‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Did Astrid Kill Zoa And Bel?


“Welcome to Eden” Season 2 delves deeper into the psyche of the characters, but in terms of storyline, it does not make a lot of progress. The visitors who came to the island in the first season are still stuck there, and Astrid tries her best to maintain the balance of the delicate ecosystem she has created and neutralize any kind of threat that has the potential to destabilize her paradise. 

The problem with “Welcome to Eden” Season 2 is that it lacks that element of thrill and surprise that was present in the first season, and that is why the entire season looks a bit bland, single-toned, and unexciting. There is no doubt about the fact that the execution of each and every scene is done in a stylized manner, and it is quite pleasing to the eye, but this season, in general, lacks that larger-than-life philosophy, which is why it makes its characters, especially the antagonists, look quite basic and shallow. It felt like the makers didn’t know in which direction to head, and the events they stretched out for an entire season could have been easily summed up in a couple of episodes. So, let’s find out if Astrid was able to make contact with the aliens residing in the other galaxies and if Zoa is able to find a way to escape from Eden, which has become hell for her.

‘Welcome to Eden’ Season 2 Plot Summary

At the end of “Welcome to Eden” Season 1, we saw that Zoa, Charly, and others tried to escape from the island, but apart from Charly, all of them had been unsuccessful. Zoa had seen her sister Gabi arrive at the island with the next batch of visitors, and she just froze there, not able to understand what she should do. She wanted to shout at the top of her lungs and tell her sister not to step foot on the island and run away, but obviously, she wasn’t able to do that. That restlessness, combined with the anxiety that Zoa was feeling at that point in time, made her paralyzed, and Nico gave her a tranquilizer to make her calm down, as he knew that she would have to return to the island and hope that nobody had come to know about what she was planning to do. Ulises, one of the permanent residents of the island, had been killed by Ibon, and the entire incident had shaken him from within.

Ibon and Eloy also came back, and their faces made it clear that the recent events had traumatized them. Ibon confessed in front of Alma that he had killed Ulises because he felt burdened with guilt and desperately wanted to share it with someone. Alma asked him to stay quiet because she knew that if Astrid got to know about it, she wouldn’t spare Ibon. Joel and Danae, who were stationed in the city, were called to the island to investigate the death of Ulises and find the perpetrators. Erick and Astrid were also concerned about their own safety, which is why they deemed it fitting that their best men should be around them at all times. Charly had been caught by Joel and Danae, and he was brought back to the facility once again. Zoa was relying on him, and she hoped that somehow, he would reach the land and come back with the law enforcement authorities to rescue them.

There were many in-house members who wanted to support Zoa in her endeavors because even they had started to realize that Astrid was not who she portrayed herself to be. People like Bell, Saul, Orson, and Eva realized that no matter what Astrid said, they didn’t have the freedom to leave the island. We come to know in “Welcome to Eden” Season 2 that it was Saul who had given the death threat to Astrid in the past, and he has been carrying out his undercover resistance movement for quite some time now. Saul wanted to kill Astrid and take revenge for the death of his mentor, Graciela, but before he could do that, he was killed by Astrid’s men. Astrid wanted to be in control of the entire narrative and that is why she didn’t like it if somebody disturbed the 

Zoa And Bel Plot Against Astrid

Zoa and Bel knew that they would have to take matters into their own hands if they wanted to escape from the island. Both of them knew that there were a few people whom they could trust, so together, they made a plan to assassinate Astrid, and they were aware of what would happen with them if they failed in their mission. They had seen that Joel and Danae had brought a huge consignment of explosives to the island, and they wanted to seize the opportunity and lay a trap for Astrid. Erick and Astrid hadn’t been very nice to Nuria, and she was beaten and tortured just because she thought that Isaac should be given a little more freedom and allowed to roam around the island. Nuria was the real mother of Isaac, and Astrid had strictly ordered her to hide this fact from everybody else. Even Isaac didn’t know that Nuria was not only his caretaker but also his real mother till the very end. Nuria told Bel and Zoa that Erick had been involved in a lot of extramarital affairs and, at one point in time, he even had feelings for her. Astrid had accepted the fact that they were both going to have multiple partners, but she also wanted her husband to give her exclusivity at the same time.

Zoa, Bel, and Eva decided that they would plant the explosives they had stolen, and when Astrid came, they would blow her up, put an end to her tyranny, and free all the residents. Nuria was ready to sacrifice her life, as her hatred for Astrid superseded her will to stay alive. Nuria wanted to save her child from the wrath of a wicked woman, but she wasn’t able to do so, as once again, Astrid was a step ahead of everybody else. Somebody had informed her that Zoa, Nuria, and others planned on killing her, and that is why she made sure that she brought Isaac with her. Seeing Isaac arrive at the scene, Bel asked Zoa to call off the plan, and before they could escape from there, Joel and his men took them into custody. Bel and Zoa realized that it was Gabi who had informed Astrid about their plans, and Zoa couldn’t believe that her own sister had backstabbed her.

‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2 Ending Explained

Astrid had lied to the residents when she told them that she had found the New Eden. She had sent the signal from the transmission center, but she had never gotten a reply. She wanted Erick to stand beside her when she fabricated the entire narrative and addressed the residents, but Erick had made up his mind that he didn’t want to be a part of it. Astrid knew that he was having an affair with Africa, but of late, he had started prioritizing her over everything else, and that’s what troubled Astrid more than him indulging with her physically. Meanwhile, Ibon was killed by Alma, who believed that it was her responsibility to neutralize any threat against her master as she had sworn allegiance to her.

Astrid found that Molly was Zoe’s sister, and her real name was Gabi. Though Gabi had been brainwashed after she had come to the island and had started dreaming of living there forever, her initial intention of coming to Eden was to rescue her sister. Astrid considered it a betrayal, even if Gabi now voluntarily wanted to stay back. Astrid threatened Gabi and told her that if she or her sister tried going against her, then the consequences wouldn’t be nice. When Astrid was having a conversation with Gabi, she got a message from Nuria that something had happened to the signal, and the entire system had gone offline. Gabi asked her not to go to the crater, and Astrid realized that there was some foul play happening behind her back. Gabi revealed the entire plan that Zoa and Bel had made, and because of that tip Astrid was able to take all the perpetrators into custody.

Alma was about to kill Zoa and Bel when Gabi came and begged for mercy for her sister’s life. Gabi had been loyal to Astrid, and her words influenced her to be a little magnanimous in her approach. Though Astrid said that she would spare the life of Zoa, she was in no mood to forgive Bel. Zoa said that if her friend was being sacrificed, then she would also embrace death and wouldn’t demean herself by asking for mercy. Before Astrid could give any further orders, they saw a helicopter hovering above the island in which Detective Brisa arrived with her team. Astrid knew that she would have to postpone the execution of Bel and Zoa and cater to the bigger problem first.

At the end of “Welcome to Eden” Season 2, there was one more revelation that was made that we didn’t see coming. Danae, the mercenary who was working for Astrid, was actually sent there to infiltrate the system by Mr. Sisuk, who was Som’s father. Mr. Sisuk was the one who had planned an attack on Astrid’s father and sent two bikers to kill him while he was going in his car with his grandson, Isaac. Though Astrid knew who Som was, she was probably under the belief that Mr. Sisuk was not alive. Danae went inside the transmission center, plugged in her hard drive, and hacked the entire system. In “Welcome to Eden” Season 3, we will come to know what exactly Danae’s game plan was and how she aimed to destroy Eden. As far as Astrid was concerned, she was totally unaware that Danae was not who she was pretending to be, as all she could think about at the moment was how she was going to tackle the team of detectives who had come looking for the missing people.

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