‘Welcome To Samdal-Ri’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Sam Dal Not Sue Eun Ju?


Once again, this week of Welcome to Samdal-Ri wasn’t much in terms of story but conveyed a lot of emotions. That is the theme of the drama anyway, so it is working out. The drama is reaching its halfway mark soon, so there definitely needs to be greater progress in terms of the story as well. Until then, this is the recap of Welcome to Samdal-Ri Episodes 5 and 6.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Jin Dal break up with her husband?

The popular story is that Jin Dal exposed her in-laws’ abuse of power, which led to the divorce. Her husband was evidently not over her yet, but the reason for the divorce also seems to be something more. Jeon Dae Young is known to be clumsy, and he is easily bullied. He is scared of his father, but it is only Jin Dal that he probably likes being scared of. When Jin Dal was leaving the house, she told him that she was tired of not being herself due to the requirements of the house. That is why she was leaving him. We are guessing that Dae Young never stood up for her, and she had to leave him because she was losing herself. Since she saw him in Namdal-Ri, she is angry once again. He will probably keep coming back there for the construction of the theme park and to increase publicity for the place since the media debacle due to the sea cucumbers.

How do the friends deal with the reporters?

Maybe the boys are not very bright, or perhaps they just don’t understand diplomatic moderation. Kang Hyun, the reporter, finds Sam Dal in Jeju and sneaks up on her, trying to take her photos. Yong Pil and Sang Do drive him away, but he runs into Gyeong Tak and Eun Woo, who destroy his camera for sneaking up on Sam Dal. It ends with all of them at the police station. While they settle the compensation of the camera with the help of Sang Do, they can’t do anything about the fact that the reporter wants to sue them for willful obstruction of his job. That is when Sam Dal steps in to handle the situation. Since the reporter snuck up on her, he can be sued for trespassing and violation of consent for taking her pictures without her permission. The proof is the camera installed in Sang Do’s car, and the reporter has no choice but to refrain from his lawsuit or writing about Sam Dal. The positive outcome of the situation is that Gyeong Tak and Sam Dal end their differences. Sam Dal had overheard him defending her to the reporter, and now, when the friends are together, he apologizes to her, clearing the misunderstanding once and for all. The Power Rangers friends are back together.

Why Does Sam Dal Not Sue Eun Ju?

The problem is that Sam Dal has seriously been considering whether she unintentionally bullied Eun Ju or not. The fact that Eun Ju attempted suicide made Sam Dal feel confused as to why someone would take such a step for nothing. But when she heard the news about Eun Ju stealing her work and trying to pass it off as her own, she rushed to Seoul to clarify things. She confronts Eun Ju head-on about her reasons for attempting suicide, and Eun Ju admits that it was all a ploy to try and bring down Sam Dal.

Sam Dal is angry, but she is also relieved because now she knows that she is completely blameless. Therefore, she goes back to Eun Ju and tells her to use the stolen concept as she sees fit. Sam Dal had never underestimated Eun Ju, but seeing her need to steal others’ work, Sam Dal lost any respect for her abilities that she may have previously had. She is confident that Eun Ju would not be able to make it on her own anyway because she doesn’t have enough pride to be original. As expected, Eun Ju is angry because her ultimate goal of seeing Sam Dal crumble has once again been thwarted. 

Are Sam Dal and Yong Pil not over each other?

There was never any doubt as to what these two felt for each other. Yong Pil meant something to Sam Dal even now, which is why she felt the need to lie to him about Cheong Gi being a good man. Her denial of her feelings is also why she insists that she has changed and does not like that Yong Pil still knows her better than everyone.

As for Yong Pil, he doesn’t even try the denial. The reason he always found Sam Dal was because of the cameras around town that his office had access to. He knew when she was near the sea and reached there to be by her side. Initially, it may have been passed off as him being a friend to her, but when he rushed to her side because Sang Do was there, it was confirmed that Yong Pil was not over her and that he was aware of it. Sang Do had always liked Sam Dal, and he had drunkenly told Yong Pil about it one time. When Sang Do reached Sam Dal’s side with an umbrella, Yong Pil could not get there fast enough with a second umbrella, and the reason was jealousy.

When the three of them were in Seoul, Yong Pil knew where Sam Dal would be because he had found her there in her struggling days and been a source of strength for her, which he was still striving to do. Yong Pil wasn’t wrong in this case; he knew Sam Dal’s true nature better than anyone else. Sam Dal admits that her true self hasn’t changed. It had just gotten lost somewhere because she had suppressed it for the sake of her career. Yong Pil encourages her to use the opportunity to find herself once again. When the three of them go back to Jeju, Sam Dal locks away her camera, and she wants to do everything she couldn’t when she was too busy with her job. However, her mother comes to know that Yong Pil went to Seoul with Sam Dal, and she asks her whether she still has feelings for him.

At the end of Welcome to Samdal-Ri Episode 4, Yong Pil and Sand Do meet, and the latter asks him about the umbrella, which leads to the same question as to whether he is over Sam Dal. Neither Sam Dal nor Yong Pil answered, but the answer was very obvious.

Final Thoughts

Maybe next week will be more mushy. After all, these two lovebirds could never pretend to be just friends, so it is a good sign that this question has come up sooner rather than later. We just wonder what will happen to Sang Do at this point.

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