‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Ko Mi Ja Alive?


Welcome to Samdal-Ri‘s beloved character, Yong Pil, is far too ideal for his own good. It certainly helps that he is played by Ji Chang Wook. Episode 8 was completely his show. The audience realizes a lot of hidden details in the story, and they elevate the narrative a great deal. The following recap of Episode 8 tells how it is done.

Spoiler Alert

Does Yong Pil know that his father caused his breakup?

In another flashback, it is shown that Yong Pil is begging his father to be let out. He is wearing the same clothes that he did when Sam Dal broke up with him, so maybe Sang Tae had honestly told Yong Pil everything that day itself. Yong Pil is aware of his father’s resentment of Sam Dal and her family. Maybe that is why he broke up with Sam Dal the second time around—because he could not take care of his father’s hurt feelings in any other way. This would also explain why Yong Pil never tried to get over Sam Dal and why he never clarified that he was the one to break up with her. However, this means that Sam Dal doesn’t know that Yong Pil is aware of his father’s involvement. That is why she was so surprised a few episodes ago that the popular story around Jeju was that she had broken up with Yong Pil. Additionally, Yong Pil never told her why he let that version of the story fly, and the fact that Sam Dal doesn’t understand proves that she has no idea of Yong Pil’s sacrifice.

In the epilogue, we saw that Yong Pil’s mother had passed away in 2002. Yong Pik wants to become a weather forecaster because he wants to ‘protect his loved ones,’ as he has said often. His mother’s death is no doubt the reason for his ambition, but if Sang Tae is blaming Mi Ja for it, that means that he is faulting the way she carried out her responsibilities as the head Hanyeo. It is Mi Ja’s responsibility to guide the Hanyeos as per her understanding of the weather. Maybe a miscalculation on her part led to the tragedy and Sang Tae has held her responsible since.

Another interesting fact that was uncovered in this episode is that Yong Pil initially had ambitions to work in Geneva, in the world’s central meteorological department. Right from the beginning of Welcome to Samdal-Ri, we assumed that the man wasn’t very ambitious and that he was only avoiding Seoul because he did not want to run into Sam Dal. But what if he is choosing to stay in Jeju because of his father, because he knows that Sang Tae is a wounded man who has nothing but his hate and his son to hold on to? Sang Tae has unknowingly extracted too high a price from the people around him for his grudges.

What is happening with Jin Dal and Hae Dal?

Dae Young misses Jin Dal, and he cannot stop himself from looking for her all the time. His company is failing miserably, but his priority is his ex-wife. He even asks his secretary for updates on her but doesn’t get any. Later, he has a misunderstanding that Ha Yul is Jin Dal’s daughter, but that is clarified instantly. Dae Young obviously wants to talk more with Jin Dal, but he has to run away because his ex-father-in-law almost sees him. As for Hae Dal, she tries asking Ha Yul why the little girl called her ‘aunt’ instead of ‘mom,’ and Ha Yul changes the topic. Jin Dal advises Hae Dal to be careful of Ha Yul’s impressionable age. On the other hand, Ha Yul likes the dolphin man and has taken an interest in dolphins because of him.

Is Ko Mi Ja alive?

The entire town of Jeju wants Sam Dal and Yong Pil to get back together. When Sang Do says that he went with them to the mainland, it doesn’t quell the rumors, but in fact, Sang Do is scolded for not giving the ‘couple’ more privacy. Later, the friends try to encourage Sam Dal to enroll in the photography competition, but she claims that she doesn’t shoot landscapes. But Gyeong Tae has held onto some of her earlier photos, where she was shooting landscapes only. Seeing them, Sam Dal is encouraged to try her hand at photography once again, considering that this is what Sam Dal used to do and not Eun Hye. 

The next day, she accompanied Yong Pil to the station, where she filled out the form. But it is during this time that the real trouble starts. Sam Dal suspects that her mother is hiding some heart condition from her since she saw the doctor’s appointments in a diary. When she asked Yong Pil about it, he denied knowing anything. Ko Mi Ja had an accident in the sea the previous day when she lost consciousness for a second while diving. Mi Ja had just blamed it on the excess coffee she drank, but she had been hiding her illness for a long time now.

At the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 8, there is a storm in the sea, and Mi Ja tells the Hanyeos to stay away from the water. Yet, something changes, and she goes missing in the sea. Yong Pil notices that there is trouble near the coast, and he receives news about Mi Ja being missing. He speaks into the phone to prepare medical assistance for her since she has heart problems. Sam Dal is hearing all this, and they all rush to the sea. Sang Tae has also come to know that Mi Ja is in danger, and he clearly did not want this, so he also rushes to the sea, horrified. All the Hanyeos around are crying, and we will know in the next episode whether Mi Ja made it out alive or not.

Final Thoughts

This has to be the turning point for the story. Mi Ja’s near-death experience has to be a learning experience for Sang Tae, who has been the main obstacle in the love story so far. Maybe he will finally accept that the grudge was the only way he could cope with his wife’s death or something like that. Whatever happens, Sang Tae seeing reason has to be the end result of it.

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