‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Bu Mi Ja Die?


An important milestone was reached in this episode of Welcome to Samdal-Ri. It was quite late, though it wouldn’t be accurate to call this a slow burn. Yong Pil continues his run as the elite, complicated man who sets impossible goals. He has been the star of the show for quite a few episodes now, and this is the recap of the ninth episode of Welcome to Samdal-Ri.

Spoiler Alert

How did Bu Mi Ja die?

Ko Mi Ja (Sam Dal’s mother) was new to town, and she did not get along with Bu Mi Ja (Yong Pil’s mother) initially. Ms. Ko made fun of Ms. Bu’s belt, and the latter threw an octopus at her. But they bonded over their shared love for the singer, Yong Pil, and soon enough, they were closer than sisters. Bu Mi Ja got married to Sang Tae, who had liked her for many years, and it is true that when the friends had Sam Dal and Yong Pil in the same year, they decided to be in-laws. However, when they thought that their children might like different people, they decided to be the children’s mothers together, like dolphins who co-parent. Time passed, and the day came when things changed. Ko Mi Ja had always had trouble with the sea and catching produce. She wanted to try again, though the weather was bad, and Bu Mi Ja joined her. That day, the weather took Bu Mi Ja. Since that day, Sang Tae and Ko Mi Ja have blamed the latter for this turn of events.

Why does Ko Mi Ja insist on working?

Ko Mi Ja must have blamed herself just as much as Sang Tae and that is why she took his ill-treatment so silently. When she is in the hospital, Pan Sik and Yong Pil reveal that she has had heart problems for eight years and is taking medication for them. She shouldn’t be diving in her state, but no one has been able to stop her.

The three daughters keep pestering her to stop working, but she doesn’t listen. When Sam Dal confronts Yong Pil as to why he didn’t tell her, he remembers how Mi Ja had forbidden him from doing so. He also mentions to Sam Dal that it wasn’t his place to interfere. Additionally, if Sam Dal had come home at least once in all those years, she would have known these things for herself. However, Sam Dal had reduced contact with all her friends and the island itself because she did not want to face Yong Pil. That night, the sisters decide to be more alert towards their parents and want to take steps to stop their mother from working. They know that she will refuse to do so because she wants to earn her fare. However, we believe that she is working not just because of some sense of self-respect but because she wants to push herself as punishment for what happened to Bu Mi Ja.

What are the two sisters doing?

Jin Dal isn’t doing much, but Dae Young is wondering why they are opening the theme park in Namdal-Ri of all places. He is also forced to give flowers to someone he hates, though he gets his two cents worth of enjoyment by throwing in some inappropriate flowers and some mean comments. As for Ha Yul, she starts crying by asking the dolphin watcher what would happen to her mother and herself if her grandmother was harmed. Ha Yul is unable to understand that her mother can take care of herself. She sees her as someone who needs the protection of others. Is that why Ha Yul acts like such a grown-up all the time?

Are Sam Dal And Yong Pil Back Together?

At Yong Pil’s office, Gyeong Tae comes to know that his friend used to keep watch on a flower-patterned buoy near the sea. That buoy belonged to Ko Mi Ja, and since Yong Pil knew about her heart condition, it was his way of making sure she stayed safe, since she did not stop diving into the sea. When Gyeong Tae realizes this, she understands that this is probably why Yong Pil has never gone to Seoul, so that he can continue to protect Ko Mi Ja in Jeju.

In Yong Pil’s house, Sang Tae spots the buoy and remembers that it belongs to his son. Therefore, even he realizes that Yong Pil has been protecting Ko Mi Ja this whole time. He has not cut ties with them. Sang Tae asks Yong Pil to go to Seoul immediately, but his son isn’t interested. He says that he never blamed anyone for what happened to his mother, and he hasn’t forgotten her wish that he treat Ko Mi Ja just as he treated Bu Mi Ja. He has tolerated his father’s hatred of Ko Mi Ja and Sam Dal this whole time, but it hasn’t been a cakewalk for him either. For the sake of his father’s hatred, he had to give up the person he cared about the most in the world. This conversation was long pending, and for once, Sang Tae had to see the effect of his hatred. He wasn’t doing justice to anyone by holding on to these grudges but just hurting more people.

At the end of episode 9, Sam Dal meets Gyeong Tae and Eun Woo. For the most part, they have pieced together that these two lovebirds are not over each other. But currently, they only know how far Yong Pil has gone for his love. Eun Woo doesn’t want to say anything to Sam Dal, but Gyeong Tae is a little too drunk, and he reveals it all. Sam Dal is in tears, and when Yong Pil looks for her, she asks him, point blank, why he would make such sacrifices for her. She pretty much admits that she isn’t over him, and every time he has protected her or taken care of her, she has found herself gravitating towards him even more. At the end of this long-winded confession, we have the leads kiss each other in true K-drama fashion, with over-dramatic music playing in the background. The music is more intense than the chemistry.

Final Thoughts

There is an expected awkwardness between the two for the next episode. Also, Sang Do is going to start pursuing Sam Dal, but seeing that this will be the four-week mark for the drama, he might just get over her in the same episode. It would be good if the emotions could be taken care of this week so that Sam Dal’s life could come back on track next week.

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