‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Sam Dal Admit Her Feelings?


Welcome to Samdal-Ri is continuing with its sweet and predictable run. In the last episode, I hesitated to call the drama a ‘slow burn.’ Now, there is no doubt about it. But it makes sense since this is not the first time that Sam Dal and Yong Pil are dating, so the relationship is already established. They just need to get back to it, and the following is the summary of Episode 10.

Spoiler Alert

What happened eight years ago?

Eight years ago, Sam Dal and Yong Pil decided to go abroad together to study. They had come back to Jeju to inform their parents and seek their blessings, which is when Sang Tae told Sam Dal to break up. He hadn’t interfered in their friendship or relationship because he thought that it would be temporary, but their going abroad together meant that they had plans to get married in the future. When Sam Dal tells Yong Pil that she wants to break up, he doesn’t accept the decision right away, and he knows that there is something else going on. But he can’t follow her to ask because it is his mother’s service. When he is a little distracted during the service, that is when Sang Tae tells him that he doesn’t approve of this relationship. Meanwhile, Mi Ja has brought things for the service, though Sang Tae rudely rejects them. It is then that she feels the signs of her heart problem, and Yong Pil takes her to the hospital. The next scene shows Sam Dal begging to get back together with Yong Pil and him refusing by text. So far, we have half the story behind their breakup. The other half should come out any time now.

What Happens After Sam Dal’s Confession?

The day after the drunken confession, Sam Dal prefers to pretend as if she remembers nothing of what happened the night before. But she doesn’t know that many things have changed since. First of all, after Yong Pil went home, he found all of his things at the door. His father was telling him to leave the house if he couldn’t hate Sam Dal and Mi Ja. Yong Pil gladly left, and he has been smiling since, while remembering his kiss with Sam Dal. Meanwhile, Sang Do has declared that he will be pursuing Sam Dal as much as he wants. It is pretty much a declaration of war, but sadly, Yong Pil has already won the first round. Sang Do saw Sam Dal and Yong Pil kissing the night before, so he knows that time is of the essence. Meanwhile, Gyeong Tae and Eun Woo have figured out that Sang Do must like Sam Dal since why else would he get angry every time their names were mentioned together? But Gyeong Tae’s mother knows that Yong Pil slept in their house, and she is taking it as a sign that things might be brewing between him and Sam Dal. Is it possible that Sang Do was not the only person who saw Sam Dal and Yong Pil the previous day?

Back at the sisters’ house, someone has hidden Mi Ja’s diving suit. It is most likely Ha Yul, but the sisters decide that this is a good thing and congratulate each other on successfully stopping their mother from working.

How are Hae Dal and Jin Dal’s love lives?

Dae Young is getting braver with his intentions to win back Jin Dal at any cost. While finalizing the deal in Namdal-Ri, the people try to gain his favor by badmouthing Jin Dal, but Dae Young replies that he was the one who got dumped and Jin Dal is ‘as queenly as ever.’ When his secretary tells him that he misheard what they were saying, Dae Young is not too worried because he sees this as an opportunity to shift the theme park to Samdal-Ri, bringing him closer to Jin Dal. As for Hae Dal, she goes out with her friends, who sneakily take her to a singles’ bar, when she once again runs into the dolphin man. But this time, they find things in common with each other, as neither is interested in money and like doing things ‘out of pure love and passion.’ Basically, both of them come from money.

Does Sam Dal admit her feelings?

Yong Pil is being reprimanded for having called the Commissioner multiple times in an effort to gain their office the right to issue weather advisories. Yong Pil wasn’t wrong, but he had turned out to be intensely irritating, and his punishment was to accompany Sam Dal to the photo spots over Jeju. Sam Dal doesn’t want to go with him because she wants to avoid him after her confession. But Yong Pil is running with a mind of his own.

The next day, they leave together, and Sam Dal is very confident that the photo spots she knew about would still be there untouched. However, all of them have turned into popular tourist spots, therefore robbing Sam Dal of the chance to take good pictures. In one of the places, people recognize her and start whispering about her scandal. However, one newlywed couple approaches them and asks Sam Dal to click their pictures which she evidently does. Many others follow suit, and for once, Sam Dal finds some acceptance among people seeking her talent.

Sam Dal and Yong Pil eventually find a place where Sam Dal is able to take the photographs she likes. As they are reminiscing about their past, Yong Pil brings up the night when Sam Dal confessed her feelings, and once again, she denies everything. She claims that she must have said that in her drunken state, and he shouldn’t take them seriously. But Yong Pil is not buying it, and he stops her from leaving the exact way he had done previously.

At the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri episode 10, Sang Do witnessed this entire thing, and he regrets his timing once again. Sang Do remembers how many years ago he had gone to Seoul with the intention of proposing to Sam Dal, but when he got there, his friends were already dating. History is repeating and Sang Do continues to have zero luck.

Final Thoughts

The preview tells us that Sam Dal will most likely not admit her feelings. But she doesn’t need to, because both Sam Dal and Yong Pil know what is going on. There are still some issues to be sorted out for their love story to pick up where it left off, but thankfully, the issue in Seoul is also receiving attention now.

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