fix everything.

Steve desperately wanted to prove his worth and seeing him lose his temper really scared Irene. She told him that she trusted him, in order to mitigate the situation and not let it have an adverse impact on his mental health any further. Steve had started consuming drugs, and his situation was worsening with every passing day. He had become a victim of his own insecurities, which led him to make bad decisions. Chippendales’ fire permit was revoked when the authorities found out that Steve had broken the occupancy limit laws. The fire department said that Steve was constantly warned about the situation, but he ignored it. Steve just wanted to earn more money because he was in a huge debt, but he didn’t realize that by breaking the law, he was digging his own grave. Steve told Cheryl that he wanted to appeal against the order, but Irene asked him to accept the fact that there was no way out of the situation and that the club had to be closed.

Steve didn’t know how to deal with all that was brewing inside him in a healthy way, and he just wanted to take out his anger on someone. Somehow Steve made himself believe that everything was the fault of Nick De Noia, and so he hired someone to get him killed. Ray Colon gave fifteen thousand dollars to a person named Gilbert Rivera Lopez, who went to Nick’s office in New York and killed him. The news of Nick’s murder reached Los Angeles, and Irene was shattered when she learned about it. She had no reason to doubt her husband, but when Denise came the next morning and blamed Steve for murdering Nick, she became suspicious. Irene realized that a sum of fifteen thousand dollars was missing from the safe, and she asked Steve where he had spent it. Steve had no answer, and by the look in his eyes, Irene realized that he was the one who had gotten Nick murdered. She became really scared, and she left the house with her daughter.

Steve got a call from FBI special agent Scott Garriola, who called him to his office for an interrogation. The officer asked him a few questions, which really instigated Steve. Steve lost his temper, making the agent realize that he was guilty of murdering Nick De Noia. Scott didn’t have any solid evidence against Steve, though he realized that he was headed in the right direction. In the seventh episode of “Welcome to Chippendales,” we finally get to know the source of all that insecurity, jealousy and self-doubt that had become an intrinsic part of Steve’s life. He had always felt like an outsider in the United States of America, and he told Scott that society didn’t want people like him to prosper and climb the ladder of success. Steve believed that American society always wanted him to be a petrol pump attendant, and they were not ready to accept the fact that he had come up with such a revolutionary idea. He had to face a lot of covert discrimination, and the manner in which the people conveniently accepted Nick De Noia as the face of the Chippendales’ club just confirmed that point. Steve felt like an outcast in his own club at times when Nick, Denise and Irene got together. He had nothing in common with them, and that’s why, apart from talking about work, he didn’t have anything else to share.

At the end of “Welcome to Chippendales,” Episode 7, we see Steve pull a gun from his drawer and stare at it as his entire life flashed before his eyes. Maybe Steve had had enough and had decided to put an end to his misery. He was the kind of man who wanted to have it all, and when he saw his castle of dreams crumbling before his eyes, he couldn’t bear it. Life was a struggle, and in the finale episode of “Welcome to Chippendales,” we will learn if Steve decides to put up a fight or lay down his arms and accept defeat.

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