‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending – Why Does Jun-Hyeong Dodge The Marriage Talks?


The latest Kdrama on Netflix, “Welcome to Wedding Hell,” stars actors Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yun Hee in leading roles. The kdrama surrounds the wedding preparations of a couple in their 30s and the unexpected struggle in their fairytale romance. In “Welcome To Wedding Hell,” Episode 1, Jun Hyeong and Na Eun are well-settled individuals who have been happy in their relationship for two years.

What Instigates Na Eun To Consider Marriage?

Na Eun and Jun Hyeong are strolling in a park and enjoying the city’s night view and minimal nature. In this cold weather, they are walking close to each other, crossing each other’s arms together. While they enjoy the serenity, Na Eun sees an old couple sitting on a bench, and she starts wondering if her life with Jun Hyeong would be the same when they grow old. She ignores his talk and keeps looking at the old couple who walk by them. Jun Hyeong drops Na Eun off at home, but the way she looks at him indicates her imagination is running wild.

Na Eun gets late for a friend’s wedding, and so do the three of her friends. As Na Eun has started thinking about getting married herself, she wonders what it would feel like for a couple when they are sharing vows with each other. Na Eun’s senior, Hui Seon, replies to her curiosity and answers that it is both an exciting and nervous moment. However, she suggests Na Eun not get married because once the moment passes away, it feels like hell, and you want to kill each other. Hui Seon is a divorcee, but Na Eun tells her to not ruin her fantasy.

What Does Na Eun Conclude About Jun Hyeong’s Behaviour?

After the wedding ceremony, Na Eun became more excited about getting married to Jun Hyeong. She was so eager that she might propose to Jun Hyeong right away. . Feeling concerned about her, Hui Seon advises Na Eun to not bring up marriage first. She believes that a man should always bring the marriage talk up first because if a woman brings it up and the man is not interested, it can shake the relationship. Na Eun and their other friend think that times have changed and Hui Seon’s talk is ridiculous.

Na Eun doesn’t take Hui Seon’s advice but agrees with her words that she should check first if Jun Hyeong is interested in marriage or not, and that it can be done only when you bring up the topic naturally. At the electronics shop, Na Eun manages to bring up the topic, but Jun Hyeong avoids it in an obvious way. However, Na Eun still hasn’t given up and brings it up again when they are having dinner at a restaurant. Jun Hyeong interrupts Na Eun every time she utters the word marriage, which makes her angry, and she leaves the table with an excuse to go to the bathroom.

She calls Hui Seon and tells her that she was right and she shouldn’t have brought up marriage because Jun Hyeong clearly looks uninterested. She questions herself about why Jun Hyeong would be uninterested in marriage if he loved her so much. When she goes back to the table and looks at Jun Hyeong, it reminds her of the past, and she realizes why she is angry at Jun Hyeong for ignoring the topic of marriage.

Jun Hyeong had asked out Na Eun first, and he didn’t give up, even when she wasn’t interested in him initially. Jun Hyeong was head over heels in love with Na Eun, and he still is. He has always done everything for her, and she never had to hear a “no” from him. However, this time it is different, and that is bothering Na Eun. She wonders why a man crazy in love with her would not want to get married to her.

‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 1: Ending Explained

Na Eun is not in a good mood and suggests to Jun Hyeong that they leave. Jun Hyeong declines to leave because he is hungry and starts eating hurriedly. At the same time, the waiter brings them special scratch cards for the restaurant’s fifth-anniversary special event. Jun Hyeong luckily gets a yacht ride in the first scratch and hurries to Na Eun to take the ride on the yacht.

Na Eun’s mood was already not good, and the captain of the yacht barred her from entering the room on the yacht. Jun Hyeong takes Na Eun to the upper deck, and she follows reluctantly. She doesn’t know if it is the right moment to ask Jun Hyeong why he is avoiding talking about marriage. The night is cold, and even when she mentions it to Jun Hyeong, he doesn’t take out his jacket to give it to her. Her anger has reached a peak point, and she goes down to fight with the captain. She enters the room, ready to fight but gets surprised.

The room on the yacht is decorated with flowers and balloons. She thinks the captain didn’t let her in because he had been preparing for his next customers, and they are just free customers who won a prize. However, when the captain opens the banner, she understands that it is all for her. Jun Hyeong proposes to Na Eun for marriage, and although things didn’t go as planned, it is still a surprise to Na Eun.

Na Eun got insecure about her relationship with Jun Hyeong just because he ignored the topic of marriage. In just a span of a day, she went through all the different thoughts about the past and the present, but at the end of the day, Jun Hyeong’s proposal made everything alright. Now that marriage is on the table, how will things proceed with their families? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Welcome to Wedding Hell.”

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