‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Yong Pil And Sam Dal Together?


The eleventh episode of Welcome to Samdal-Ri was something to be proud of. In one single stroke, we got so much more of the story, which was not limited by the ‘feel-good’ factor. One can’t help fangirling over Ji Chang Wook. There is a certain ease to the actor and his absolute control over his micro-expressions that just look so believable. While Shin Hye Sun is an even match for him, the actor steals the show effortlessly, and the following is the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Dae Young bring the theme park to Samdal-Ri?

Dae Young’s decision to construct the theme park in Samdal-Ri doesn’t go down well with his former in-laws. One reason is that they don’t want the sea to be polluted, but another reason is that they cannot have AS Group interfere more with their lives. AS Group had banned Sam Dal from shooting commercials two years ago. Hae Dal was fired from her part-time job, which was affiliated with the AS Group, and Jin Dal has not been able to find a job till date. If the AS Group comes to Sam Dal, they may further try to monopolize Jin Dal’s family. Dae Young’s father-in-law insists on talking to him, and he demands to know why he did not contact them for so long. He cared about his son-in-law and genuinely liked him, but Dae Young did not visit them even once, either during the divorce or later. His dropping out of their lives that way was hurtful.

When Jin Dal and Dae Young were married, she had a tough time with her in-laws, who undermined her at every step of the way. Dae Young had promised to protect Jin Dal, but he had never known how to do that. When Jin Dal had gotten food from her home, her mother-in-law threw that out. But Jin Dal had insisted on having it with her. In such a case, it was Dae Young’s responsibility to stand by her. He did not need to have the food, but he should not have criticized it either. Basically, Dae Young did not know how to fulfill his intentions. When Jin Dal was leaving the house, Dae Young wanted to go with her, but she left him anyway, saying that he couldn’t live without money. Maybe what Jin Dal meant was that he wouldn’t know how to live with her and couldn’t adjust to this new lifestyle. She did not even think he would have the right attitude for it, which is why she divorced him.

Dae Young’s decision to shift the theme park caused controversy among the people of Namdal-Ri. They blame Mi Ja and Jin Dal for it, and that causes a fight between the two groups of Hanyeos. Once that is broken apart, Jin Dal tells Dae Young to go back, and he reveals that he was constructing the theme park in Samdal-Ri for the sake of Mi Ja, so that she does not go diving again. He was the one who paid the hospital bill, and if he brought the theme park to Samdal-Ri, then diving would be prohibited, and everyone would get huge compensation, eliminating the need to work anymore. Jin Dal tells him to stop worrying about her family and to go back to Namdal-Ri.

What is going on in Seoul?

Bang Eun Ju is having no luck with her job because, as Sam Dal had previously said, she is just not ready for it. Eun Ju makes people work overtime, and she keeps taking pictures that are out of focus because she is trying to copy Sam Dal instead of finding her own style. She is frustrated because everyone is refusing to work with her. However, she still fails to see that the real problem is her focus on Sam Dal instead of herself.

Are Yong Pil and Sam Dal together?

Sam Dal literally runs away from Yong Pil when he tells her what she did after getting drunk. Yong Pil is under the impression that Sam Dal has forgotten that night, but he soon realizes that she remembers everything. Yong Pil is adamant that he is going to keep pursuing Sam Dal, and since she already has feelings for him, he is going to make sure that she reaches a point where she doesn’t shy away from them.

The next day, Sam Dal is still flustered. Yong Pil points out that her running away from this is a little awkward and hurtful, but just then, they see Sang Do yelling that he has also sacrificed enough for Yong Pil. Yong Pil and Sang Do start fighting about who has done more for whom, and all of this is because both of them like Sam Dal. She is trying to be the peacemaker between them, but she herself doesn’t know what they are fighting about and is embarrassed about what they are saying to each other. Later, all the friends get involved in the Hanyeos’ fight, and Sam Dal remembers how much she liked Yong Pil taking care of her through it all.

Yong Pil insists on taking her to the sea to click some photographs. There is going to be a particular natural phenomenon that has to be captured that day. At the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 11, while they are both waiting, Sam Dal asks whether Yong Pil had moved out because of her. As for Yong Pil, he catches that she is blaming herself. Previously, Sam Dal had said that it was hard to get back with exes because the reason for the breakup is always at the back of the mind. But Yong Pil assures her that their memories together are greater than the reason (his father), and they can work together to overcome that. Does Yong Pil think that they can convince Sang Tae to give his blessings to their relationship? Will a lifetime of anger really melt in the face of love? Because if Sam Dal and Yong Pil break up this time, there is no going back for them.

Final Thoughts

While their moment is beautiful, it would be a shame if they actually missed the bars of light rising from the water. Bang Eun Ju is also getting more sinister, so this arc will also be addressed.

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