‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Yong Pil Save Sam Dal?


We were expecting to see some funny fights between Sam Dal and Yong Pil in the second episode of Welcome to Samdal-Ri. There is nothing like two best friends with a history fighting over nothing. Also, there seems to be scope for a love story for the sisters as well. The drama continues to be entertaining, though it will still be a while before it sets itself apart from the others. The following is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Who are the Three Terrible Sisters of Samdal-Ri?

When Jin Dal, Hae Dal, and Sam Dal come back home, their mother is scared. The only time the girls have come home is when they have bad news. Jin Dal came home to announce her divorce. Hae Dal returned when she was pregnant, so the obvious suspicion is on Sam Dal. Mi Ja thinks that they are here because of Sam Dal’s breakup and that she must be heartbroken. Only her husband knows the truth because the sisters tell him. The audio clip of Sam Dal telling off Eun Ju after she revealed her affair is being played out of context as an abuse of power. The huge amount of publicity had also led to the sisters’ past being exposed, and they all had nowhere to go but home. Their mother is understandably scared since the girls never even came home for the holidays, and now they are all there.

Sam Dal just wants to hide, and her mother decides not to put her to work, unlike her sisters, but to give her a break. Elsewhere, Gyeong Tak is telling his employee, Man Su, why the sisters have a reputation around town. The eldest, Jin Dal, is known for being super strong and always getting her way with the force of her strength. The youngest was known for not caring about propriety and doing what she wanted. As for Sam Dal, she was adamant about the things she wanted and would stop at nothing to get them. Honestly, these don’t sound so bad altogether, but they are in the characters’ world. At best, Sam Dal, who is called the most normal of the lot, comes across as someone who is very private and who cannot stand injustice in any shape or form, from the two incidents cited about her. Hae Dal, on the other hand, seemed like a justice seeker. Finally, only Sam Dal’s story seems credible.

Why are Sam Dal’s friends in Jeju not reaching out to her?

Contrary to our assumption in the first episode, Sam Dal and Yong Pil had not broken up eighteen years ago. They were born five minutes apart and had always been considered soulmates by everyone around them. Even as a kids, Yong Pil helped Sam Dal save up money for a plane ticket. Also, whenever she was in trouble, he was the first to protect her, be it a bee sting or, as we suspect, a storm in the sea. They had dated for a long time, but eight years ago, they broke up. Yong Pil’s friends thought that he had been dumped because Sam Dal wanted to go abroad to study. Sam Dal’s sisters thought that she had been dumped because of her hyperfocus on her career. Flashbacks show us that both of them had done the dumping. Perhaps Sam Dal was the first one, and Yong Pil did not seem to get a reason for why she wanted to separate. Later, she wanted to be together, but he refused. There are definitely some missing links here, but it is easy to see why they are still hung up on each other. Apparently, Yong Pil has not dated in eight years, and his father thinks he will never get a daughter-in-law. As for Sam Dal, she has a history of dating terrible men, and the subconscious reason could be that she is still hung up on Yong Pil, so she is seeking relationships she knows are doomed to fail.

Right now, as she is hiding in her house, all she wants is for no one to know of her presence there, because that would mean that they know she has failed. As for her friends in Jeju, they want to reach out to her, but they don’t have her number, and they can’t ask Yong Pil. Additionally, Yong Pil is acting unaffected so far, but he asks his boss if he can go to Seoul right away for his new job. It just shows that he is concerned about Sam Dal.

Does Yong Pil save Sam Dal?

Yong Pil has always tried to be the person on whom Sam Dal could rely. In the first episode, he said that he wanted to be the stream that Sam Dal could always come back to. When they were dating, Yong Pil followed Sam Dal to Seoul, and we don’t doubt that the moment he chose to let go of her had something to do with her welfare. When Yong Pil sees her back at her house, he doesn’t hesitate for even a second before protecting her again. She did not wish to be seen, so he covered her with a blanket and drove out his friends, no questions asked. He already looked very cool, especially when he told her that she looked just fine, but he had to ruin that with the gesture he pulled later.

At night, Sam Dal drinks alone and thinks about the turn of her life. One of the reasons Sam Dal was so devastated was because, after fifteen years of such hard work, not one person was willing to stand by her side, and all it took was one lie for it to blow up. For a second, Sam Dal even considers whether she was unnecessarily cruel to Eun Ju. She repeated her words, and they were harsh, but the thing to consider is that she never said that in a professional capacity. They had met outside of work and were talking about Eun Ju deliberately making Sam Dal’s boyfriend cheat on her. In all fairness, Sam Dal reacted very rationally, but for someone with low self-esteem like Eun Ju, who just wanted Sam Dal’s attention, that backfired.

In a drunken moment, Sam Dal tries to walk into the water, and at the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 2, Yong Pil gets there just in time to pull her back. But he ends up falling into the water himself, and he doesn’t know how to swim. Sam Dal dives in to rescue him, and he will be fine by episode 3.

Final Thoughts

Mothers and daughters always share a tragically funny relationship. Now that Mi Ja has come to know what happened with Sam Dal, her blood pressure will rise as she wonders how to help her daughters. Meanwhile, Yong Pil and Sam Dal will probably get closer through some misadventures next week.

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