‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Sam Dal Lie To Yong Pil?


It was hard to anticipate that slow feelings could be presented so interestingly, as we are seeing in Welcome to Samdal-Ri. Frankly, there isn’t much happening, but we are laughing and crying with the characters, which is more than enough. Here is the recap to help us understand why that might be.

Spoiler Alert

How did Yong Pil and Sam Dal start dating?

It turns out that we were wrong again, and Yong Pil and Sam Dal have not been dating since birth, but it started a while after they moved to Seoul. It is true that Yong Pil knew Sam Dal better than anyone, and he also cared for her. He would distract the bus driver to delay him so that Sam Dal would have time to catch the bus. On one such day, Yong Pil saw a couple on the bus, and they were being very cutesy. Sam Dal jokingly pulled a prank on him by acting that way to borrow some money from him, and his feelings started that day. Later, during the spring blossom season, Yong Pil and Sam Dal caught a blossom together, which was supposed to mean that they would find their first loves, or rather, that they were each other’s first loves. Yong Pil practices confessing his feelings, and he finally tells Sam Dal when both of them are out drinking. But Sam Dal is so drunk that she has forgotten who Yong Pil is. As he was carrying her back home, she fell off, and Yong Pil looked inside the bag she was carrying while she was sleeping on the road. The bag has a scarf she knitted for him with a note confessing her own feelings. That is how Yong Pil and Sam Dal started dating. It’s a surprise that it didn’t happen sooner, considering that they were called soulmates all their lives.

How does Jeju come to know what happened to Sam Dal?

Sam Dal kicks up a fuss after getting drunk. In fact, she is so inebriated that she once again forgets the people around her. The guys have no choice but to carry her home, and Yong Pil ends up hurting his knees in the process. The next morning, Sam Dal has no memory of how she got back or what happened to her. She simply thinks that her excellent instincts got her back. However, her mother still insists on running in her long johns, so Sam Dal just tells her upfront that she did not abuse her assistant, and in fact, they just fought over her ex. Mi Ja is relieved to hear that, but she once again gets angry when she realizes that her daughter is being targeted by the media for TRPs, and she goes on her run. Perhaps Yong Pil manages to calm her down a bit by running alongside her.

While Mi Ja is going to work, her coworkers tell her that Sam Dal just needs to apologize, and things will be alright. They are being well-meaning, but Mi Ja has had enough. She goes home to drag Sam Dal to her workplace and make her tell the truth. The fact is that Sam Dal tells people that she didn’t do it, but Mi Ja reveals the story about the ex-boyfriend, and that sends the town into a frenzy. Everyone thinks that Sam Dal was the one to dump Yong Pil, and hearing this story, they feel bad for him for reasons we don’t understand. Maybe it is because they think he is still not over her and will feel bad if he sees her. Sam Dal is mortified now that the real story is around town. She had not even told reporters this while defending herself, and now Jeju knows about Sam Dal’s failed relationship. Meanwhile, in Seoul, Eun Ju secretly takes away some files from Sam Dal’s office, probably to take credit for her work. She is still going out with Cheung Gi, who also thinks that Sam Dal may have bullied Eun Ju.

Why did Sam Dal lie to Yong Pil?

Sam Dal’s phone is accidentally left with Yong Pil, and he picks up a call from Cheung Gi, who comes across as very uncaring and immature. Yong Pil has not dated since he broke up with Sam Dal, but with exes like them, it is always uncomfortable to see them with someone new. When Yong Pil gives the phone back to Sam Dal, he asks her about her boyfriend, and she says that he is a nice enough guy. Additionally, Yong Pil also tells her that the reason he did not ask her about the scandal was because he trusted her enough to know that she did not do it.

Once Sam Dal gets home, she holds her head in agony over her lie. It is only a matter of time before Yong Pil comes to know about her boyfriend, since the entire Jeju already knows about it, and Sam Dal is going to look like a fool for the lie. As expected, the next day, Sam Dal and Yong Pil are near the sea with the hanyeos to harvest the seaweed. Yong Pil still doesn’t know the truth about Cheong Gi, but Sam Dal comes to know that everyone thinks it was her who dumped Yong Pil when he was the one to do that. She is absolutely furious, and that leads to a seaweed-throwing match between the two. Whatever their reasons, throwing seaweed at your ex is always therapeutic. Yong Pil doesn’t tell her why he lied to everyone about who did the dumping, but Sam Dal is confused as to whether she wants people to know that at all. On one hand, people would think of her as heartless for dumping Yong Pil, but on the other hand, if this truth were to come out, Sam Dal would become the woman who was dumped by two men.

While she is mulling over this, Yong Pil comes to know that Cheung Gi is actually Sam Dal’s ex and not her current boyfriend. Upon asking her at the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 4, as to why she lied to him, Sam Dal admits that she was embarrassed. Sam Dal has made a competition out of her relationships, and since her breakup with Yong Pil, she needed to find a better man than him to justify the heartache. Instead, she met someone like Cheung Gi and came back to Jeju as a ‘failure,’ which is why she lied. Yong Pil doesn’t know how to comfort her yet, and he is scrambling for words as Sam Dal walks away.

Final Thoughts

The next episode of Welcome to Samdal-Ri should show just how deep Sang Do’s feelings are for Sam Dal. Maybe we will also see the exes revisiting their own feelings for each other. Neither of them is ready for that, but consciously or not, that is the direction they are being pushed in.

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