‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 3 Theories: What To Expect Next?


The nature of the project undertaken by Astrid and her father was such that the possibility of it being unsuccessful was quite high. Since “Welcome to Eden” Season 1, Astrid has been trying to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings and locate another planet that could support life, but her quest to find the New Eden has led her nowhere. She was an ambitious woman, and she had the resources to fund the entire project as Erick was by her side, but she realized over the course of time that it wasn’t an easy task to find life outside our own galaxy and then try to communicate with them. With her motivational speeches, she was trying to instill hope in the residents of her settlement that one day, they would leave the planet Earth and settle on some other planet in another galaxy, but up until season 2, she had no evidence whatsoever to back up her claims and show her community that she was not fabricating lies.

In “Welcome to Eden” season 2, we saw that apart from her main mission, Astrid had to face many other challenges in her personal and professional life. People had started to question her authority and her intentions. Astrid knew that she not only had to repress these rebellious individuals but also make sure that people didn’t lose faith in the idea that she was trying to purport. Astrid was also facing a lot of issues in her marital life, and she had started noticing that Erick was getting way too attracted to Africa. Erick and Astrid had a deal where they decided that they wouldn’t stop the other person from indulging in a physical relationship with a third person as long as they could prioritize each other and have the same emotional connection as they once used to.

Astrid felt abandoned when Erick asked her to address the residents on her own. Astrid had not been able to make any sort of connection with the extraterrestrial beings, and she was getting anxious as she didn’t know what to do or how to face the crowd who were waiting for her to give the good news. Astrid believed herself to be the mother of the clan, though her actions often did not align with the image she wanted to create for herself. Towards the end of season 2, when the detectives arrived on the island, everybody got a bit taken aback, but Astrid was sure that she could handle the situation and bring it under her control. So, let’s try to speculate on how Astrid would tackle the situation and what kind of tactics Zoa, Bel, and other members who didn’t want to stay on the island would resort to in “Welcome to Eden” Season 3.

What Would Be Zoa’s Strategy In “Welcome To Eden” Season 3?

Zoa and Bel were lucky that they were alive, and they knew that if the team of detectives hadn’t arrived at the opportune moment, they would have met their fateful end, and nobody would have come to know where they had vanished. Whatever their game plan would be in Season 3, it would determine not only their fates but also the fate of the entire establishment. I personally don’t think that Zoa and Bel would try to seek help from Detective Brisa, because, in Eden, the detectives were as helpless as any other commoner. Yes, I would agree that the arrival of the detectives had given them some time to think about what could be their next move, but in the end, they would have find a solution on their own. But irrespective of the odds being against them, I believe that Zoa and Bel would try to hatch yet another escape plan, and they might also find many other supporters in the community itself.

There were a lot of people like Myka and Orson who could differentiate right from wrong but were keeping quiet out of fear and also because they hadn’t been personally affected. They just needed a little nudge to wage war against Astrid and Erick, who had assumed that they were the infallible guardians of the group. Zoa knew that no matter how bratty her sister might have been in the past, she couldn’t just leave her to be devoured by Astrid. Also, Gabi was no longer the little squirrel that her sister believed her to be, and she knew how to survive in a hostile environment. I believe that Zoa would greatly benefit if she treated Gabi as an equal, took her advice seriously, and put it to use. 

Will Astrid Be Able To Hide The Truth From Detective Brisa?

Towards the end of “Welcome to Eden” season 2, we saw that Astrid was quite confident that she would be able to deceive the team of detectives and make them believe that nothing wrong was happening on the island. Astrid was running a parallel government, and she knew that in a civil society, she would be charged with multiple criminal offenses for the acts she had committed over the years. But both Erick and Astrid knew how to brainwash people, and we might see them using their tactics on the detectives in “Welcome to Eden,” Season 3. Detective Brisa took the entire investigation very personally, and she relentlessly kept searching for potential leads until she found out what was happening. We believe that Detective Brisa would not be easily influenced, and Astrid would have a hard time concealing the reality from her. One thing’s for sure: if Brisa got the slightest hint of what was happening on the island, Astrid would make sure that she never left the place. Astrid would try her best to portray a false image in front of her and make her believe that they were a peaceful community that wanted to exist in harmony, but if the truth came out in the open, then she wouldn’t hesitate to kill Brisa like she had many other community members before.

Will Astrid Be Able To Visit New Eden?

In the first season of “Welcome to Eden” itself, we realized that Astrid might have been a murderer, a dictator and many other things but she was not a fraud per se, as she did believe that she could make contact with extraterrestrial beings and move to some other planet outside our galaxy. Astrid was hopeful, and she knew that with the help of her son Isaac, who was no less than a prodigy, she could achieve the impossible. But her faith started to break in the second season when she saw that even after making multiple attempts, there was no response from the other end.

There are two possibilities that could happen in the 3rd season: either Astrid would realize that she was delusional in thinking that she could make contact with life beyond our planet, or she would actually pull off a miracle and get a response from the aliens who resided on some other planet. Though the entire theory might sound very absurd, we believe that Isaac was an exceptional kid, and he did possess the ability to do something that mankind thought was impossible. Till now, it was Astrid who was at the helm of affairs, but in “Welcome to Eden” season 3, we might see Isaac taking the reins in his hands and trying to realize the dream that his grandfather once saw.

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