‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Sam Dal Break Up With Yong Pil?


As expected, Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 7, continues the drama’s run with its sweet, beachy fun. It must be admitted that the beachy vibes are immaculate and are excellently conveyed to the audience. As for the rest, we had a revelation in this episode that nobody could have foreseen. On that note, the following is the recap.

Spoiler Alert

Are Jin Dal and her husband still in love?

The sisters agree that Jin Dal’s husband, Dae Young, was never the problem in their marriage or the reason for their breakup. But Jin Dal says that the man cannot be separated from his family. Our theory is that Dae Young was unable to stand up for his wife when the family turned against her. He is unable to ever say anything to them, and when he was married, it was Jin Dal who used to protect him. But when it was his turn to protect her, he probably fell short.

As Group has banned all their employees from contacting Jin Dal. Mr. Ko admits that she was the one who made the workplace bearable for them, but none of them were even able to thank her for her work. But Jin Dal is forgiving, as she understands that people cannot risk their jobs. That day, Dae Young is waiting outside for Jin Dal, and it is obvious that he is there to meet her. He asks her how she is doing, and Jin Dal tells him to leave in case his brother spots him and he gets beaten up. Jin Dal obviously misses Dae Young, but the relationship is impossible.

Why does Ha Yul call her mother her aunt?

Ha, Yul is a little too wise for her years. When she spots the possible connection between the dolphin watcher and her mother, she calls herself Hae Dal’s niece so as not to be an ‘obstacle’ in their love story. Ha Yul likes the man, which is why she came back to watch the dolphins, as he had shown her. Meanwhile, Hae Dal had a misunderstanding, as she thought that the man was someone who had escaped from a welfare center. Regardless, when he protects her from a car, Ha Yul decides that she won’t get in their way. It is truly sad that she thinks of herself like this. Maybe Hae Dal senses that, and that means a conversation is pending between the mother and daughter. In some ways, her detachment could even indicate depression, so that should be an angle the series will hopefully explore.

Does Sang Do tell Sam Dal that he likes her?

Sang Do doesn’t tell Sam Dal, but he has told Yong Pil more than enough times. He said it every time they got drunk together, and Yong Pil never held it against him. He tells Sang Do that he can like Sam Dal since there is nothing wrong with that. However, Yong Pil never got over Sam Dal because he never even tried to. He knew that he would always love her, and any ‘getting over’ he would do would just be a farce. Later, Sam Dal sees Sang Do get into a fight with his brother, who was demanding money from his parents. Sang Do’s family had to work very hard to pay off the debt incurred by the elder brother, and it was one of the reasons for their poverty. Sam Dal sees all that and encourages him, saying that she has always been proud of him. However, Sang Do wanted to be someone cool, someone who Sam Dal saw as a protector. This is the difference between Sang Do and Yong Pil. They were both always there for Sam Dal, but only the latter understood that Sam Dal did not need protection. At best, she occasionally needed a shoulder to lean on, and he knew how to do that.

Why Did Sam Dal Leave Yong Pil In The Past?

Sam Dal is out to find herself like Yong Pil told her to do, and she goes on a hike for that. We don’t understand the joke here except that the place that Sam Dal went to was unexpectedly crowded. Obviously, you can only find yourself in solitude. Also, the people who saw Sam Dal on that trail said that she must be mad for coming there alone. The next day, Sam Dal was in pain because of the hike. She meets Yong Pil, who helps her back home, but they see Yong Pil’s father. Sang Tae has always hated Sam Dal’s family. He doesn’t get on the bus if Sam Dal’s father is driving; he makes it a point to blow dust on Mi Ja’s face while driving, and he is generally passive-aggressive overall.

At the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 7, Sam Dal remembers how Sang Tae had asked her to break up with Yong Pil because of the resentment he had for her and her family. Sam Dal had begged him to change his mind, but that had not happened, and Sam Dal was forced to break up. Right now, Mi Ja is aware that Yong Pil and Sam Dal went to Seoul together, though she is not pursuing the matter. Even Sam Dal’s father is aware of it. However, Mi Ja doesn’t seem to like the fact that they got back together. Perhaps she knows why they broke up in the first place. When she sees Sam Dal hiding from Sang Tae, she could have gotten a clue as to what happened. Even Sang Tae has heard that Sam Dal is back in town. He must have heard the rumors around town about her getting back together with Yong Pil. Therefore, when he sees them together, he asks whether they are together or not. Obviously, the answer will come in the next episode.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Sang Tae’s resentment has a lot to do with his wife’s death. The exact events will need to be told. On the other hand, we suspect that Yong Pil knows that his father was the one who caused the breakup, which is why he never blamed Sam Dal or tried to get over her. That would make this couple one of the elite love stories.

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