‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Sam Dal Break Down?


There is nothing like a good crying or laughing session between friends to sort out everything, and the third episode of Welcome to Samdal-Ri is a lead-up to that. The series is described as a love story between childhood friends, but we suspect it is simply a story of friends, which makes it much more fun. The following is a recap of what we are sure is the last dull episode of the drama.

Spoiler Alert

How were the friends in the past?

Sam Dal, Yong Pil, Gyeong Tae, Eun U, and Sang Do were a tight group who were always with each other through thick and thin. When Sam Dal and Yong Pil were going to Seoul, Gyeong Tae and Eun U joined them. Sang Do wanted to go with them, but he did not have the money to afford a plane ticket. Therefore, he could only watch his friends from a distance as they prepared to leave.

Gyeong Tae had been enrolled in cram school, but he did not want to do that. So he stole money from his mother and ran away with his friends to Seoul, so that he could open his own shop there. As for Eun U, he had gotten into a local university, but he wanted to be a cartoonist, and he could only do that in the city. Therefore, the friends set out to fulfill their dreams, and they only had each other for support. During Eun U’s birthday, he did not have the money to eat the fish of his choice, and his friends knew that, so they got it for him. Even Sang Do sent a box full of fish for them as a gift from Jeju, while the rest of them begged him to join them to lessen their misery a little. It is clear that Seoul was seen as something aspirational, where people went to achieve something bigger than themselves. That is why coming back has such a stigma attached to it.

Gyeong Tae and Eun U had made something of themselves once they got back, but people only saw their failure in Seoul. Otherwise, it could be that her sisters came back with massive troubles whenever they returned to Jeju, so Sam Dal’s coming back could mean nothing else. It is hard to say whether this prejudice started with them or was always there, but this is why Sam Dal doesn’t want anyone to know that she is there. Amidst the outpouring of news online, the illusion of success in her hometown is pretty much the only thing she has left to hold on to at this point. Sam Dal is still going through her crisis near the pool when Yong Pil rescues her. When Sam Dal saves him, he is mortified at how he fell into the water because of such a clumsy accident, and Sam Dal doesn’t lose the chance to make fun of him while repeating the gesture he made that morning. Whatever the history between Sam Dal and Yong Pil, they were friends first, and that has continued. When Yong Pil drops her off at home, Sam Dal asks him to not tell anyone that she is there. Also, when Yong Pil asks her how she is, Sam Dal realizes that he is the first person to ask her that. In fact, throughout their lives, whenever Sam Dal had been in trouble, he was always the first to protect her or ask her whether she was fine. She had missed that.

Why are rumors floating around about Sam Dal?

Maybe it started with Sam Dal’s mother, Mi Ja. When she came to know about Sam Dal, she wore her dreaded long johns and started running across the town, like she had done when her other daughters came to her with their troubles. Mi Ja does that to let off some steam because she is angry or in a chaotic state of mind. Everyone knows that, and this is why, when they see her like that, they immediately think that there must be some truth to the rumors if Mi Ja is that angry. After all, if the rumors were false and Mi Ja trusted her daughter, the Long Johns Marathon would not have happened. We also came to know a bit about the other daughters. Jin Dal was the whistleblower for her in-laws, as they had also abused their power. However, her husband is clearly still in love with her. As for Hae Dal, she was married, but everyone seems to think she is an unmarried mother. They are all mortified by what is being written about Sam Dal, even though none of it is concrete. The hate comments that are following are even more concerning.

Why Does Sam Dal Break Down?

When Sam Dal goes out for a walk, she hears everyone talking about her and is hurt that they are convinced about her being a culprit already. Having nowhere to go, she goes near the dog to spend some time, only to run into Yong Pil. He asks her to come meet the rest of their friends, since they already know that she is in Jeju. Sam Dal is hesitant, but she agrees. Gyeong Tak had met her that morning and wanted to talk to her, but the others were asking him to leave her alone. Eun U understood that, considering the situation, Sam Dal would not want to talk to anyone, so he asked him to give her some time, though Gyeong Tak was a little dense. As for Sang Do, he is only too happy to see Sam Dal, and we suspect that he must have had feelings for her in the past.

When Sam Dal goes to meet the friends, she hears Gyeong Tak say that he is happy that Sam Dal failed and came back. What he means is that he missed her and is happy she is back, but that came out all wrong, and Sam Dal is upset at his words. At the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 3, she finally breaks down and asks them why they won’t ask her anything. Every stranger on the planet has asked her if she is guilty. Her supposed ‘friends’ in the industry won’t even reach out to her, and now that she is in Jeju, which was supposed to be her safe space, everyone is simply avoiding the topic, which must mean that they fear that there is truth to the rumors and are scared of her answer. These were people who were supposed to trust her and openly talk to her, but she was simply meeting a wall of silence. She is unable to do anything but cry out that she is innocent as her friends look at her, not knowing how to console her.

Final Thoughts

Stories of friendship are always better than stories of romance because they are much more fun. The preview tells us that Sam Dal is going to proclaim her innocence to the people of Jeju in the next episode, and that should lighten the burden on her shoulders.

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